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Grey’s Anatomy: How Insensitive
No matter how thick-skinned we try to be, there’s millions of electrifying nerve endings in there. Open and exposed and feeling way too much. Try as we might from feeling pain, sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Sometimes, that’s the only thing left: just feeling.


Grey’s Anatomy: Shiny Happy People
Ask most people what they want out of life and the answer is simple - to be happy. Maybe it’s this expectation, though, of wanting to be happy that just keeps us from ever getting there. Maybe the more we try to will ourselves to states of bliss, the more confused we get - to the point where we don’t recognize ourselves. Instead we just keep smiling - trying to be the happy people we wish we were. Until it eventually hits us, it’s been there all along. Not in our dreams or our hopes but in the known, the comfortable, the familiar.

I would trade Bailey, April, Stephanie, Amelia, Owen, and ESPECIALLY Callie and Maggie to have Reed, Lauren, Teddy and Lexie still at GSM / still alive, and as main characters on the show.

I have this crazy need - I’ve been coming across wishlists and stuff for Jackson & April and Grey’s in general - to get a throwback to Charles & Reed from Japril. I mean it was suggested that Reed & April were sorta close, and Jackson & Charles were buddies, and I realize we didn’t know them much and no one really gave a second thought to their characters until they died, but… I don’t know, I’d just like it to be acknowledged on screen, even just in passing. That they lost their friends, and that they have a whole backstory before the merger we’ve barely dipped into.