Enforcer Kesom Fyre

When things get a little too spicy for the Guardian to handle, they send out their Enforcers. The universe known as Astana relies on its Betan Enforcer, Kesom Fyre, quiiite a bit. Maybe she hasn’t done her duties that often while she was on duty, MAYBE she started the job as a completely different person… but nobody’s perfect, right?

Good Job, Rucksack! by Effkaytales

So suddenly I decided to study @latchkeykingdom‘s art style. Seriously suddenly, this started out as a picture in my own style.

This is @kirailabs and my Backer-Based Characters from Latchkey Kingdom. Ria and Grabby/Rucksack/Nanci/whatever. Rucksack just brought back an AMAZING TREASURE. An ancient utensil meant for mysterious ritualistic purposes, no doubt. This will definitely pay a fortune in the market~

(Of course, Rucksack chose this Amazing Treasure over this chest full of useless-looking shiny yellow metal circles. They didn’t even taste good.)

wheatley-draws  asked:

o hi just stoppin by to say you're really great at art and have a very creative mind! and that you're a great friend and have a cool personality even though we don't talk much. js js k cya

Thank you for this message so much oh my gosh~

I’d love to talk to ya more if you ever wanted to, I’m like… always available :3

Oh my gosh, this brightened up my day oh gosh

$10 Commissions!

Hiya, this is @effkaytales with a thing.

For a little while, I’m offering severely discounted commissions. Full body, full color, most things are on the table. Talk to me for full details if you’re interested.

You can expect quality such as these examples:

Please pass this around~

I am willing to do NSFW artwork, though that won’t generally be posted by me.

I have my limits, but I’d like to discuss that personally if you have interest in this.

Thank you for your time~

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have you ever been so far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

KIT: …
MANIS: Um… sorry, I have no idea what this… is.
JACK: Are… we sure this is for us…?

KIT: …I can lick my own foot!! Wanna see!?
MOSSY: Kit! N-no… we talked about this…!
MANIS: Oh my gods…
JACK: No, wait. Let’s see where she’s going with this.

(This is part of a bigger picture that will take a while to upload, SO…)

This is Wintergreen Roberts! At one time she went by the name Drille, but she found there was already somebody named that. Herself! (Long story)

Winter has been trying to find her own identity ever since escaping Tumblr Rumblr. She’s comfortable with herself now, sporting a new organic body and new fashion sense.


I just felt like fusing some of my characters!

Pippin + Bard = Pardin!


Fiesta + Ria = Riesta!

Pardin doesn’t talk much. They’re known for playing music on the corner for money. They’re a bit shy and don’t like crowds.

Riesta is very conflicted about punching things! She roams the desert in search of the next great challenge. If there’s something she wants, she takes it. That’s what adventurers do.

Guardian Han Tuan

The Betan Guardian of the universe commonly known as Astana, Han Tuan has a duty to protect his universe from many outside threats, as well as a duty to become the face of the Universe itself. If you have issues regarding the Astana Universe, call on Han Tuan to sort that right out.