hallo one and all. This is an Adlocker speaking. I’m a little late to the party but that’s only because I’ve just decided to make myself a personal Tumblr. I’ve been shipping Adlock for about ten years and I’ve got some fics, so… Hi! Nice to meet you all!

Title  For the Children

Year  2016

Running Time  15min.

Country  United Kingdom

Director  Bruno Catarino

2nd Assistant Director  Anaïs R. Artells

Screenwriter  Bruno Catarino

Cast   Jenny Wills, Angela Smith, Colette O’Brien, Deniz Oktay, Anthony Chisholm

Production Co.  Redwulf Films

Genre  Drama

Here’s a practice pic I did on photoshop. I sketched it on the computer, inked and colored.  To do digital art is a difficult feat for me but I’m trying to practice on it. People who know me IRL know how much of a digital art newb I am. I’m pleased with the results.

Critiques? Comments? Kudos? :)