“Welcome to the Darkeyes Junk Shop! Have a look around and I hope you’ll walk away with something neat! New this week, I found this GENUINE EFFKA–hold on… GDE HELMET! In perfect shape! The glass is intact and everything! Looking for a buyer! Perfectly usable, perfectly collectible! O-oh! Well if you change your mind, you know where to find us! …Here! …I think… I came off too strong. This is why I don’t… talk.”

Good Job, Rucksack! by Effkaytales

So suddenly I decided to study @latchkeykingdom‘s art style. Seriously suddenly, this started out as a picture in my own style.

This is @kirailabs and my Backer-Based Characters from Latchkey Kingdom. Ria and Grabby/Rucksack/Nanci/whatever. Rucksack just brought back an AMAZING TREASURE. An ancient utensil meant for mysterious ritualistic purposes, no doubt. This will definitely pay a fortune in the market~

(Of course, Rucksack chose this Amazing Treasure over this chest full of useless-looking shiny yellow metal circles. They didn’t even taste good.)


Stream 2 results!!

1: Kwality Artwerk …I drew this in like a minute to welcome everybody to the stream. For some reason I saved it. Yay?

2: Sera, as requested by @kirailabs! She’s a young girl from Ria’s village~

3: @maybeapersonmaybe did a trade commission for this one! I really like how it came out actually!

4: I started doodling between sketches. Don’t… don’t ask.

5: Complete! Gokaioh! …While waiting to see if somebody was gonna give me her details, I doodled this. I can’t believe they just let me do it without comment. >.>;;
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Sketch and Commission stream!!

Pricing is for single characters
$8 for sketches
$15 for inked sketches
$20 for flat colored pictures
$25 for simple shading
$30 for advanced shading

$5 for another character, any tier.

If I feel that your design is too complex for your pricing, I may add an extra $3 complexity charge, but this can be disputed~ I’m pretty easy going I guess.

I’ll be open to drawing nsfw if you want. We’ll discuss what I will or won’t draw when the time comes.
Just be patient with me, I tend to go for SFW more than NSFW.

Just talk at me wherever I’ll see it, and I’ll see about setting you up~<3