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Some backstory of today’s AU comic

  • Marco and Jam were on a routine patrol mission, it’s the first time Marco brought Jam along after he finished his training.
  • The monster is called Riesenwurmer among the human survivors, but Marco nicknamed it Alaskan Bull Worm.
  • When the grenade plan didn’t work, Marco was going to cut his arm off so he can escape, but everything changed when the worm got Jam.
  • The monster’s nervous system is slightly above it’s own mouth, that’s why Marco didn’t throw or kick the grenade into the monster’s stomach, since the monster could suvive even if reduced to just a head, Marco couldn’t take any risk that might endanger Jam.
  • Jam never once smile after Marco’s death.
  • Once Jam figured out how to travel back in time with the Time tape, the first thing he did was try to save his father by going back to the past. But for some reason, he failed to save him no matter how many time he tried, and before he knows it, there’s only enough energy to make two more time jump. So he decided to go back to the time before Stapocalypse happened, to prevent it from happening in the first place.

colourspectrum1  asked:

Your sims are all so stunning!! My sims end up looking all the same - do you have any tips to increase the diversity of faces in the game?

Thank you so much! I’ve held on to this ask for awhile because I just don’t feel like an authority on this subject. I think everyone has a sim style, and I don’t always feel like my faces are as variant as I would like them. 

That said, I had a few tips and ideas to share!

1. Study Faces.
I’ve been fascinated by the human face my entire life. I studied to be a portrait artist so I’m always looking at people and imagining how I would draw them! 

You don’t need to be an artist to be fascinated by faces though. Start collecting images of people whose faces strike you - I have a whole Pinterest board of them! You can use these images to base entire sims off of, or you could find just one particular facial feature inspires you. 

2. Proportion.
Here’s a very basic guide to human facial proportions. I like to make my sims feel a bit more realistic, and I’ve noticed that the default sims 4 faces have very large eyes and teeny tiny noses. So the first thing I start with is reducing the eye size and increasing the nose. I’ll also usually reduce the head size as well. 

Then, once things are feeling more human, I mess with the proportions to create interesting shapes. Maybe one sim will have really wide-set eyes and a long nose; someone else might have a very small mouth and longer chin. Don’t be afraid to make non-conventionally attractive people. Play around and have fun! 

3. Use Different Presets.
This is kind of an obvious tip, but if you always use the same presets, it’s going to be hard to make different-looking sims. I am guilty of this - there’s a particular jaw that I prefer and I only use the eyes without eyelashes so I can use cc eyelashes. But try to stay out of preset ruts!

4. Profile.
Don’t forget to visit the profile. You can have the best looking sim from the front, and then you turn to the side and they look like a frog. You can adjust the individual features as well as the depth of the entire face. 

5. Touch Every Slider.
I make a point to touch every slider, including in the detailed view, for every sim I make. Some will just have small changes, but I don’t leave anything exactly how the preset is. 

6. Don’t underestimate the power of Skin Details.
Skin details bring sims to life. Freckles, eye bags, nose masks, mouth corners, overlays, etc. – they all contribute to making your sims feel alive and unique. I have a collection of my favorite skin details here.

7. Step away and come back.
Work on your new sim, then take a break and go do something else. When you return with fresh eyes, you will notice things you’d like to change that you didn’t see before.

Hope these tips are helpful. Have fun! 

Jayceesquats was a cheerleader with some tremendous strength potential but was fighting against her own body image and genetics. Taking up heavy lifting set her on a path she was always destined for.

She has a 400+ lbs. squat so far and her lower body development has become insane.

She’s living proof of several things…

1) Embrace your body’s potential strength, encourage it and work with it instead of fighting against it. The results will amaze you.

1) If you want to truly thicken up then lift HEAVY and work hard. It will happen with time.


jayceesquats There was a point in my life when I shamed my body and absolutely detested my lower body, particularly my legs. A few years back I tried everything from seran wrapping them to running my ass off in hopes that my legs could fit in Abercrombie jeans- in hopes that I could get rid of my thighs so I could finally be a flyer on my cheerleading team. The idea of wearing shorts or dresses fucked with my head and reduced my confidence to nothing. Nowadays, I adore and appreciate my strong, powerful legs. The once insecure, little girl with thunder thighs, took every fiber of muscle and metamorphasized it into raw strength. She looks at her body now and values the painstaking effort and energy that has transformed her mind body and soul. This body has endless potential, these legs have valued purpose, my mind is the pilot.
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I hate you

Request: I’m in for some angst with the reaper. Maybe he discover he had a son with s/o, but his son is already 18-19 and is with overwatch to protect his mother for talon(hearing that talon was hunting down old agents). The angst part? The sone adore so much his mother that he claims to hate his own dad when he is just confused and shit :3



You barely knew your father and quite frankly you didn’t want to really know him. “He can be rotting in a hole for all I care” You’d often said. You remember always asking about your father when you were a child, your mother would always smile but she would never say anything about him. All you remembered was being five years old standing in your kitchen asking mama where papa had gone. It was your nineteenth birthday, a celebration you’d come to hate as much as your father. You put up with it for your mother’s sake, every year she went all out. Cake, candles, presents, everything. But for once, all you wanted was just to spend time with her.

There was a knock at the door, You mother swore under her breath as she answered it. Hand on her hip and a distinct fire in her eyes.

“Caught him smoking in the alley again, Mrs. Reyes.” An officer stated.

You growled and fought his hold.

Your mother grabbed you before you could do anything stupid, “Thank you, officer. Have a good night, I’m sorry about this.”

You wandered into the kitchen and as always it was decorated with birthday decorations. A happy birthday banner hung over the kitchen table, your favorite flavored cake sat elegantly in the center of the table, one pinata hung in each corner.

“I’m a little too old for Pinatas don’t you think mom?” You asked.

“You’re never too old to hit things.” She lightly slapped your cheek. “But you are too young to be out passed curfew smoking, that’s horrible for your health!”

“You never scold Jesse for it and he’s been smoking as long as I’ve been alive.” You snorted and rolled your eyes, tucking your hands into your pockets.

She sighed affectionately and shook her head, “What am I going to do with you?”

You rolled your eyes and as per usual, your mother told you to blow out the candles on your birthday cake and handed you your present.

“Happy birthday baby.” She kissed your forehead.

You glowered at the candles.

“What are you waiting for? Make a wish silly.” Your mother smiled.

You hung your head, “How much longer mom? I’ve had to same wish for the last fourteen years. It’s never going to come true.”

She frowned not having to ask what your wish was. You told her when you were six, you said: “If I wish hard enough papa will come back”. You pulled a picture from your pocket, the only picture of your father in the whole house. Every year you tried to burn it. Every year you tried to get rid of any trace of his existence. An argument erupted between the two of you and your mother tried to snatch the picture back, tears in her eyes. With a growl, you stuffed it into your pocket and ran out into the rain.

    Hours passed and you wandered the streets of Dorado with your hands in your pockets and your hood pulled over your head. You loved her to death but you knew you were hurting her, “He looks so much like him” You’d heard your mom say over the phone one day. With a sigh, you disappeared into your usual alleyway and slid down the wall. You pulled the picture from your pocket and took a good hard look at it.

    Fifteen years ago for your fourth birthday, your mother had talked your father into a family trip to the zoo. The three of you were posed outside the exhibit of your favorite animal, you were perched on the shoulders of a man you couldn’t remember, your mother’s arms tangled around his bicep. They looked happy, their temples pressed together and warm smiles on their faces. Your father had rich mocha skin and a black goatee, his hair blended in with his black beanie. You couldn’t tell in the picture but something told you his eyes were dark brown and that the smile he wore was rare.

A scream shook the vacant streets of Dorado: Your mother was screaming your name at the top of her lungs.

“Shit!” You scrambled out of the alley and charged towards home.

The door had been kicked open and for a moment your hopes sank. You should have known better what were you thinking? You knew Talon was in active search for Overwatch agents. While you had never had the pleasure of joining the legendary agency your mother had been a member. That was where she met your father, you remembered the story as you ran home. “Your father was such a stubborn man.” She had said with a smile. “I was a new recruit and they’d put me on his team, he was a loudmouth and a hot-head but believe me when I say he always looked out for his men”.

“Mom!” You shouted as you charged through the front door.

“Is this where I say, Honey, I’m home?” A raspy voice mocked.

You grabbed the baseball bat meant for the pinatas and walked on cats feet towards the kitchen.

“You wouldn’t shoot me.”

“Get away from me!”

You peaked around the corner, your mother on the floor cornered between a man in black and the counters. She snarled despite the shaking pistol in her hand. You knew the entity that stood in your kitchen - The Reaper. A mercenary of Talon who wielded shotguns, a leather cloak, and a white mask. Horror washed over your mother’s face when he removed his mask. The bat tightened in your hands and you raced forward, the bat struck his head and reduced his form to wisps of ebon smoke. You stood in front of your mother and held the bat ready to strike.

An ear-splitting screech stabbed your ears as the reaper scrapped his steel-clawed gloves against the kitchen floor as his form resolidified. He chuckled and slipped his mask back on before you could see his face. His back straightened and he pulled a pair of shotguns from his cloak, they were aimed right at you.

“This is the man of the house?” He cackled. “You’re just a kid.”

You snarled, “Better than a deserter.”

“Oh, how original, he has daddy issues.” He fingered the trigger. “When does daddy get home kid? I might be courteous and let you all die together.”

“Dunno don’t care.” You twisted the bat in your hands. “I hate him more than I hate you and your terrorist buddies.”

You charged him and swung the bat, your mother screamed as a shotgun blasted. Splits of bat scattered throughout the kitchen and your head slid across the floor, you groaned and tried to move. Blood soaked your shoulder and the Reaper roared, a piece of the bad had embedded itself in his forearm. Black blood splattered the ground as he ripped it from his flesh. The two of you charged body slamming to the floor, you kicked, punched, and rolled.

“Stop it!” Your mother threw herself over you. Her water leaking eyes were on the reaper. “He’s your son! Gabriel, he’s your son!”

That was the first time you heard your mother speak your father’s name in years. The shock hit you just as hard as it did the Reaper, he stood still.

Your mother panted. “H-He’s yours…don’t you remember? We had a little boy, t-then Switzerland happened and y…you never came home.”

“Mom…mom everyone died in Switzerland.” You shook your head. “He can’t be…no it…” You stared at him. “I hate you…I hate you!”

Shotguns clattered to the floor. The Reaper removed his mask and you swore your heart stopped. He was just like the man in the picture from the zoo only older, his cornea black and pupils red. His skin a pale gray color. If it were possible for him to cry you swore the Reaper had tears in his eyes as he sulked towards you. He dropped to his knees and pulled you into a hug you didn’t know you needed.

His hand slapped the back of your head, “My boy.”

Tears slipped down your cheeks as your mother joined in the group hug.

Your birthday wish had finally come true.

Sink Or Swim.

Titled: ‘Sink Or Swim.’ 

Warnings: Language (mild), angst, cliffhanger, injuried!reader, Winchester bro feels, etc. 

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader x Sam

Word Count: 1,812

A/N: The reader is 12 years old in this fic. This is also my submission for @daughters-and-winsisters Writing Contest. So I hope you like this! 

Tagging:    @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall @audaciousdean @winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines @winchester-writes @winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-clique @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @soaringeag1e @spnfeelstrain @msimpala67 @ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan @the-mrs-deanwinchester  @one-shots-supernatural @mysupernaturalfics  @supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56 @youwerelikeadream @mysteriouslyme81 @zombi3gyrl07 @beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08 @madelineannmolder @feelmyroarrrr @girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @chantillilace @mysupernaturalfics @castielohcastiel @castiels-sweet-little-grace @torn-and-frayed @supernotnaturalcas @atc74 @mommaton @ilostmyshoe-79 @my–heroine @curliesallovertheplace @blacktithe7 @pureawesomeness001 @little-red-83 @deansbaekaz2y5 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @chaos-and-the-calm67

It was either sink or swim. Unfortunately, you felt like you were sinking. You were struggling to keep your head above the water, due to the spirit dragging you down and submerging you in the water. You were losing this battle, and you didn’t know how much longer you could keep resisting. 

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cyrixblayze replied to your post: “we can’t oneshot heroes with roadhog anymore!…

Even though I despise roadhoag for always picking me off as a support character, I also dislike the change. He was basically a punisher for flankers or those who stepped out of line and into his reach. Like he could just take out the Mercy in a Teamfight. If there is a teamfight it isn’t guaranteed that your team will follow up and she’ll probably get away lol. Idk, let’s wait till it goes live lol

Only Slightly Stabbed

Not my favourite thing that I’ve written, but I have been away for a week with no signal so I suppose I should post something! (Also, not a request)

Summary: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader. You are kidnapped by pirates and Peter, Felix and the Lost Boys come to save you. The blood loss and the magic used to heal you do take affect though, and you’re disorientated to say the least as Pan and Felix try to look after you.

Word Count: 1,130 Words


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Saturniidae moth’s caterpillar & Saturnia pavonia moth

The family Saturniidae (order Lepidoptera), commonly known as saturniids, include the largest species of moths such as the giant silkmoths, royal moths and emperor moths. These moths are characterized by large size, heavy bodies covered in hair-like scales, lobed wings, reduced mouthparts and small heads, sometimes brightly colored and often with translucent eyespots on their wings. Together with certain Noctuidae (chiefly Calpinae and Catocalinae, such as the genera Ascalapha, Erebus or Thysania), the Saturniidae contain the largest Lepidoptera, and some of the largest insects alive today.

I was so nervous to post this piece because I feel like it really takes away a lot of the magic to see just how much work had to be put into it in the computer.  The original artwork is much flatter than the finished piece - I had to add a lot of dimension and push values in Photoshop.  I’ll keep this brief, as a lot is pretty self-explanatory (and redundant, if you’ve seen my other original vs. finished posts).  All of the highlights were added in PS.  I don’t have the patience or an effective technique to really nail highlights with watercolor.  A lot of color correcting went into the piece as well - brightened some areas, pulled some values out.  It’s also sort of hard to notice but I reduced Kylo’s head a bit.  Not much, maybe only by 10%, but it definitely is better in the finish.  I also had to retouch Finn’s profile a bit as the likeness was not where I wanted it.  He’s much more Boyega-like on the right ;).  This piece is actually a great example of just how much further/more complete I can take a piece with more involved digital icing.

We Have to Survive Pt. 5 (Zombie AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Summary: You save Jaebum’s life after an intense fight.

Word count: 2426

Warnings: Mentions of blood

“No no no! Don’t you even try this with me JB! I’m not going to let you bleed out here.” Your hands were coated in blood, some yours, some his.

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Is Poor Sleep Posture Causing Your Back Pain?

The spine is a column of 24 individual bones called vertebrae that support the body’s weight and protect the spinal cord. Spinal disks, located between the vertebrae, hold the spine in shape and act as shock absorbers. The spine has three natural curves if viewed from the side of the body. These are the cervical (neck area) curve, the thoracic (upper back) curve and the lumbar (lower back) curve. These three curves give the spine an “S” shape when viewed from the side of the body. When viewed from the front or back of the body, a healthy spine forms a straight line.

Good posture refers to a body position that keeps the spine in the natural shape described above. Good posture reduces strain on the muscles and ligaments of the spine, and prevents muscular pain(9). Unfortunately, common sleeping positions often lead to poor sleeping posture and neck and back pain when sleeping(1,4,6,7).

Side Sleeping Posture

The side sleeping position is considered the most popular. In this sleep position, the spine maintains its natural S shape, which promotes good sleep posture. Normal side sleeping does have some disadvantages though. When the body is lying on its side, gravity pulls the spine from its naturally straight shape (when viewed from the front or back of the body). This can lead the neck and lower back regions of the spine to bend toward the sleep surface and cause neck or back pain when sleeping. Side sleeping may also result in lower back strain due to over-rotation of the pelvis.

The key to proper posture in this position is to keep the spine in a straight line (when viewed from the front or back of the body). Traditional head pillows can raise the head at excessive angles, but sleeping without a pillow typically results in a lack of support. To maintain the spines straight shape, a neck support pillow should support both the head and neck and position them parallel to the bed. To prevent strain in the lower back, a support pillow should be provided beneath the waist and under the upper leg. By positioning the spine in a straight shape and the legs parallel to each other, the body maintains good posture by raising the lower back into alignment and preventing excessive rotation of the pelvis(1,4,6,7).

Back Sleeping Posture

This sleep position is the second most popular as it is preferred by approximately 30% of people. The typical back sleeping position places strain on the lower back and neck. Normally, the buttocks and the upper back are in contact with the sleep surface, while the lower back is minimally supported. This posture can strain the lower back and cause pain and discomfort. Traditional pillows often provide minimal neck support and induce neck strain in this position.

To achieve better sleep posture, research studies and leading medical institutions recommend supporting the neck, lower back, and knees during back sleep. Placing a support pillow between the neck and sleep surface will maintain the cervical curve of the spine. Placing a support pillow under the lower back and knees reduces strain on the lumbar curve of the lower back. The use of a neck support pillow can improve support for the curvical curve of the spine. Altogether, these practices distribute the force of gravity across the length of the spine and reduce the probability neck or back pain during sleep(1,4,6,7).

Stomach Sleeping Posture

For adults, this sleep position places the greatest degree of stress on the spine. Perhaps for that reason, it is the least common. Stomach sleeping, especially on soft surfaces, forces the lumbar curve of the lower back into a flattened position. This is known to cause muscle strain and can lead to lower back pain. Stomach sleeping also forces rotation of the head which can result in strain to the neck. Medical professionals often encourage stomach sleepers to try to adopt another sleep position for these reasons.

People who prefer this sleep position can prevent muscle strain by making changes to their sleep posture. Placing a back support pillow under the pelvis will raise lower back and help maintain the lumbar curve. Individuals who experience neck discomfort should consider placing a pillow support under the shoulder on the side to which the head is turned - this will reduce the degree of head and neck rotation(1,4,6,7).C

Via: TruContour. Sleep System (2014)

Yeh I made a text post about this before but it’s so much better with pictures. <3

This is Allen’s reaction when he’s trying to snap Lavi out of it:

All sweet and tender and gentle as he can be. So moving, so touching. He’d rather burn than hurt a hair on Lavi’s head. It reduces one to tears, really.

And then, his reaction when he’s trying to snap Kanda out of it:



Sarada pouted in her mother’s arms as Sakura walked up to the doorstep of the Seventh’s house. She put Sarada down before knocking on the door. As they waited, Sakura looked down at her frowning daughter, now five years old. “Sarada, please don’t make that face,” Sakura said, “it might stay that way forever.”

“No it won’t,” Sarada huffed, but loosening her face to reduce the power of her pout. “Why do I have to stay here? Can’t I go with Mama?”

Just then, Naruto opened the door and smiled at his pink-haired friend. “Sakura-chan!” He then knelt down to look at the pouting girl. “Hey, Sarada-chan, how are you?” Naruto offered his hand to her.

“Good,” Sarada said shyly, placing her hand in his.

He stood and turned to Sakura. “Leaving today?”

Sakura nodded. “Duty calls at the tower,” she said quietly, making sure Sarada couldn’t hear, which wasn’t a problem since she had focused all of her attention on a passing ladybug. “Will you guys be okay here?”

Naruto nodded enthusiastically. “Hinata and Himawari are out for the day to spend time with her family, but I live with two rugrats already, so it’ll be a piece of cake.”

Sakura rolled her eyes. “I trust you, I guess.” She crouched down to her daughter’s level to allow the ladybug to crawl on the tip of her finger. She let Sarada examine it closely before it buzzed away. Sarada gave a little gasp as she watched it disappear into the sky. “Listen, Sarada,” Sakura told her, “Mama has to go somewhere today. Mama wishes she could take you.” Sarada looked into her mother’s eyes with a defeated expression. “If you need anything, make sure you ask first, okay? And remember to use your manners.”

“Yes, Mama,” Sarada sniffed.

“I’ll be back later this afternoon.” She turned to Naruto. “I’ll bring you any news he tells me.”

Naruto nodded and waved to his friend as she left. He closed the door then turned to the sniffling girl, unsure of what to do next. “Well, Sara—”

A slipper came flying in their direction, aiming directly for Naruto’s head. Naruto bent backward slightly to let the slipper hit the door, then turned his direction to his son with an aggravated look. Sarada gasped and followed the Seventh’s gaze. “Boruto-chan!”

The little blond boy stuck his tongue out at the Seventh and motioned for Sarada to follow him. Sarada looked up at Naruto, who just shrugged at her, who released her hand so she could follow his son. Sarada ran to Boruto and the two of them scurried away into one of the rooms.

Naruto sighed. “Might as well start on the chores.”

In the room, Boruto placed both of his hands on Sarada’s shoulders. “Welcome to the war front, Sarada-chan,” he said boldly. “I thought I was the only survivor, so I’m lucky I ran into you.”

“Mama just dropped me off for the—”

“We have an enemy, Sarada-chan.” Boruto peered out of the bedroom before whispering, “The giant ramen monster.”

Sarada pushed up her glasses and stared at her friend confusedly. “The Seventh?” she corrected, but Boruto shook his head.

“Giant. Ramen. Monster.” He peered around the corner once more and saw Naruto coming down the hallway concentrating on a file from his office. “Watch this first attack,” Boruto whispered. He reached down and pulled on a thin rope that Sarada could see was tied to the wall just across them.

Naruto’s foot caught. “Ah, ahh!” Naruto said, watching his papers fall out of his hands as he fell face-first into the carpet.

Boruto grabbed Sarada’s wrist. “Run, run, run!” The two kids scrambled out of the room and into the kitchen.

Naruto gathered his papers and turned back to see the kids running around the corner. “Boruto!” he snapped. Naruto went to his office to put the file on his desk before walking out and deciding his son’s shenanigans were going to come to an end now. Boruto was constantly pulling tricks and pranks on him to the point where he was always on the lookout in his own house. Although he hasn’t had much experience with kids, he knew that the only way to catch Boruto was if he played along; entertain the beast before you surprise it.

Boruto dragged Sarada into one of the cabinets under the sink. “The monster is coming!” he whispered, and the two children listened for Naruto.

The Seventh made his footsteps louder than usual, letting the kids know that he was on the move. Suddenly, there were two sets of footsteps, then three. Sarada bit her lip in terror, imagining the huge size of the monsters with blond hair and whiskers. “Boruto-chan,” Sarada whispered. “How are there three monsters?”

Boruto shook his head. “The monster can do that sometimes,” he said. “But it’s never caught me, not even once!” he pulled out four plastic flower toys from his back pocket and handed two of them to Sarada. “Protect yourself with these shuriken.” Sarada nodded nervously, and the two of them grew silent when they heard the monster’s footsteps just outside their hideout.

“Where are the yummy children hiding?” one of Naruto’s shadow clones boomed in a low voice. “I need to put them in my ramen cup and eat them for lunch.”

The kids burst from the cabinet and threw the plastic flower “shuriken” at the monsters. Boruto ran ahead of Sarada and the two of them headed for the back patio. The shadow clones looked at each other and began to laugh before dissipating into a puff of smoke. Naruto cleared his throat and began to stomp slowly outside.

The moment he stepped out, the two kids were in front of him boldly. “Ramengan!” the two kids yelled, pretending to throw a little orb at his belly. Naruto pretended to groan in pain as the kids ran by him back into the house, giggling. “Good job, Sarada-chan!” Naruto heard Boruto say, and he smiled.

When Naruto entered the house again, he ran his head into a hard metal pole. Boruto and Sarada gasped as the Seventh fell face-first into the carpet. “B-Boruto-chan,” Sarada gasped. “The attack worked, but–”

“It’s probably a trick, Sarada-chan,” Boruto said, crawling toward his dad to examine him. “Hold on.” He ran into his room and when he came back, he had two large, black markers in his hands. “We’re going to mark that we’ve weakened the beast!” he said, handing one of the markers to his friend. The two kids began drawing swirls and teeth on Naruto’s face. On his hands, Boruto and Sarada wrote their names. They high-fived each other and Boruto sat back and stared at his knocked-out father.

“Boruto-chan,” Sarada said, unsure. “I don’t think it’s a trick.”

Boruto bit his lip. “Mommy will be really mad, then,” he said, then pulled Sarada to her feet. Just then, the front door opened.

“Boruto! Naruto-kun! We’re home!”

“Let’s pretend we were napping!” Boruto whispered nervously, grabbing Sarada’s hand and running to his room. The two of them scrambled into the bed and laid their heads on his pillow. Boruto snored lightly and squeezed his eyes shut. Sarada took her glasses off and placed them on a blue nightstand before following suit.

In the doorway to the patio, Naruto came to slowly, rubbing the spot on his head where he rammed into the pole. “That kid,” he grumbled, looking up at the pole his son planted above him.

“Daddy!” Himawari’s voice could be heard around the corner, as well as her clumsy footsteps. When she was in view, Naruto reached out, but Himawari only screamed in terror and fell onto her bottom. She sniffed and began to cry, pointing at Naruto.

“Hima…Naruto-kun, what are you doing?” Hinata picked up their daughter and stared at her husband in confusion.

“I was playing with Boruto and Sarada-chan,” he grumbled, “and then I ran into a pole.” He rubbed his head to reduce the pain.

“Your face, Naruto-kun,” Hinata said, shaking her head, a smile playing on her face. “It’s just Daddy, Himawari,” she cooed, walking to Boruto’s room to check on the kids as Naruto gaped at his reflection on the patio’s glass door. Hinata opened the door to her son’s room with Himawari still sniffing in her arms. When she saw the two of them sleeping in bed, she shook her head and closed the door.

The moment he heard it close, Boruto sat up and shook Sarada so she could do the same. “Good work, Sarada-chan,” he said. He grabbed Sarada’s glasses of his night stand and then put them on her face so she could see his thumbs up.

“Boruto,” Hinata’s voice came from behind the kids. The two of them turned to see Himawari rushing toward the bed to say hello to Sarada, and Hinata’s crossed arms. “You caused a lot of trouble, this time, sir.” Sarada jumped off the bed and patted the little girl’s head.

The four of them left the room so Boruto could apologize while Hinata made lunch. Afterwards, Naruto began to praise the two kids that played with them, saying how sneaky they were, how clever they were, how brave they were, to Hinata. Hinata bandaged her husband’s forehead and Boruto felt embarrassed and guilty, even as Naruto showered him with compliments.

At around five in the afternoon, a knock came from the door. Hinata answered it, and said hello to Sakura with a hug. “Has Sarada been behaving?” Sakura asked, almost anxiously.

“Very well,” Hinata smiled, leading her friend inside the home. Naruto and the kids were asleep on the floor of the living room, Himawari on his belly going up and down with every breath he took, Boruto laying on his father’s left arm, and Sarada laying on his right. On the coffee table beside them were Sarada’s glasses, folded and a hand’s distance away from the edge.

Sakura smiled at her best friend before kneeling to wake Sarada up. “Sarada,” Sakura whispered, gently shaking her shoulder. When she stirred and looked up at her mother, she instantly reached out and wrapped her arms around her neck into a tight hug. Sakura lifted her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Naruto woke up as well and looked at his pink-haired friend. “She’s a great kid, Sakura-chan,” he said groggily. Hinata smiled at her family and saw Sakura out.

“Thanks so much, Hinata,” Sakura said.

“Anytime, Sakura-san,” Hinata replied with a gentle smile.

Sakura smiled back and the two of them made their way home.

Model in front of Brancusi’s “Bird in Space” sculpture, MOMA (1939). Photograph by Louise Dahl-Wolfe.

The model wears a Schiaparelli ensemble. In Bird in Space, the sculptor eliminated wings and feathers, elongated the swell of the body, and reduced the head and beak to a slanted oval plane. Balanced on a slender conical footing, the figure’s upward thrust appears unfettered.