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re: giant old oak and "#I want to go inside it but that's some fey shit isn't it" - I've stood inside some giant partly hollow trees (and some groves/circles, like redwoods make) and it's /amazing/. Highly recommend it, at least if you feel the tree(s) are cool with it. (I want to make myself a living willow "room" because OMG)

Some years ago, I had the opportunity to visit Muir Woods, and I actually went very slightly off-trail and hunkered down inside a hollowed-out redwood. Actually, hang on.

Well, I thought I had a picture of me inside it, but apparently not. Still, this is the tree:

It was very cozy and intimate.

 Hidden Mickey checklist for Disney California Adventure Park! [Last update MAY 05, 2014]

Buena Vista Street

[ ] Oswald’s Filling Station (alarm bell with Mickey Ears)
[ ] Julius Katz & Sons (occasionally - Classic Mickey in watch repair display)
[ ] Julius Katz & Sons (reels on antique film splicer Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Julius Katz & Sons (window display - television screen test card)
[ ] Elias & Company (pattern on Men’s Department balcony rail)
[ ] Elias & Company (Jewelry Department - Art Deco Mickey motif)

Hollywoodland (formerly the Hollywood Pictures Backlot)

[ ] Disney Junior - Live on Stage (Classic Mickey - Center Stage)
[ ] Disney Junior - Live on Stage (Handy Manny - Bubble Mickeys)
[ ] Hollywoodland (near Award Wieners - display window with film canisters)
[ ] Monsters Inc., Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (taxi headlights in queue)
[ ] Monsters Inc., Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (Monstropolis Skyline - very beginning)
[ ] Monsters Inc., Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (Harry Hausen’s - shadows in the windows)
[ ] Monsters Inc., Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (Sulley’s Backside - appears two times)
[ ] Monsters Inc., Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (color changing Randall - yellow & purple)
[ ] Monsters Inc., Mike & Sulley to the Rescue (news truck control panel)
[ ] Animation Building (Classic Mickey topper on the flagpole on top of the building)
[ ] Animation Building (window features a dalmatian puppy with Hidden Mickey spots)
[ ] Animation Building - Animation Academy (drum set Hidden Mickey onstage)
[ ] Animation Building - Sorcerer’s Workshop (series of Mickey balloons)
[ ] Animation Building - Sorcerer’s Workshop (treble cleft Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Animation Building - Off the Page (background in the Croc artwork display)
[ ] The Studio Store (picture frame Hidden Mickey, look forward from the side)
[ ] The Studio Store (lute in rafters with three soundholes)
[ ] Hyperion Theater (Mickeys hidden in decorative arches framing the EXIT doors)
[ ] Hyperion Theater (Hidden Mickey fasteners on the Balcony level lobby ceiling)
[ ] Tower of Terror (Little girl in the elevator is holding a Mickey Mouse doll)
[ ] Tower of Terror (Hidden Mickey lights, above lower loading zone, to the far left)
[ ] Tower of Terror (Vintage Camera Hidden Mickeys in the Gift Shop)

A Bug’s Land

[ ] It’s a Bug’s Life Theater (flowers on the wall as you enter, end of the fifth row)
[ ] Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train (Hidden Mickey rocks on the wall at the end of the ride)
[ ] Flik’s Flyers (a large light and two smaller metal markers)
[ ] Cherry Mickey (frozen fruit drink stand)

Cars Land

[ ] Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree (Hidden Mickey Hubcaps in extended queue)
[ ] Radiator Springs Curios (Hidden Mickey on rusty sign)
[ ] Radiator Springs Curios (Service sign Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Radiator Springs Curios (Ceiling Tile Hidden Mickey - 2 Ears)
[ ] Luigi’s Flying Tires (Topolino photo inside Casa Della Tires)
[ ] Luigi’s Flying Tires (Lightning McQueen with Mickey Ears antenna topper)
[ ] Luigi’s Flying Tires (Lightning McQueen Mickey toy car in Luigi’s Office)
[ ] Ramone’s House of Body Art (7 custom painted hoods - 7 Hidden Mickeys)
[ ] Ramone’s House of Body Art (Hidden Mickeys on paint splattered displays)
[ ] Radiator Springs - Route 66 (knotted power line Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Radiator Springs Racers (Classic Cactus Mickey, hidden in queue)
[ ] Radiator Springs Racers (Stanley & Lizzie’s wedding photo - tiara gears)
[ ] Radiator Springs Racers (Gravel projection Hidden Mickeys)
[ ] Radiator Springs Racers (Projected light/shadow Hidden Mickeys)
[ ] Radiator Springs Racers (Ramone’s House of Body Art pinstriped Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Radiator Springs Racers (Guido’s Casa Della Tires pinstriped Hidden Mickey)

Paradise Pier

[ ] Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (Hidden Mickey in the Loading Zone mural)
[ ] Ariel’s Undersea Adventure (Hidden Mickeys on the Kissing Frogs)
[ ] Jumping Jellyfish (Hidden Mickey bubbles on a center support column)
[ ] Goofy’s Sky School (Bulletin Board Hidden Mickeys)
[ ] Goofy’s Sky School (Mickey Wrench hidden on tool rack)
[ ] Goofy’s Sky School (Cloud Sign Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Mickey’s Fun Wheel (Ferris Wheel features a Giant Pie-Eyed Mickey)
[ ] Paradise Pier Boardwalk Shops (purple octopus barnacle Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Paradise Pier Boardwalk Shops (Betty Ducks’ sideshow mural frame)
[ ] Paradise Pier Boardwalk Shops (bed of nails - wooden frame Hidden Mickey)
[ ] Paradise Pier Boardwalk Games (a pair of Hidden Mickeys on facade, under the eaves)
[ ] Paradise Pier Boardwalk Games (Dumbo’s Bucket Brigade, Mickey hidden on left wall)
[ ] Steamboat Willie Newspapers (refreshment cart across from Toy Story Mania)
[ ] Toy Story Mania (loading area - three circles on the wall create a classic Mickey)
[ ] Toy Story Mania (Mickey shaped cloud on the Woody drawing)
[ ] Character Meet & Greet (nautically themed Hidden Mickey flags)
[ ] Character Meet & Greet (life preserver Hidden Mickeys)
[ ] Treasures in Paradise (Azalea mural - Hidden Mickey in center of her belt)
[ ] Treasures in Paradise (permanent shopping display, carousel lion’s saddle)
[ ] Treasures in Paradise (Duffy the Disney Bear - shopping display, footprints)
[ ] Duffy the Disney Bear (Meet & Greet area)
[ ] Ariel’s Grotto Restaurant (undersea bubbles on seaweed)

Golden State

[ ] Soarin’ Over California (Safety Video - Mickey Ears)
[ ] Soarin’ Over California (Hidden Mickey Golf Ball)
[ ] Soarin’ Over California (Hidden Mickey Fireworks)
[ ] Taste Pilot’s Grill (Classic Mickey alarm bell)
[ ] Taste Pilot’s Grill (Classic Mickey equipment photograph)
[ ] Rushin’ River Outfitters (Grizzly Bear paws)
[ ] Grizzly Peak Recreation Area (Classic Mickey shaped machinery)
[ ] Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (Challenge Trail map - Ahwahnee Camp Circle)
[ ] Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (Challenge Trail map - Hibernation Hollow river stones)
[ ] Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (Challenge Trail map - dust from Hoot-N-Holler Logs)
[ ] Redwood Creek Challenge Trail (faux rocks in the creek)
[ ] Blue Sky Cellar (Classic Hidden Mickey hidden in the outdoor sign)
[ ] Blue Sky Cellar (cloudy Mickey silhouette on the indoor sign)
[ ] Blue Sky Cellar (Classic Hidden Mickey on painter’s palette)
[ ] Blue Sky Cellar (Hidden Mickey silhouette in the Screening Room’s animated map)

Golden Sate - Pacific Wharf

[ ] Boudin’s Bakery Tour (bread loaf decorated with Classic Mickey)


[ ] Pixar Play Parade (Tow Mater - Mickey wingnut on air filter/carburetor)