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Summary: After escaping from Alabasta, the Straw Hats end up on a marine controlled island where the Big Bad of the week has the ability to turn friends into enemies. Now the rest of the crew has to scramble as Luffy finds himself under her control. Zolu centric adventure fic (but with an overall Nakama focus.)

Illustrated a scene from this fic for @opbigbang! >u< // Go reead~~


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This post lists fics/scenarios people are specifically looking for.

So here’s a compilation of all the asks I’ve received about finding certain scenarios/fics/blogs! If you happen to be reading this right now and know the possible answers to these questions please, please, please message me (to the askbox not actual messenger).

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books-cupcakes’s February Book Photo Challenge

Day 15: Books & Flowers

Paper Towns by John Green

Looking For Alaska by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle

Your Favourite Book

Aries - The Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins (Adventure)

Taurus - Beautiful Creatures by Rami Garcia and Margaret Stones (Romance)

Gemini - The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by Ann Brashares (Drama)

Cancer - My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (Tragedy)

Leo - Audrey, Wait by Benway Robin (Comedy)

Virgo - 1984 by George Orwell (Political)

Libra - The Faults in Our Stars by John Green (Relationship drama)

Scorpio - We Were Liars by E. Lockhart (Mystery)

Sagittarius - To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee (Classics)

Capricorn - Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell (Non-fiction literature)

Aquarius - Divergent by Veronica Roth (Sci-Fi)

Pisces - Twilight by Stephanie Meyers (Animalistic literature)

** Note - This is just general **


Reead - Baby (Dance With Me)

anonymous asked:

Hello Unnie! Im sorry to disturb you but can I have the list if fluff you wrote with BTS? I feel like reeading adorable stuff xd

You’re lucky I just got home and got a hold of my laptop to do this. keke~ Happy reading! <3



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top ten all-time favorite fanfics????!

chasing the sun [snamione] - au, from order of the phoenix onwards. hermione only wanted to learn healing; she discovers that professor snape is a human being after all, and his actions dramatically shape the course of the war as events unfold. THIS FIC RUINED MY LIFE

for the potion masters amusement [snamione] - severus snape is not a kind man, but hermione granger is past caring. she wants his approval and will do anything to get it. how far will she go? even she has no concept of the depths to which she will fall in her quest. seventh year au student/teacher. hahahahhHahahaha KILL ME PLEASE SUB/DOM FIC

 dracos boy [drarry] - nonmagic au. a mysterious little boy named harry moves in next door to draco malfoy, and he’s determined to make him his friend and learn all of his secrets. years later, he’s determined to make harry more than a friend. fuCK THIS FIC i need ot reread this asap so good

packing the flat [drarry] - months after their explosive break-up, draco insists harry return to their flat to remove his belongings. THIS FIC IS SO SHORT BUT I FIND MYSELF REREADING IT LIKE EVERY MONTH ITS DEFF A FAV

silencio [dramione] - in a whirlwind of pleasure and angst, can draco and hermoine end up happy and together? or are they destined forever to keep their relationship physical and above all secret? when i say this fic will ruin your life i mean THIS. FIC. WILL. RUIN. YOUR. FUCKING. LIFE TREAD FUCKING CAREFULLY

pound of flesh [dramione] - becoming attached had never been part of the plan. neither was falling in love. one night out on the town, hermione comes face to face with draco malfoy - memory charmed and living as a muggle - and an opportunity too good to pass up. what starts as revenge quickly grows into something more, and as hermione delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the man who can’t remember who he is - the man everyone thought was dead - she might discover more than she can handle. HAHAHA DONT READ THE ALTERANTE ENDING IF U WANNA LIVE A HAPPY LIFE

a study in winning [johnlock] - john and sherlock are professional tennis players and it’s wimbledon. one is a broken almost was at the end of his career, the other an arrogant rising star tipped for greatness. It should have been a straightforward tournament. it really should have been. how were they to know that a chance encounter would change everything? i have no words for how much i love this fic

nature and nurture [johnlock] - the british government accidentally clones sherlock holmes. which brings a baby to 221B baker street. THIS FIC IS SO BEAUTIFUL IF U HAVENT READ IT YET REEAD IT

but pleasures are like poppies [johnlock] - it’s beltane, and john, as always, follows sherlock. FAWNLOCK !!!! ITS REALLY CUTE !! AND WELL WRITTEN SO WHY NOT INCLUDE IT

hitting the water are sixty miles an hour [johnlock] - “you love your mother, sherlock?” john watched the muscles in sherlock’s jaw jump. He nodded in one sharp jerk. “then we’re going to her party and making her happy.” john let out a resigned sigh. “as a ruddy couple, you bastard.” SO MANY FEELINGS BEST FAKE RELATIONSHIP FIC OUT THERE TBH

i have a lot more favorite fics and they usually change as i go on reading especially as i am reading more and more johnlock but for the most part the top 6 are set in stone !!!