reed hat

five things tag !!!

i did this a longggg time ago on my old blog but i don’t think i’ve ever done it here so !

thank u @featureless-spy for tagging me friend !! this took so long im sorry,,, but here it is !!!

five things you’ll find in my bag:

  • reeds
  • ???? reeds theyre everywhere ????
  • lmao anyways
  • pencils at the bottom of my bag that i swear have disappeared
  • many many loose papers
  • headphonessss of course
  • and food sometimes

five things you’ll find in my bedroom:

  • hats all over the ground i can never keep track of my hats
  • music everywhere
  • a mess basically
  • plus my cat probably

five things i’ve always wanted to do:

  • move to a city
  • get a solo in a high honors ensemble (allstates pls)
  • walk around a city with my friends
  • basically live in a city i want to be in a more social environment than a small town
  • uh ?? actually finish composing a song for once
  • and skydiving !!! yes

five things that make me happy:

  • music !! any form and kind, whether it be listening or performing or composing
  • lee donghyuck my sun
  • my friends !! irl and internet ones i lov u all !!!
  • being in the band room
  • hugs !!!

five things i’m currently into:

  • day6 my loves
  • nct duh
  • other than kpop…. fashion sorta ?? like pretty clothes,,
  • also i love this solo i’m playing
  • i’ve been getting back into atla too who am i kidding i never left

five things on my to-do list:

  • get back into orchestra !!
  • get the allstates piece for next year
  • summer camp ??? im excited !!
  • pass finals hopefully lmaooo
  • survive and nct comeback
  • help me

aaaaa anyways, time 2 tag u all: @softptg @omgnille1010 @makkeuga @iwriteblogpostsnotsongs @hyukhyuck @thenctscenarios @haechance @nakamottoyuta @myraqeul