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how do you pronounce your name?

It’s like the candy Reece’s Pieces.
My URL is in reference to the word reset. So Rhyset is pronounced like reset and if you take off the “et” part you’re left with my name. :3c
Reece Ltd. breached its 50 day moving average in a Bullish Manner : February 5, 2016
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What's your twitter handle?

I have like 6 Twitter accounts…don’t ask lol

The two i use daily:

bandfanarii : this is my main fanpage. if you ever wanna talk or tag me in anything on Twitter, this is the page. I use it for everything i do really lol Tris, James, The Vamps, Waddy, Drew, The Tide, and Reece follow me.

tvtumblrposts : it started off as i page i used to posts funny tumblr textposts about the vamps (inspired by a 1D and 5sos one i saw) ~i give credit ofc~ But now i don’t really post as much tumblr posts. Just really bad jokes and puns and polls to go with the vamps pictures or snaps that they post. The Tide follows this account, which is weird bc the vamps don’t even follow it lol

The two i use a couple times a week:

ConDaBomb96 : basically just a page about Connor lol it used to be called daveyftcondora where i used to post lame jokes in the POV of Davey Jones or Condora The Explorer (they’re still there if you go back far enough.

justjamesdmcvey : i made this page after i saw that, not only james got alot of hate, but that there weren’t as many accounts dedicated just to him. (if this makes sense) so i just wanted to show him how much i appreciated him.

The two i honestly don’t use at all:

thetidedye : basically a fan page for the tide. i made it last week but i’m not that in tuned with the tide so i got someone to help me run it lol 

ariialexx : this is my personal twitter. i think i’ve had it since 2010. i don’t use it at all tbh. only when i RT people who’s notifications i have turned on (ex: Oli White) This is literally the twitter i give friends and family members that want to follow me.

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Grimes Fanzine includes illustrations, an article and a pull out paper doll activity page!

Click here for Etsy listing

Launch: Table D5 at True Believers Comic Festival, Cheltenham on Saturday 6th February!

Contributors A-Z: Angus Medford Art, The Astral Gypsy, B. Mure, Bryan Hemmings, Chaz, Chibi Shibby, Drew Askew, Jack Devereaux, James Johnstone, Julia Scheele, Kayleigh Causton, Kellie Huskisson, Laura Watton, Paddy Johnston, RAMZEE, Sammy Borras, Sarah Burgess, Siobhan McKenna, Yen Quach and Zain McMillan

Cover illustration and compilation by Sammy Borras

Printed by Elyse & Reece from Rope Press

A5 staple bound zine (148x210mm/5.8x8.3inches)
24 Interior pages (risograph - black ink)
Double sided cover (risograph - black and fluorescent pink ink)
Double sided pull out activity sheet (risograph - black and fluorescent pink ink)

Special thanks to everyone who sent their work! The zine is beautiful!

Home and Away Season 29 Episode 3

Home and Away Season 29 Episode 2

Home and Away Season 29 Episode 1

Ash is interviewed as a murder suspect. Josh finds out that Evie and Andy kissed.

Shane Withington, Johnny Ruffo, Lynne McGranger, Charlie Clausen, Pia Miller, Matthew Little, Philippa Northeast, Nic Westaway, Kassandra Clementi, Emily Symons, Jackson Gallagher, Isabella Giovinazzo, Cassie Howarth, Jake Speer, Georgie Parker, Tai Hara, Reece Milne, Raechelle Banno, George Mason, Kyle Pryor, Ray Meagher, Ada Nicodemou, Alec Snow, Scott Lee, Bonnie Sveen, Tessa de Josselin

Outfit for the holidays by ferned featuring a black skirt

Topshop grey sweater, 48 AUD / Rag bone JEAN cropped jacket, 490 AUD / Marc Jacobs black skirt, 980 AUD / Adidas black shoes, 150 AUD / Reece Hudson duffle bag, 1 120 AUD / Forever 21 rhinestone jewelry, 7.04 AUD / H M scarve, 5.03 AUD / Casetify iphone case, 56 AUD / McQ by Alexander McQueen embellished belt / OPI nail polish, 40 AUD