ree sah

fun latin word of the day

thensarius, -a, -um, adj. (thehn-sah-ree-uhs) – of or relating to treasure

because honestly the ancients loved their treasure and also can you just imagine like a super cute ancient dragon with its hoard of treasure and getting to use this word in latin just for that

art by Black Side Show on Etsy

((Hi! I may, perhaps, be late to the party, but much like our mixers, I can still join in, right? Time for an intro!
Greetings, all! My name’s Risa (Ree-sah), and I’m the co-mod here at the Wicked Little Town RPG! It’s actually thanks to Hansel that I’m here, and a part of the Tumblr roleplaying community! And thanks to the Hedhead community I’ve even got a tumblr. On here, I play Tommy, Heather, and Skszp. I still don’t know who my fourth character’ll be, yet. Outside of here, I also play these characters, as well as, occasionally Phyllis, Luther, and OCs I’ve made of the rest of Tommy’s family.

I’m a ship-a-holic; not gonna lie. 

I love other musicals besides Hedwig and the Angry inch, and have either seen all of, some of, or listened to a little bit of almost all the shows characters from here have been featured in.

I’d love to chat with anyone about anything at pretty much any time, related to roleplaying or not. We can plot, or just talk about this crazy weather we’re having, or gush about musicals - whatever you like. 

I apologize in advance, though, I’m sure you’ve picked up on this - I’m not the fastest replier. Writing for me takes a lot of energy, and while I do wanna get back to all of you and participate largely in this game, it does take me a bit sometimes, so thanks for understanding. It’s just something I struggle with and am working on improving.

So, anyway…I look forward to seeing what this revamp brings us, and getting to know everyone and their characters. Thank you all for joining us!

PS: When I write, sometimes I go overboard with length :P. Workin’ on that too.))