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Oh you mean the “I refuse to get too emotionally attached to barry allen” Girlfriend, that’s not so different from the “I’ll trust you with my brain cells” I’ve never liked you or the “you’re the only person who cared enough to save me from myself” I prefer to spend christmas alone !!!

OMG isn’t Julian Albert exactly what our wildest fantasies are made of??? I’d sell my soul to have a character like him in fanfics and here we’ve been blessed with this BEAUTIFULLY conflicted character in canon o(>ω<)o

also ‘you don’t belong in law enforcement’ but ‘you do belong with me’, so ‘here’s my christmas present for you’, ‘let’s be roomies again, Allen’.


For about one hour a day, this little corner of my apartment gets perfect Dutch Master-esque light. Great for showing off a new set of Redthreaded 17th Century Stays, a new pattern/design which will be offered later this year for custom order.

Linen fashion fabric, coutil and twill interior, reed boning with a few steels, and hand bound eyelets.

I’m working on designing my second tattoo at the moment, not sure about what it will be yet. This one is inspired by the lyrics ‘fused at the wrist’. The concept behind it is my interpretation of these lyrics. The red thread is a symbol of connection, it shows the bond between the mutant kids.

Fan Fiction Writers Appreciation Day

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of my favorite authors, both past and present, for sharing your beautiful writing–and all the time, effort, and imagination that entails–with us. I cannot tell you how much some of your stories have meant to me, nor what joy they have brought me at times when real life has been a challenge. 

Thank you all! (in no order whatsoever)

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I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! I wish I had the time to tell each of you what I love about your writing, but I don’t, so just know that it is awesome. : ) Hope you have a wonderful day!


Jewel Box

Inspired by history, textiles, moody Dutch paintings and glittering jewels, Jewel Box beings together the work of several historical costume businesses to create something rich and new.
Photography: Merritt Design Photo
Model: Sarah Doerner
HMUA: Sara Duffey
Fashion by Redthreaded, Frontier Millinery, Dames a la Mode, and American Duchess

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You should probably go buy some more cinnamon and vanilla.

you are both smartasses. and i love you for it.

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Boo!  Halloween waist cincher is finished. Who wants it?? This one is a 22", with a dramatic hip spring. Fashion fabric is a flocked poly crepe in the deepest of charcoal gray, nearly black. Accents are shot orange silk which picks up a wonderful range of colors depending on lighting.

Not your size? I have enough material to make just one more of these.


Yay! I finished the prototype/sample for the new, adjusted, and improved Redthreaded Victorian standard corset! This corset is intended for reenactment, cosplay, living history, or theatre where a historical, period look is required. It is appropriate for crinoline through bustle era, and features steel boning, English coutil, and front busk with underlap.