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I can’t reply, but me! I’m 27, but I don’t think I look my age. I don’t understand the stigma, because older people are more likely to be able to afford lolita. In any case I followed you ^^

Hello! Yay! I’m glad to see someone my age! You are right, people in thier 20s esp older 20s usually have jobs by then and can afford lolita more. (Unless you are like me lazy and w/o a job haha! It’s ok, I’ll be having one soon) and yay! I followed you back awesome blog ^_^ (tried sending you a note but it says url not found O-o)


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Not too old, I’m 25 and love it :) I imagine as I get older I’ll go further into classic, but right now I’m still enjoying sweet etc. xx

I like sweet lolita, but I don’t think it’s for me to wear? I just like looking at it on other people haha! I like more of the simple lolita fashions like classic or EGL. I do like punk lolita though, but that one’s a hard to pull off >_< 

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I’m turning 30 this year. I think there are a lot of lolitas your age around!

I’m glad! I always wondered if there were, I’m sure there are plenty! maybe even some that’s liked it for years. I shouldn’t let age dictate what I wear >_< 

Anyway I’m happy I got responses! Hello *waves* it’s nice to know that there are lolitas around my age <3 I know it seems silly, but sometimes I get caught up on things like age, but I shouldn’t let that and other things stop me from wearing what i want!