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rachlovesligers asked:

9: stormy night in, Steve Bucky & Peggy (I know it's not exactly a pairing, lol)

Sorry this was so long in coming! And tbh it’s prob not at all what you had in mind. But shenanigans

Note: This also fits as either an outtake or as part of a future chapter of Give up the ghost which I encourage ya’ll to go reead and review as it makes me happy!)

It started with a little thunder but it didn’t end with it. For three days New York was battered by storms, constant rain, flooding all over, and worst of all, electrical shortages. No electric was one thing sure, but then the sewers got blocked all over Brooklyn and they couldn’t run their water. It was a living nightmare, and in a house with three people – dishes and clothes, and bodily function piled up quickly.

It showed no signs of ending when Howard being the considerate inconsiderate friend that he was, offered them his place just outside the city, assuring her that she should have gone there first, and ‘his own personal generator’ would be working and they could take care of things as needed.

He was in LA, there was sunshine, and she could practically hear him getting a tan.

So, she gave in, and gathered the troops.  

“Holy shit this place is fucking huge though, like, I knew it was huge but man!”

Bucky startled them again running – literally running back into the living room. “You

could lap this place and tire even Steve out. Did you know he has a pool room and

a room with a pool?!”

Steve just laughed as they kept their seats, all three freshly showered, in three

separate showers too.

“Yeah, pretty much knew that.”

“This is why you didn’t wanna move back in with us, right? This is completely why,

hell, can we live here? I love you guys, but man … it’s heated!”

Peggy knew he meant the pool; she was toying with the idea of telling him about

the Jacuzzi.  

“Peggy you shoulda brought your suit, this is just …” he flopped down on the large

suede couch beside her with a sigh, “we’re clearly in the wrong business, Steve.”

Steve just smiled, sipping his gin and tonic with way too much ice for Peggy’s


“Who says she needs a suit?” Steve quipped and it even got Bucky’s brows


“Oh God, we’ve corrupted him, Carter, it’s finally happened. Oh Christ Stevie the

nuns would have my head!!” He took a running swing for Steve then, right after

he’d put his drink on the side table to his left. They both fake wrestled and called

each other names, before conceding because Bucky wanted to go ‘nosy around

some more come on!’

And that’s when she remembered.

The one room in the place that no one was ever allowed in to. Not even Mr. Jarvis

knew what was in there, though Peggy had her suspicions.

“Hey Buck?” Peggy called out at the end of the hallway, on the third floor.


“You still good at picking locks?” she asked, knowing the answer full well.

“Yeah why?”

“C’mere. Bring Steve!”

It wasn’t that Peggy couldn’t pick a lock, it was just that it wasn’t her specialty, and

if she was right, what was behind that door was a little scandalous, and she

really wanted to see their faces upon the reveal.

“Oh no, there’s nothing in there, Howard said so –“Steve said sweetly when they

finally saw where she was standing. “He said –“but he looked at the incredulous

looks that both his loves were giving him and bit his lip. “He lied, didn’t he?”

“He totally lied; guys like him don’t lock one room in a house with a zillion rooms if

they ain’t hiding something big.” Bucky was already on his knees at the door

handle, Peggy’s hair pins in hand. She found it far too arousing how good he was

at odd and very illegal things like this.

“Maybe we shouldn’t I mean he was nice enough to let us stay here we should

you know … respect his priv-“ by the time Steve had his sentence half finished,

Bucky had popped the lock and swung open the door and –

“Holy fucking mother of shit!”

The trio stood with their mouths agape, for three people in a poly-amorous

relationship you’d think they wouldn’t be easily shocked but no, trust Howard to

one up even them.

Steve’s cheeks pinkened, Peggy forced herself to close her mouth, whereas

Bucky just marched on in, eyes wide.

Yes. Howard had a sex toy room

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