JFC I love my son.  I’ve been out pulling weeds and the time slipped by (plus it’s 85 F  (~30C)) He came out to give me cold water, cold Tea and to tell me to come in to take a break (he’s been washing his clothes and stuff, which I didn’t know)


(yes that is a tiny, tiny, tiny portion of my property)


Baby Hawk

This is Maxine (Max) she’s a 3lb Redtail Hawk and is a sweetheart despite her size, she literally dwarfs Lady and her claws are so frickin’ cool, I get all weird and Jurassic park brained when I see raptor claws and she’s no exception! You can see she’s sporting a nice little raptor Mohawk because she’s still got a little moulting to do.

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What you can’t see is the redtail hawk way high up making that wild sound they make, and what you can’t feel is the soft breeze.


Tyr’s first free flight today! He did absolutely perfectly! Came to the glove whenever I called (sometimes when I didn’t) and followed like a champ. I couldn’t be more happy. <3

Here are a couple of links to youtube videos of him free flying. Warning: The first one contains mild swear words. I couldn’t censor myself in my panic/euphoria.