reductive thinking

If you’re asking the son of an unemployed West Virginia coal miner to check his privilege, or appreciate the ways Barack Obama’s daughters might be underprivileged to him in certain ways, I think you’re asking too much of basic human cognition. That kid can’t look at his life and say about a group of people he doesn’t understand or interact with day to day that their lives are much worse than his. That’s one of the things that the modern discourse on racial privilege and racial disadvantage misses out. Even though I don’t think the people making these arguments are that reductive, I think that they are a lot more sophisticated in what they’re saying about how privilege operates in our society. The way that it is actually talked about appears very reductive and that’s a very significant problem.
—  JD Vance, Hillbilly Elegy

i have to pitch my short film on Wednesday, but i haven’t even made a treatment for it yet and i scrapped my original idea because there weren’t any middle aged actresses available in the theater department so now i have to start over again, but i can’t think of anything

There was a young lady called Bobbi

Complaining in verse was her hobby 

Now red rubber bands 

They cover her lands

And she’s screaming for help from the lobby 


The actresses I’ve known support each other very much. We all have different things to offer. It can be frustrating when you’re put in a category with others. Women do get lumped together in this reductive grouping, and you think, ‘Gosh, that rarely happens with the boys.’ I’m sure people don’t say to Eddie Redmayne, ‘How do you feel about Andrew Garfield?’“

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idk how things work in australia but if you're actually having back pains and stuff because of your tits maybe the state would cover some of the cost for a reduction?

I think they only take off like $100 😞

talked last night about how many men we know who tend to overfetishize logic. elie: it is so reductive, to think that the world can be abstracted into clean equations

I think that it’s really wrong to label. I think labeling people’s sexuality is difficult. And so for Moriarty, I don’t think it’s helpful. I will never speak about that because I think it can be very reductive. I do think he has an obsession with Sherlock and people can read into that whatever they want to.
—  Andrew Scott at Sherlocked ‘Jim fools Sherlock into thinking he is gay. Do you think he is bi? Or just good at manipulating people? ‘ - (x)

Sherrie Levine
Four Woodcuts

The twelve-color woodblock prints in the portfolio Meltdown have been created by Sherrie Levine by entering images, after Duchamp, Monet, Kirchner, and Mondrian into a computer scanner that spatially quantizes and transforms these images into the minimum number of pixels, thus determining each of the colors in the four prints.

for me, sherlock’s smollness isn’t about him being cute and innocent (which he isn’t at all, though he is naive). it’s about him being vulnerable. he’s been trying for so long to keep an emotional distance between himself and others, for the sake of his work. work which, ironically, he threw himself into at least partially in order to balm the pain of his isolation and to bring something positive into the world.

so when i say, oh my son is so smoll, i don’t mean that he’s a cute baby. i mean that he’s wildly unprepared to deal with the emotional complexity of his present life. he’s not equipped to handle everything that has happened to him and that will happened to him (honestly who would be tho?), and he’s being tried by fire. he’s brittle, he’s vulnerable, he’s incredibly complicated, and yeah. he’s smoll.

I’m so fucking tired of these “cop buys a homeless person shoes/a coat/lunch, that means cops are awesome!” stories. It’s so reductive and exploitative. You think these people want help from cops? No. FUCK no. But they also aren’t in a position to be able to reject the help that’s offered, and are thus forced into participating in the propaganda.