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Rose Quartz’s reason for Steven

Now that ‘Storm in the Room’ has come and gone, I want to remind you of a line of dialogue from a very old episode.

Steven says this about Amethyst, which turns out to be true. We still see signs of it in the Amethyst arc where she pours herself into defeating Jasper. But I think this line is true for all quartzes.

Amethyst doesn’t wanna think about herself. She hates herself. It’s a miserable thing to think about. You can see the stark contrast with the Famethyst; they all have eachother to think about, which is why they’re so happy.

Jasper doesn’t wanna think about herself. Although she is full of herself, she’d rather be a part of anyone else. First Lapis, and then corrupted quartzes, if that’s what it takes.

Steven doesn’t wanna think about himself. He doesn’t wanna think about the expectations riding on him and all the horrible things he’s done and been through. He’d rather think about everyone else and what he can do for them.

And Rose was the same way. She didn’t wanna think about herself. She was always asking everyone else about themselves. Whenever she’s asked about herself, she either evades it entirely or delays it as long as possible. She dedicated herself to – quite literally – everyone else. Both the Crystal Gems, and the entire human race.

But it backfired. The rebellion caused a war, the war caused the destruction of so many gems (and maybe even humans), caused her to bubble Bismuth and shatter Pink Diamond, and who knows how many other awful, dreadful things.

She didn’t want that anymore. But she couldn’t escape it. She couldn’t just run away from it. But she couldn’t just NOT think about it.

Everyone around her was so unique, so full of life, so free of burdens … and she wanted that.

Rose Quartz wanted to be anyone other than herself.

She didn’t make Steven to escape her mistakes. She made him because she thought so little of herself. Because she knew, anyone in the world would be a better fit as the leader of the Crystal Gems than her.

She wanted to live life as someone who would know what to do. Someone who could be strong. Someone who could make the right decisions. Someone who could create good where all she created was bad. Someone that could set out to do what she never could; to save everyone. Someone that could be everything she wasn’t.

She can’t give Steven the answers because …

Steven is the answer.

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jemsquash  asked:

You're the perfect mix of salty and logical and I need help writing about a Naruto fail close to your heart. How do you think a situation would go with someone directly confronting Hiruzen about smol Naruto's living situation? I'd like to have a character reach over and throttle him, but that's probably not the right way to deal with a military dictator. Would he fail to see the problem, or play the bigger picture card?

There’s a plot hole here that I think is basically impossible to reconcile and which is caused by Kishimoto’s poor planning.

Basically, from a meta story perspective, Naruto needs to be in the dark about his origins. So the story tries its “everyone in the village is forbidden to talk about Naruto actually having the Nine Tailed Fox sealed within him and also him being the Fourth’s son, and also we’re going to give Naruto his mother’s surname” The reason being “to protect Naruto from enemies of the village/his father.”

Okay so far as it goes. Yes, it’s impossible in reality to expect an entire city to be able to keep that kind of a secret, especially in a world where we’re shown that the villages actively spy on each other, but I might be willing to suspend disbelief for that.

The problem is that Kishimoto then decided to make Naruto’s mother the previous jinchuuriki and to make her clan, the Uzumaki, such a powerful and famous clan that the swirl symbol everywhere in Konoha was in their honour. This immediately makes the entire thing absurd and goes beyond “willingly suspend your disbelief” level for me, personally. In what possible universe could giving Naruto the surname Uzumaki hide him from enemies? In the universe Kishimoto gave him that surname–a universe where the surname Uzumaki didn’t mean anything much.

So you’ll need to be careful writing any scene touching on this issue because the second you draw the reader’s attention to it, everyone realizes how absurd the situation is and the stated reasoning behind Naruto’s growing up in ignorance falls to shreds. An idiot wouldn’t come up with that kind of plan, and Hiruzen is supposed to be this extremely smart guy? It just doesn’t work as anything except “the writer fucked up and decided he wanted the Uzumaki to be awesome more than he wanted continuity”.

Sooooo let’s agree to retcon “we kept your heritage a secret to hide you from enemies!!!!” Because that’s bullshit. Cool. Now what?

A more plausible reason for the facts we want to keep for meta reasons–Naruto doesn’t know who he is, what’s inside him, and why–is that Naruto’s background is being specifically held back from Naruto and the other children because the adults don’t know how a small child will handle that kind of information. It’s being kept from Naruto because he might freak out (in a really BIG way), and it’s being kept from his peers because kids might blurt that kind of thing out.

Under this scenario, Naruto’s surname is changed in case Naruto would draw the connection to the surname of the Fourth (whose face looks a lot like Naruto).

I know fandom likes to write “people were constantly beating Naruto up” type scenarios for Naruto’s childhood, and then lately SP has been coming out with the opposite, in those weird filler episodes where Naruto was buddies with everyone (fuck outta here with that shite), but what I see in the manga, and what honestly makes a lot of sense, is not that he was persecuted, just that he was shunned, that businesses locked their doors when they saw him coming and mothers pulled their kids off the playground and ran home.

Why do I say it makes a lot of sense? Well, when Kishimoto wrote the Chuunin Exams and everything with Gaara he hadn’t actually come up with the jinchuuriki concept yet, but we’ll pretend we’re dealing with a reality in which “jinchuuriki” is a known concept. At the same time as Naruto is alive, there is a jinchuuriki of his age in an allied village who keeps killing people. All the sordid details of his infancy and early childhood probably wouldn’t have filtered to the outside world, but “baby tailed beast holder keeps killing adult ninjas” absolutely would have.

In such a world, would you want to go near your village’s Sealed Evil in a Baby? We might like to think we would, and while somebody should have (more on that in a minute), the fear is pretty rational here, and especially not wanting your kid to play with this kid. But you’re forbidden from telling your kid why. So you just gotta say “don’t play with that kid because He’s Bad.”

Now, further thought on Naruto’s living situation. It’s pretty obviously the norm in Naruto society for orphans to live alone. Not only Naruto, but Iruka, Kakashi, and Sasuke are all shown as living alone while academy aged. So in one sense, Hiruzen isn’t giving Naruto any kind of especially cruel treatment here; it’s just that it’s a cruel society generally. But it’s consistent with “society that has child soldiers,” so I’d say this is decent worldbuilding, really.

Therefore it would be difficult to believably get someone entrenched in this society to call this out, you’d have to really work at it. Kakashi, who lived it, isn’t appalled by Naruto living alone; he’s appalled by Naruto not doing his chores. Iruka, who also lived it, doesn’t quite come to the point of fully realizing that this is wrong, but he does empathize with Naruto and acknowledge the pain of the living situation, even if he isn’t to the point of saying that Naruto shouldn’t be in that living situation.

Okay, so where could someone within this society believably call Hiruzen out and actually have the hit connect? I think it’s going to be two points:

1. Minato and Kushina specifically asked Hiruzen to care for Naruto. Hiruzen may think his “kindly hair ruffle when I see him around” etc act is enough to fulfill this promise, but I think he could be nailed on this point.

2. Hypocrisy of Konohamaru’s treatment vs. the other orphans. Ohhhhh boy is this one ripe for exploitation and if I was going to have a character call Hiruzen out, this is the bell I would ring. Why doesn’t Naruto have a private tutor? I’m gonna repeat that again and bold it, Why doesn’t Naruto have a private tutor? He’s a jinchuuriki, who are supposed to become weapons for their village–why aren’t they training their own weapon?!

Okay, I hope that helps, and please send me a link to your writing when you post it! :D

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(July 2015)

A straight up sketch referenced from her debut ep to learn. I do that a few times to get the hang of new designs and then let it deviate into my preferences :P

And also a look at how I work things down into nice, appealing smols. It… takes me a few tries, man.

Kuro Reread: Ch 6

Me too, Ciel. Me too. (Luckily for me, I’m not a Victorian Era noblewoman. And neither are you… not yet, anyway.) 

Poor Sebastian and Ciel. They escape one pair of (seemingly) useless troublemakers only to get saddled with another. Can’t they just have their romantic getaway in peace? :P

Believe it or not, the picture above depicts two murderers (maybe three, do we have any confirmed kills on Lau?), a death god, and a drug dealer. 

The groping scene. I wonder if it has anything to do with Sebastian reminding her of Vincent?

Discussing the murder with the murderers present. How ironic. 

If anyone cares, I actually looked this up, and Mary Ann Nichols was the first of 5 confirmed ‘’Jack the Ripper’’ victims. She died on August 31st 1888.  

Why is Ciel not bothered by Lau touching him like that? (Or maybe he is, and he’s trying to prove himself…?)

The first time Lau pretended to know something he didn’t. I’d really like to know more about him, though.

Why does Angelina seem to be yelling at Grell, of all people? Actually why is she yelling at all? Shouldn’t she know that her nephew’s line of work would lead him to places like this?

The loony mortician/renegade death god/dude who might be Ciel’s grandpa makes his first appearance, stylishly emerging from a coffin! 

Does he make the bone cookies himself? Who taught him how to cook? Was it Claudia? If yes, where is my fluffy fic depicting the event in full detail? 

Say what you want about Undertaker, but I’d be in it for the laughs too if I were him. 

So, Sebastian can’t lie, and if he can find no plausible way to deny this, does that make it absolutely true? (Overthinking aside, this made me laugh out loud.)

Aw, Sebastian’s acting like such a good mother by not exposing Ciel to inappropriate humor. We wouldn’t want the boy to be scarred for life by such traumatic events, now would we? 

How has Ciel helped Undertaker in the past? That’s a story I’d like to hear. I wonder if it involved wearing a dress.

Not knowing what Sebastian actually did makes it funnier, and it is a really clever way to handle it, but a part of me is still dying for an answer regardless. (Maybe this’ll somehow tie in to the final plot twist and make all the fans collectively gasp in awed amazement?)

Ciel is determined to solve the murders. If only I had that same level of dedication for… anything really, even learning how to knit. 

They figured out the killer (who’s in a carriage with you right now, by the way) must have medical knowledge. 

@wattsyslaments already made a post about Sebastian not being allowed to choose his own name because he’d most likely pick something ridiculous, but I’m honestly starting to think that it wouldn’t have made a difference. I mean, the dude just jumped out of a moving carriage, he’s not exactly being subtle about this. Why hasn’t anyone called an exorcist yet? Were extremely efficient butlers with a flair for the dramatic and a love of puns and all things feline that common back then? 

Well, Aunt Ann, selling your soul normally guarantees good service in return. 

The relationship between Grell and Angelina is actually really cute. Couples that kill together stay together, I guess? 

Not to be redundant, but how has no one called an exorcist yet?

Also, look how smug Ciel looks. 

The catchphrase again. (Yes, I’m going to count all instances.)

So, that’s chapter six. *leaves stage awkwardly* 

Constant Vigilance

*chucks angsty alyanette drabble into the void at 1:30 am and runs*

Marinette screams in her sleep.

It’s a jarring realization for Alya. Never would she have ever expected her friend - her sweet, kind, sheltered friend who grew up in a loving household and only experienced minimal abuse from a playground bully - to experience night terrors that make her yell and choke and writhe in her sheets. The pink covers twist around her arms like chains, tangling and tightening the more Marinette flails. Her voice is hoarse already, desperate and terrified as she begs with words that don’t fully form but sound suspiciously like “please” and “don’t” and names.

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  • <p> <b>Wordgirl:</b> Imagine if someone handed you a box full of all the items you have lost throughout your life.<p/><b>Tobey:</b> Oh wow, my childhood innocence! Thank you for finding this.<p/><b>Chuck:</b> My will to live! I haven’t seen this in 15 years!<p/><b>Lady Redundant Woman:</b> I knew I lost that potential somewhere!<p/><b>Doctor Two-Brains:</b> Mental stability, my old friend!<p/><b>Wordgirl:</b> Guys, could you lighten up a little?<p/></p>