Okay envision this:

AVALANCHE movie nights. Everyone has their own day to bring their choice of movies

Cloud: Brings Disney/kid movies and claims that he brought them for Marlene of course. But really, he’s a child at heart and he loves them. He totally mouths along to songs (because of course he knows them by heart) until Tifa and Aeris pushes him into singing with them.

Tifa: Definitely brings romantic comedies. She always makes sure to bring things that are lighthearted and leaves everyone with a good silly feel. She also makes sure to ignore Barrett and Cid’s sniggering in the background during the more romantic part of the movies.

Aeris: Brings horror movies, surprisingly. She enjoys the adrenaline rush when a good movie manages to get one over her. She never screams or jumps but she always grips on to Tifa or Cloud’s arm and maybe pretends to want some cuddles cuz she’s so /scared/. She also secretly enjoys having the other members scream at a cheap scare. 

Barrett: Brings over the top action movies with a slight raunchy taste. Makes sure that Marlene is NEVER in the room when it’s his movie night. He enjoys the stereotypical explosion and testosterone laden buddy films. He and Cid /might/ just be drunk on his night which /might/ be why he enjoys his movie nights so much.

Yuffie: Brings Wutaiin cartoons similar to anime. Though she tries to be mature at times and bring Wutai history films she really enjoys her country’s animation and can’t resist bringing them to show off to the rest of the team. When it’s not animation, it’s still from her country and usually pretty silly. Enough to make her and Cloud laugh, at least.

Cid: Brings Sci-fi and movies featuring airplanes. He HATES how completely WRONG all the physics are in the sci-fi movies he brings but the rest of the team thinks he just likes getting angry and ranting. He and Reeve both spend hours after the movies discussing (possibly drunkenly) how awful and inaccurate it was!! Yet he keeps bringing more to get angry at while the rest of the team enjoys them quietly.

Reeve: Brings documentaries. It’s usually a luck of the draw with him. He brings films all about different kinds of engineering and sometimes they’re really interesting even to the members who aren’t into that sort of thing!! And then sometimes they’re SUPER boring and only Reeve and sometimes Cid or Cloud are interested. It’s a win or lose with him. (Also whenever Marlene’s there he turns on Cait Sith’s A.I. so she has a playmate if she gets bored.)

Vincent: Also brings horror movies and murder mysteries. He never EVER jumps or reacts at the horror ones but rather enjoys sitting back with Nanaki and watching the group react in their own special ways. For murder mysteries he likes guessing (completely accurately 100% of the time) what’s going to happen. The group pauses half way through these and discusses who they think the killer is. Vincent is no longer allowed to participate since he always ends up right.

Nanaki: He’s not really into these strange human customs so he doesn’t bring movies but he enjoys watching them with everyone and also monitoring how they react. 

Marlene: Everyone’s a sucker for her and so she gets her own night when she’s not joining in during Cloud’s and Tifa’s nights. She likes typical kids movies with cute animals and sing a longs but she also loves the dramatic sword fights and action scenes from Yuffie’s animations so you never know what to expect from this girl.

Thanks to starryfrost for thinking these out with me!!!