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Telling (A rane prompt) part 1/2

Hey everyone! Here’s the first of my Rane prompts you all sent in! This one asked for me to write a story about Shane coming out to his dad. This is part 1 of 2 parts because it was getting far too long for a one shot! Enjoy!


A lengthy arm laid lazily across a smaller form. Strawberry curls tangled with raven, as the sunlight from the loft window allowed the first traces of morning to outline the sleeping forms. 

“Mmm” Shane murmured into a mass of curls. A small smile played across his lips taking in the familiar scent of wild flower and acrylic that was so uniquely Reed. The even breaths of the artist in his arms mixed with the sounds of the city in the early morning. He let out a contented sigh.

It had been two months since Reed and he had decided to move into their small loft apartment together; Five years since he first had the pleasure of calling Reed Van Kamp his. Time seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye. He swore it was only yesterday that he had his breath taken by a clumsy boy at Winterfest.

He felt the boy stir beneath him; sleepy chestnut eyes squinting up at him in the morning light.

“Good morning” he chuckled, pushing a few stray strands of golden hair away from the man’s face; laying a soft kiss on his satin forehead.

A small groan escaped the smaller man as he burrowed his head into his partner’s chest.

“Five more minutes!”

Shane laughed. There were many things that Reed Van Kamp was not, and a morning person was one of them.

He repositioned himself, pulling Reed up with strong arms, carrying him bridal style out of bed.

“Shane! Put me down! Put me down!” Reed giggled, using his free arm to playfully hit Shane on the chest.

“Hmm. I’ll think about it” He flashed a cheeky grin down at the boy in his arms.


“Alright. I’ll put you down.” Reed gave Shane a suspicious look right before Shane plopped him down on the cushiony bed.  Reed pouted, blowing the hairs that had fallen into his face, as Shane laughed.

“Hmph” Reed crossed his arms in fake annoyance as Shane crawled back on to the bed, taking Reed into his arms. “Nope. That’s not going to work this time.” He fake pouted as Shane kissed the tender spot under Reed’s ear, causing a gasp and a giggle to escape his lips.

“No?” Shane asked mischievously. “Well-“ he repositioned himself so that he was now in front of Reed, “How about this?” He whispered, his face mere inches from Reed’s.  The boy in question blushed; a smile playing upon his lips.

“Oh come here you big lug.” he laughed, closing the small distance between the two.

Reed sighed contentedly, as the kiss ended, resting his forehead against the other man’s.

Reed began to get up from the bed. “I have to go get ready-there’s an important meeting today at the office.” 

After Dalton, Reed had interned at his mother’s fashion offices while he attended college for art and design. Now he was set to become the head photographer for the Van Kamp line. Reed truly loved photography, but his real passion remained painting; as was apparent to anyone who walked in to the paint splattered loft.

 Shane tightened his grip around Reed’s waist. “Wait!” he cried. Reed laughed.


Shane smiled, planting a chaste kiss onto Reed’s lips. “I love you.”

Reed blushed. “I love you too-but now I really have to get up!”

“Fine.” Shane pouted as he watched Reed cross the room and shut the door to the bathroom.

He sighed contentedly.  If he could spend the rest of his life waking up next to Reed, and having mornings like these, he would in a heartbeat. Nothing would stop him from making Reed permanently his forever. Nothing except-Shane winced.

His father.

His father was the only roadblock keeping him from giving himself completely to Reed.

He had tried to tell him so many times. He had so many opportunities.

He couldn’t face him. He wasn’t strong like Blaine was.


The time passed quickly as Shane busied himself with making coffee for himself and Reed. He tried to forget about his earlier thoughts, but they kept returning to him.

He had to tell his dad about Reed. It had been 5 years for crying out loud.

Reed was different than Micah. They were young and naïve. What he had with Reed was real; it was different. That was why he had to preserve it. He had learned not to be as careless as he was with Mica. As far as his dad knew, Shane was living in the city with a good friend from college. He had never met Reed, thank God. Shane didn’t want to endanger another person he loved. First Micah, then Blaine, he couldn’t take the guilt of hurting anyone else because of him.

“Hey-“ Shane was shaken from his thoughts as Reed made his way into the kitchen area. Upon noticing Shane’s stricken expression he asked, “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah-yeah everything’s fine” Shane smiled halfheartedly.

“Shane-you’re a terrible liar.” Reed laughed leaning up against the counter and taking the smaller cup, “Now do you want to tell me what’s really on your mind?”

Shane took in a deep breath deciding whether or not he should tell Reed what he had been thinking about doing.  He looked down at the man next to him, with wide concerned eyes, and his front instantly melted away. He knew only one person could help Shane through what he was about to do, and that person was Reed.

He remembered long ago when their relationship had just started. Reed had been hiding his relationship with Shane from his mother and father for nearly a year before he finally got the courage to tell them.  Reed’s mother was only supportive of her son’s sexuality, if not slightly judgmental of Shane.  His father had been a different story all together. Shane heart still wrenched at the memory of Reed crying in his arms. Shane winced. That was exactly the reason he chose not to tell his own father about their relationship. If his dad ever found out about Reed, he didn’t want to know what might happen.

 He took a deep breath.

“Reed-we need to talk about something.”  Shane began carefully “It’s nothing bad-“ he rectified after seeing Reed’s stricken face.  Reed relaxed slightly. “Just-hear me out, okay?” Reed nodded pulling up a chair from the kitchen island.


Shane closed his eyes and released a long breath “I was thinking about-comingouttomydad.”

 “Really?” Reed asked his chocolate eyes boring into Shane’s emerald ones.

He shrugged, “I think” he gave Reed a half-hearted smile, “I’m just-“ he searched for the right word “scared.” He whispered.

“Oh Shane,” Reed grabbed the other man’s hand from the counter, “He’s going to find out sooner or later. I think he’d rather it be from you than from someone else.”

That was true enough. It was already hard to hide their relationship, and had become increasingly more difficult in the last two months since they had moved in together. New York was a long way away from Colorodo, but he couldn’t very well cut off all ties with his family without an explanation.  If he wanted to have a life with Reed, he would have to do this. 

“Alright.” He sighed simply. “I’m going to do it. No more chickening out. No more keeping us a secret. I want to be able to tell everyone that we’re together and not worry about him finding out.”

“Do you want me to come with you?” Reed asked meekly. He was a bit afraid for Shane. He knew what happened to Blaine when he came out to their dad.


Shane did not want to endanger Reed. He would not let his dad take Reed away from him.

Reed’s eyes widened slightly at the sudden outburst. “Okay.”

The two were silent for a moment, as though trying to read each other.

Shane closed his eyes, turning his head toward the ceiling. He took a deep breath before returning his gaze to Reed’s concerned eyes.  “I can’t lose you. I can’t have anyone else get hurt because of me.”

Reed had hardly ever heard Shane sound so vulnerable. Reed put his arms around Shane’s torso comfortingly.

“I’m not going anywhere.” He whispered.

“I know. I just have to do this for myself.”  He buried his head in Reed’s curls, savoring the scent.

The two stayed that way for an unknown amount of time, both enjoying the comforting feeling it gave them.  After Shane told his father, he had no idea what might happen. He was just happy that he had Reed in his arms right now.

They pulled apart, Reed giving Shane a reassuring smile before he reluctantly left for the office.

As the door shut, Shane was suddenly aware of how quiet the loft was. Shane worked for a small dance company in the heart of the city, while he attended an arts college.  His classes weren’t until later that day, so he had the loft to himself for a few hours. He stared at the phone on the table across the room. It was now or never. He was going to have to call his dad sooner or later.

He took a deep breath. After a few moments he picked up the phone and dialed the number.

The phone rung once, twice, six times before a low voice grumbled from the other end.


He closed his eyes. It was now or never.


“Shane?  I’m very busy right now, so make it quick.” He grumbled.

“I have to talk to you about something. I’m going to need to see you in person.”

There was silence on the other end, the sound of his dad shouting at one of his employees. Shane grimaced.


“Is Saturday at noon fine?” Yep. There was no turning back now.

Part 2:

In Good Hands: A Rane Drabble thing. For Lisello!

For the lovely Lisello, who prompted it. This may not be what you expected, but I hope you all enjoy. I present: RANE HOSPITAL FLUFF.

It really was a surprise that Reed had not managed to mangle himself beyond recognition as he raced through the hospital. Although, it wouldn’t be wrong to call the artist beyond recognition any way. Reed, red faced and out of breath, paid no mind to the mass of wrinkles that riddled his uniform, the paint smudges he had yet to wash from his face, or the mud that had splayed itself over his trousers. Had his mother been there, Reed would have ignored her cries about his appearance just as he ignored the stares of passing nurses, doctors, and patients.

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Not all vampires are of the bad kind.

“Oh, god it’s late” muttered Reed, glancing out of Art hall, seeing the sun set. He had been so caught up with his art work that he did not realise that it was dusk, so after hurriedly keeping his art supplies back into their place, he left the hall calling out a goodbye to the art teacher who was still inside.

It was the month of September and the evenings were dusky, and everything was quiet as Reed hurried across the grounds to Windsor. Suddenly he thought he saw someone in front of him, but in the blink of an eye , the person moved and Reed thought that it was only the mist as he continued hurrying towards Windsor clutching his bags and books, when all the sudden he was certain that there someone was beside. Thinking it was the Reed called out, “Tweedles, are you there?” but he received no answer and then he started getting scared and started running towards Windsor.

When all of a sudden he tripped over a stone a fell on the grass and grazed his elbow. He slowly got up picking up his bag and books and muttered, this is what you get for a having an overactive imagination as he checked his elbow which had started to bleed. Trying to staunch the bleed with tissues, he slowly made his way towards Windsor, tears coming down his face due to the pain, when all of a sudden he was suddenly whisked away. Something, someone was carrying him and they were too strong for Reed to get away and he fainted with fear, pain.

When he came back to consciousness he found himself under a tree with a T shirt wrapped around his elbow to staunch the bleed. Seeing no one around, he slowly got up to try to escape, when a voice called out, “Don’t, please stop. You have just recovered, rest for some time and then go.”

“Who …are you” asked a scared Reed,” Where are you?”.”I am Shane” whispered a voice and suddenly a boy appeared out of nowhere, looking at him sadly, standing a few feet away from him,” I am so sorry “he said”but I couldn’t help it. Your blood, it called to me. And I…couldn’t help my self”

Hearing this Reed got even more scared as he slowly started to check whether he is fine. “Your fine “the boy continued.”I did not do anything to you, I couldn’t even if I tried, your face, you eyes, you hair, your skin, your warmth……I couldn’t. I am sorry I will go.”

The way boy the sounded, feeling so sad, that his heart just broke and before his head could say no , he walked a bit closer and said “ I am Reed and .. ….thank you for not doing whatever it is that you planned to do”

At this the boy said, “There’s no need to thank me….”  when all of a sudden Reed gasped as Shane realised that he saw his fangs and he turned around immediately,”…… You should despise me…Go … before it’s too late.” And before Reed could stop himself he raised his good hand out and touched Shane on the shoulder saying “I don’t….Thank you for saving my life” and walked away to collect his books and things which were spread everywhere.

As he bent down to collect his books, he hissed in pain as the elbow started hurting him, when all of a sudden Shane suddenly appeared before him, with all his books and things in his hands. Reed smiled and took his things from him, when all of a sudden theirs fingers touched a Reed could swear he felt a connection and when he raised his eyes up to Shane, he knew Shane could feel it too.

Then Shane held open his bag to put the their books back in and their fingers touched again and this again they both felt the shock, When Reed looked up to take his bas he could swear Shane’s eyes had become darker.

There was something with the boy, no matter what he was, touched Reed’s heart. When at the same time, Shane for the first time wished he was human that he could hold this boy in his arms and love him. But it was all too late and he handed Reed his bag and turned around walking away.

“Wait” whispered Reed as Shane turned around and looked at him” Where are you going?, Will …i see you again.” And for a moment Shane could feel his heart beat and it gave him hope as he walked back towards Reed slowly, and stretched out his hand and gently caressed his face, watching Reed shutting his eyes slowly moving into his hand. This act warmed Shane’s heart and he bent down and pressed a soft gentle kiss at Reed’s lips and whispered “Any time, you want me, just say my name , no matter the time or the place, just my name and I will come, no matter where I am.” And pressing a gentle kiss at Reed’s lips again he disappeared in the mist.

And Reed felt that for the first time in his life, there was somebody who actually loved and cared for him

100 Rane Prompts #32 Foreign (NATIONAL KISSING DAY!)

AN: So I wanted to do something Rane for kissing day, but I’m not exactly sure about this one…


Reed gasped into the dancer’s mouth as their tongues touched for the first time; digging his shaking hands into the boy’s dark curls. 

They had kissed plenty of times before, of course, but never quite like this, and Reed was not exactly sure what he was doing. 

Shane and he had taken things relatively slow for Reed’s sake. When they had started dating, Reed was too terrified to even reach out and touch the other boy’s hand. 

Shane was his first everything, and he honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. He trusted the dancer in a way he had never trusted anyone before. He knew that Shane would never hurt him, or push him too far. 

The first time they had kissed had been a light whisper on virgin lips; short and sweet, but nice all the same. Reed remembered wanting to freeze the moment in his mind forever; to ingrain the feeling of another’s lips on his own: of Shane’s lips on his own.

This was entirely different. 

It was wet, and messy, and completely foreign. Yet, somehow it made an energy explode through his veins that made him never want to stop. 

So as he pulled the dancer closer; inexperienced tongues dancing, drinking in each other in a whole new way entirely: He decided he liked this new style of kissing.   

He liked it a lot. 

Just so you know.

Reed and Shane are my favorite couple. In the world! I mean sure they aren’t really a couple but to me they are and they are canon. I just love them. I mean LOVE! I honestly cried when I read Ch. 19. Which is great because I never cry when I read something. NEVER! Not during any of the HP books (though I was pretty close with Freddie) which is weird because I love those books so much. Rane-bows has been my OTP since Shane started liking him. It even beat Braun and Ali and AJ. (Ali Gordon and AJ Holmes (wizard god))

100 Rane Prompts #23 Tower

AN: Do you even know how hard it was to not write about Tangled!Rane for this? Seriously. Not fair. But honestly…I think I was a little drunk on Coca Cola while writing this one. Please forgive me. XD


Blaine made his way down the Dalton hallway and stopped short at the noises coming from Reed and Kurt’s dorm room.

 “That’s it right there…oh yeah perfect.”

Blaine’s eyes widened in horror. Was that Shane’s voice? What was he…

He heard a groan come from the room, and covered his mouth to contain his gag reflex. There was no way he could be hearing this; no way where his brother and Reed doing that.

“Try sticking it in faster!”

At this point Blaine made an inhuman noise as a crash rang out from the dorm room.

A few seconds later the door flew open, and there stood Shane full clothed, and a wide eyed Reed next to a stack of fallen Jenga blocks.

“Can I help you with something?” asked Shane impatiently.

“I-erm-I just thought…nevermind.”

Shane rose an eyebrow questioningly and then shrugged in Reed’s direction.

As Blaine retreated he moved to sit back down next to Reed on the floor; carefully restacking the tower of blocks.

“Sheesh if he wanted to play he could’ve just asked.”

May I Have This Dance? (a Rane one-shot)

Music blared through the crowded hall as a small blonde sat in the corner, just wishing that this night could officially end.

It was his junior prom and he was completely and utterly alone. Reed never much liked dances anyway. He always ended up injuring himself in one way or another, and he wasn’t a very social person to begin with.  He just was hoping that maybe, possibly, by some force of nature, that this time would be different. He was hoping that maybe he would ask him.

But now he was gone.


Reed took in a deep breath, trying desperately to swallow the pain in his chest. He wouldn’t think about Shane tonight. He couldn’t. This, however, was proving extremely difficult due to the fact that hundreds of couples were swaying to a slow song in front of his eyes.

He saw Kurt and Blaine, David and Kathrine; all happy. They were all living out their fairy tales.

He really couldn’t take this.

Reed quickly got up from the chair he was sitting in to make his way toward the door, before bumping into someone and falling right in the middle of the crowded dance floor.

“Ow…” His mind spun as a  pair of strong arms pulled him up from the floor.

“OhmygoshReedI'msosorryareyouokay?” The room was still spinning as he focused on the face in front of him. Oh God. His eyes settled on a messy mop of black hair in an ill-fitting tuxedo.

“Shane!? What are you doing here?” Reed gasped, trying and failing to hide the blush that was creeping onto his cheeks.

Shane looked down wringing his hands together.

“I-I wanted to see you.” he stared up into Reed’s eyes. "I wanted to come to prom with you.“ He shrugged. "If you want me to leave I can. I know I’ve screwed up enough already. I’ll just go-”

“No!” Reed stopped him, grabbing the taller boy’s hand in his own, brown eyes pleading. “Stay. Please.”

Shane heaved a relieved sigh and then smiled. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Reed blushed upon realizing that Shane’s fingers were now laced in his own. Neither of them were breaking eye contact, both afraid that the slightest breath could ruin the moment.

Shane cleared his throat.

“So, now that I’m here, are we just going to stand around or are you going to dance with me?”

Reed laughed. A real laugh. He had almost forgotten what that felt like.

“I can’t dance.”

“Anyone can dance! Come on! I won’t let you fall-I promise” he tightened his grip around Reed’s fingers comfortingly. Reed hesitated a moment, looking out at the dance floor forlornly. He was just about to decline when he looked up at the boy in front of him. His eyes were full of hope and love. He had waited for Shane forever. He had almost lost him to a landslide, and Micah and now he was here. He wasn’t going to screw this up again.

“Okay.” he nodded. He swore his insides were about to explode from all the butterflies that were now fluttering around.

Shane pulled him onto the dance floor, skillfully weaving his way through the crowd and making sure that Reed never left his side.

He found an area that was seemingly less crowded than the rest of the floor, and put his hands around Reed’s waist; causing the shorter boy to flush a deep scarlet.

“Just follow my lead.” He whispered in the blushing boy’s ear.

Reed nodded, staring wide eyed up at his dance partner. 

He took a few hesitant steps before his foot tripped on Shane’s. He grimaced.

“Sorry…” Reed sighed looking down at his feet in embarrassment.

Shane laughed. “Hey-no sorrys. I’m fine Reed. Just relax, and follow the music.”

Reed took a deep breath as the two continued to sway to the beat. Reed was actually starting to get the hang of it, and Shane was an excellent guide.

“See! You’re doing it!” beamed Shane. Reed flushed.

“Well it’s easier when you’re here.” whispered Reed meaningfully; brown eyes boring into grey.

 He didn’t know how long they were staring, until the slower song ended, and an upbeat pop mix took over.

Shane mentally cursed the DJ as people began jumping to the beat around them. He reluctantly let go of Reed, who looked slightly disappointed.

“Well-I’d say that was a success.” he smiled, “and between you and me…” he leant down to Reed’s ear again, “You’re the best dance partner I’ve ever had.”