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i know a lot of these background masterposts probably already exist, but i really love doing masterposts cause they’re really useful for me and hopefully other people??

more stuff here!!

**none of these pictures belong to me


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themes (shortened from my other masterpost)


base #001: redux by anaarthemes

This is a base code made to more or less look like tumblr Redux/redux edits. Since it’s a base code, it doesn’t have a lot of customization options–those are for you to add in.

This base is entirely free to use–meaning you can use it to code your personal theme, or you can use it to build a theme for you to release with whatever customization options you want. Keep credit at least in the source code.

code is available on my blog (anaarthemes)
(click “Redux base code” in the top right box, wait 5 seconds, and click ‘skip ad’)


  1. Edit this because it’s not meant to be a stand-alone theme!
  2. You have to credit me if you release it as a theme
  3. Don’t repost just the base code or release it as your own code


  • background image (full or repeat) and 100x100 side image
  • 150px sidebar with image, description, and 5 default links
  • optional rounded corners
  • 250px, 400px, and 500px post options already coded for you

There are 8 colors, 2 images, and 5 options.


[06] Starchart by anaarthemes

preview 01 / preview 02 / preview 03

click “>CODE<” in the preview description, wait 5 seconds, then click “skip ad”

This is a pretty simple theme that I made while listening to Undertale songs a lot but is named after the kittems game.


  1. Don’t remove credit.
  2. Don’t use as a base code.
  3. Don’t repost/claim as your own.
  4. Both light/heavy CSS editing is allowed as long as credit is intact.
  5. If you find errors/have questions, IM me here.

Feature overview:

  • 400px/500px posts
  • custom background image (repeat or full)
  • 150x150 custom sidebar image
  • Post ‘headers’ with reblog + like buttons
  • 10 font options, 3 sizes
  • Optional dropdown links or icons with 3 custom links

Icon art by elentori-art


Theme #23: The Window


Finally, as promised! A theme based around my personal blog’s current theme. This is an all-in-one theme that comes with four tabs: one for the posts, one for an ask box, one for an “about me” and one for the links. And you can customize all of it! How nifty, right?

The images above really don’t do the theme justice, though. Look at the preview instead, it looks much better on an actual blog.

Please like or reblog if you use this theme!

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  • one column
  • or two columns
  • infinite scroll
  • sidebar
  • menu links or not
  • hide caption option
  • border option
  • small cursor
  • borders
  • 400px or 250px posts
  • transparent/semitransparent/normal post options
  • image background option
  • rounded corners option
  • lots of other stuff :)



Top of the world

This redux edit is amazing , you can customize every single colour and choose between three navigation types; you can also upload your own background, header image, favicon, back to top logo, right and/or left picture .

This theme includes google fonts, optional faded pictures and borders and 8 custom links .

Hihgly recommended for anyone who likes to add rendered pictures .

Check it out and Dowlnoad HERE

preview 1 / preview 2 / preview 3 / preview 4 / preview 5 


Now that I have your attention

Yes, tumblr user softwaring (previously meancutie and seethes) who also runs jubileethemes and naturalpalettes steals art and coding, lies and harasses other users. They’ve even tried to sell someone else’s art, claiming they had permission (which was a lie). This is ILLEGAL. This has been going on for years. Jubilee is EXTREMELY popular and consistently gets credit for work that isn’t theirs.

I have complied a complete archive filled with evidence on this user’s theft and harassment for your viewing pleasure. 

This is updated when/if new evidence arises.

If you could PLEASE reblog this and spread the word, it would truly mean the world to me. You can also help by blacklisting and unfollowing all of their blogs (softwaring, jubileethemes, naturalpalettes, 8pxl). Thank you so much!

pastel / trippy background masterpost!!! °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °

okay so this is my second background masterpost!!! the backgrounds under the cut look really good as twitter headers, mobile theme headers, and on redux edits!!! there’s over 50 so there’s a lot to choose from. Enjoy!! 

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Blogs of Morrowind
  • Vivec: Former shitposter extraordinaire who used to bait people for funsies and who deletes their blog and remakes every few months.  Previously known for their lurid, neon layout, habit of reblogging bizarre hentai, and selfies, Vivec has decided that they are now beyond all that and have moved towards a minimalistic theme.  Now they mostly talk about books and philosophy and pretend they’re above everyone else.
  • Almalexia: Ayem has 10,000 followers and a redux theme edit in gentle, soothing colors.  Her icon is her face.  Although her blog may initially seem to be a great resource on parenting tips, political commentary, self-image, and life advice, you become more and more uncomfortable with the fact that blogs she disagrees with seem to just…deactivate.
  • Sotha Sil: A few years ago, Sil used to be so active that people joked about how he never went to sleep, but something happened between him and Almalexia and Vivec and now he never makes text posts anymore.  Once posting about tech news, disability, and transhumanism, he’s now an aesthetic blogger that only reblogs a lot of monochromatic pictures of machinery.  A few months back, he deleted every picture of himself he ever posted but recently, he posted a picture of his computer where you can kind of see his reflection.  He looks ill.  You are concerned but he turned off his ask box.
  • Nerevar: No one talks about him or even mentions his name anymore.  Almalexia deleted all her posts about him and Vivec’s gone through five blog changes since then, but you can find some posts about him if you dig through Sotha Sil’s archives.  He posted gym selfies, inspiring quotes, and about politics, though some his opinions were misinformed.  He hasn’t posted since 2012.  You’re worried something terrible has happened to him.  Recently, a new blog has been gaining in popularity and you can’t help but notice that they type in a very, very similar manner.
  • Dagoth Ur: You stumbled on this blog after reading through Nerevar’s archives and seeing all the asks and replies they once exchanged.  Voryn reblogs pictures of other people’s living rooms, body horror, and How to Basic videos.  You feel like these are somehow related.
  • Dumac: Another victim of 2012.  He posted about computers, politics, and the occasional shirtless pic where you can see that he was fucking ripped.  He and Nerevar had a falling out due to some anonymous hate, but some speculate in secret that the true identity of the asks was none other than Vivec.
  • Azura: Her main blog is devoted to pictures of roses, the sky, and her cats, but she runs a sideblog where she reblogs every single post that Vivec and Almalexia make and rips them apart.  Her morality is very black-and-white and it’s easy to get on her bad side, but many people feel like her hate towards them is deserved.  She hasn’t mentioned Sotha Sil in ages.  You’re not sure why.