redwood terrace

The Mother Tree

This conversation happened after I yammered on for ages about the Mother Tree and redwoods to a particularly observant friend.

Me: So do you want to see pictures of it?

Friend (with complete earnestness): Oh yes! I love to see pictures of other people’s god symbols!

Luckily I rarely blush due to emotions, or I’m sure my whole face and neck would’ve been dark red.

[Picture from Google Street view of Redwood Terrace.  A quote from Kathy Mattea is superimposed, saying “In the dead of the night, in the still and the quiet I slip away, like a bird in flight Back to those hills, the place that I call home.”]

Seriously that’s… exactly what I do, even if she’s doing it with West Virginia and I’m doing it with the redwoods.  I feel like it’s always inside me, so I can go back whenever I want, and especially at night.