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you deserve to find someone who makes you feel like that moment when an artist first walks on stage at a concert 


asoiaf + closest siblings

I got last minute stage seats for Great Comet on Friday evening and I’m so glad I did!! I was sitting at the bar seats right in front of Pierre’s tavern and it was pretty magical. This was also the first time I got to see the show without any of the principal actors being out!

  • I got my preshow dumpling from Amber and when her hand brushed mine I almost died right there
  • Balaga plays the drums really loudly in the pit during Prologue and he grinned at me
  • I got a lot of eye contact with Dave during Pierre and a few other parts of the show which made me really happy!
  • When Brittain was leaving the stage during Moscow she paused in the aisle and smiled at me before leaving :)
  • I really noticed how much Marya hates poor Sonya. She’s always shoving her around and making faces at her.
  • Sonya, for her part, often makes faces at Anatole.
  • Nick B just continues to get crazier as Bolkonsky haha. When he was like I DO NOT WISH TO SEEEEEE HER he stuck out his tongue and shook it around. During Natasha & Bolkonskys, after he looked Natasha up and down, he went “not in MY house”
  • During No One Else Dave kept turning to watch Denée’s performance (which, who wouldn’t, but I still thought it was really sweet)
  • During the rave part of The Duel Reed slid across the stage practically into my little brother, who gasped and jerked backwards. The entire section laughed and Reed was like “I’ll be back”
  • Dust and Ashes made me cry, Dave Malloy is amazing and I love him
  • In Sunday Morning I noticed when Natasha looks for her future in the mirror, Pierre is standing behind her and you can see his reflection
  • Also Grace was CRAZY ON her vocals were WILD
  • During Letters Choksi handed me Natasha’s letter to pass down the aisle and then he gave me a fistbump!!!
  • My sister informed me that “Marya was basically giving you a lap dance” during Letters but rip I was not looking at her in the aisle
  • During Sonya & Natasha when Natasha was gushing about being happy Sonya audibly went “ugh”
  • I clinked my glass with 3 people during The Abduction including Balaga! Also an ensemble member I didn’t recognize had his arm around me for a while and I really wish I knew who it was.
  • Anatole’s WOAHHHH with the coat twirling happened right in front of me
  • Reed did indeed return to yell in my brother’s face during The Abduction. He was like “I told you I’d be back”
  • The girl in The Seat tapped her lips asking for a kiss when Lucas sat next to her. He treated her like he treats guys – just gave her a fistbump and left. (When I saw it again the next evening, the girl in The Seat acted normal but Lucas still didn’t put his arm around her or give her a kiss, he just did a sup nod?)
  • During In My House when Natasha yelled at Sonya she whispered “please” in the saddest voice and I was :(
  • Dave Malloy throttled Lucas Steele DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME I really don’t know what else I could have asked for
  • Andrey sounded truly heartbroken in a way I’d never heard him sound at the end of Pierre & Andrey. He was choking up.
  • I cried at the start of Pierre & Natasha and did not stop until bows haha


  • We got to thank Reed for giving my brother awesome interactions at his first Broadway show!
  • Dave wasn’t doing selfies but he was super cheerful and nice about it. He was like “sorry I’m in a hurry I have to go to my life tonight”
  • I finally met Gelsey and Grace!! I got to tell Gelsey she was my favorite and she was like omg thank you
  • I thanked Choksi for the fistbump and he was like “thank you for fistbumping back. And for passing the letter. One time we had this guy who just sat there shaking his head no while everybody was gesturing for him to take it onstage. Finally Helene had to grab it and take it to Natasha. Now maybe the guy didn’t want Natasha and Anatole to be together or something, but I think he was just a jackass.”
Beyond the wall

pairing: Jojen Reed x Reader

fandom: game of thrones

request: So I wanted one with Jojen where he rescues the reader from a kidnapping with the help of his sight and then she joins them in their journey so he observes her from afar , never talks to her. Just makes sweet gestures towards her and then one day confesses his love in a dream but the reader doesn’t know that he can do that so she disregards it as just a dream and later on he talks to her in reality and tells her how he feels and she says she feels the same? Please do this?  Xx 

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Cold hands wrapped around your arms, dragging you along with them. You tried to scream but the second you opened your mouth something was stuffed into it, preventing you from doing so. 
When the relentless grip on your arm suddenly loosened, you stumbled forward, hitting the ground with a whimper of pain.  
When you looked up, you meet the eyes of a boy, driving a dagger through your kidnappers’ neck. There were voices, others, he hadn’t been alone. Quickly, he grabs your hand and pulls you with him. 

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