This is Redustrial, she is one of my favorite cosplayers <3 .And if you have ever gotten upset about a famous cosplayer not cosplaying any of your favorite Animes/video game characters anymore (like Parle not doing KH) you should watch at least the first 10 minutes of this <3 It is a very good reminder that they are people too and they have the right to cosplay who they want <3 . Love you Red <3 and I will follow you no matter what you do  ^w^

I love the people I know of...

You ever have those moments where you come across a photo you bookmarked and forgot about? We all have. You ever had that moment where you open said bookmark and laugh your ass off at the photo? I just had two of those moments.

This picture made me laugh my ass off when Marz shared it with us on livestream at one in the morning. It still makes me chuckle. I couldn’t even begin to explain why but it does. Maybe it’s because he’s crossplaying and I’m used to seeing him as an excessively masculine character. Maybe it’s because he shaved his legs to the hip. Who knows.

This picture requires no explanation to be found funny but I’ll explain anyway. It’s from an interview “Sebastian”, “Ciel”, and “Alois” did while Sebby was *ahem* deep in his cups. It’s pretty freaking hilarious. You should just watch it. Marz even explains his fucked up logic behind this…creature. No one can/could follow it.
On a side note: I asked Marz just how drunk he was and he replied that “[he] wasn’t drunk Sebastian was”. Oh lord. *rolls eyes* 

EDIT: Hey, um, don’t watch that video, it’s not the right one. My bad. Oh it’s funny but it’s the wrong part. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Right now I’m on my phone (yay for apps) and youtube mobile is kind of difficult to navigate. Or at least it is on my BlackBerry. Sorry for my fail. Fixed! :D

I was lost on a title again. I’ve been playing with this one on and off. It’s another one from Otakuthon that my little Trauma babu took :D  I can’t wait to see her again for AB! <3
And speaking of AB, I want to get this arm even bigger by then. I added onto it already but I’m still not satisfied. I thought too much about functionality, which was great and all, I love being able to walk around with the arm on without it being too much of a hassle, but it’s just.. so small in pictures v.v I need MOARRRR

But I digress, as always. Enjoy! and hopefully after AB, I’ll have even better Seras pictures, with a better arm.


Seras Victoria cosplay and Photo Editing by: me ( #redustrial-ruin )
Photo by:  #traumaticcandy <3

My turn to upload a shot from our shoot with Ron!  I love the way all of them came out!  
I’ve decided I like doing Red Seras way more, now, too. I just want to have my harkonnen w/ me one of these days. I really like this picture in particular, looks like they’re having a moment after she saves him from Anderson and snaps him out of it.. You know.. hypothetically, if Walter didn’t then interrupt. In my dreams.

So much great stuff to upload still. I hope you guys enjoy this one, and I’m looking forward to posting more! -Red <3

Alucard is  cosplayed by #maxieyi-marz

Seras Victoria is cosplayed by me #redustrial-ruin

Photo by:

Alright, last Hellsing upload from SMF 2012 from our shoot with Rodney. These were my favorites <3
Save the best for last, right? Xd Marz’s face in the last panel just kills me. 

I’m sad that this will be the last of my newer Hellsing shots. I can’t wait to get Blood Seras done to do new pictures <3 I still have a few Hellsing shots from the recovery collection, though :)

Til my next Hellsing upload, enjoy my lovelies <3


Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing Cosplay: LordOnisyr
Alucard Cosplay: Maxieyi
Seras Victoria cosplay: Redustrial-Ruin (me)
Rip Van Winkle cosplay: HaruVamp


Everyone made it clear that they wanted a response to redustrialmaxieyiopinions, so here it is. It’s long, but if you could take the time to send an ask, comment or complain, you can take the time to listen to how I really feel and what I have to say. 

I hope this clears things up, and I won’t say anything further on it, because everything you need to hear is in this video. 

Okay, You know what?

I get it if you want to shit all over me for whatever reasons you may have, but leave the admin of redustrialmaxieyiopinions alone. They have done nothing to incur your wrath besides run that blog, and honestly if you have a problem with that, it’s YOUR problem, not the admins and they have done nothing to deserve the messages that are being sent to them. 

Also, if you have beef with me, take your fucking anon off and say it. Don’t whine about it to another person or on a blog. Grow a pair and talk to me directly. And if you think that will do no good, please see CGL exhibit A: I was torn apart for my shitty behavior, reflected on it and now here we are. Why do you think I don’t complain about other specific people anymore? Why do you think I don’t send legions of people after anyone who defies my opinions or impersonates me anymore? Why do you think I don’t flaunt nothing but fucking yaoi pictures at you anymore? Why do you think I don’t use diffuse glow up the asshole anymore?

If you have a valid reason to think I’m shitty, come fucking out with it.

But don’t blow smoke up anyone’s ass. 

I know I’m coming off kind of angsty here, but how can I not be with the way people are acting? My angst is just the tip of the iceberg, It’s all around angst. I’m not saying COME AT ME BRO LET’S FUCKING DANCE. I’m saying that if you have a problem with me or what I do/haven’t done, you can talk to me directly and we can discuss it like adults. I have no interest in fighting with anyone, nor do I have interest in seeing shit like this on that blog again.