ree dolly


Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone 

I have to say a few things about Jennifer in this movie. Have you guys watched it? The similarities between Ree Dolly (Jen’s character) and Katniss Everdeen (THG) cannot go unnoticed. I’ll point out a few. 

 1) Ree, like Katniss, was found having to take care of her siblings because her father was gone and her mother was too sick to help.

 2) Ree had to learn how to survive in the woods, hunting, because it was the only way to keep food on the table. 

 3) Ree would do anything for her family, her brother and sister. She’d do anything to protect them. 

 4) Ree was obligated to become an adult, to act like a grown up, but in reality she’s just a kid, forced to be brave, who needs to be taken care of too. 

 There’s probably more, I don’t remember now, but to me they were so similar in lifestyles and the way they handled their situation. It makes me see how perfect for the role of Katniss Jennifer is, cause she did a wonderful job in Winter’s Bone, really. Oh and if you guys haven’t watched it yet, you should.