OSRR: 357

so I went from Ellington to Lowell and went to the singles ward and I feel like I should be going there, and then after church and break the fast I went home and it was so nice to just be at home.

then I get this text from Reece:

“Hey Molly are you free to talk?”

so I go “yeah, sure. what’s up?” because I expect him to text me.

NOPE HE CALLS ME AND IM JUST SITTING FREAKING OUT BECAUSE THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST DAY I CAN REMEMBER so I just talk to him for like fifteen minutes because he had some time and wanted to talk to me and Ed so sweet I’m just ahdidbajenfksjhsowhslfo


he’s so good and sweet and wonderful I’m so happy I just hope this is a thing

anonymous asked:

I can see America, Denmark, Prussia and Australia all drunkedly singing Rockstar by Reece Mastin. Canada, Norway, Germany and New Zealand have to drag them out of the bar, and have to help them recover from killer hangovers the next morning (though let's be honest they'd do this sober).

England, Sweden, and Germania would be shaking their heads in disappointment

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Honestly I think Alli has a twin and Jason has a twin maybe one of the little liars is allis twin. But I don't think Reece Mathews is Charles

I don’t think anyone on the show has a twin, it’d be way too twisted

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