I got Tyr back before I gave Ender away. Legally I can ‘bird sit’ for another falconer and I can fly the bird if I’m allowed to fly it at my level of classification.

So I’ve been bird-sitting Tyr and planned to fly him and hunt with him for a bit.

Unfortunately on our first day back into the field we had to leave our first field as someone was target shooting in the woods and almost hit us on accident. So we went to my rabbit field where Tyr collided with a high tension power line while chasing a rabbit.

He knocked his head and his wing, and it was really touch and go for a while there. I wasn’t sure he would make it. Luckily he had no broken bones and the vet got him all fixed up. We did our first free flight last weekend to make sure he could fly again and work him up with plenty of light exercise and rest.

Today he got fully back in the game and caught a squirrel.

What a whirlwind of an apprenticeship. My sponsor joking calls me DVM lol.

so i got this from cassandra clare’s email subscription!!

First of all, i did some googling and i discovered that the flowers in this picture are called Aster and the bird in the picture is a Redtail Hawk, and thats the bird and flower for Alec’s birth month aka September

oh and then we have this:


he’s a Virgo!!!

ummm so being a Lighwood means you’re weak-minded?? *looks over to Anna, Thomas and Christopher* I THINK NOT

“Alexander has been coerced into becoming parabatai with Jonathan Morgenstern” ummm no

also, btw you mean herondale…

“This took place against my advice, as i was overruled by James Carstairs Brother Zachariah”

  1. ummm you didnt know that jace was a “morgenstern” when they became parabatai, 4 YEARS PRIOR TO THIS FILE BEING UPDATED
  2. ummmm did Jem know that Jace was acc a Herondale?? but kept it secret?? 

“freed from his bond” does she mean if Jace died??

anywayssss this is interesting!!!


TTTE Shipping Names (Crack and Non-Crack)

James x Edward: Dandy Boy/7 Shades of Purple/Iron Ages

Gordon x Henry: Bad Blood/Big Boys/Expressway

Thomas x Percy: Small But Peppy

Duck x Donald: Sweet Cheeks/Ruffled Feathers

Oliver x Douglas: Black Olives/Saved From Scrap

Gordon x James: Cyan Fireball/Galloping Iron/Larkspur

Duck x Edward: Pintail/Reliable and Responsible/Down to Earth

Bill x Rosie x Ben: Pink Nectar/Bees and Their Honey/Rosebay

Thomas x James: Redjay, Bluejay/Yin and Yang/Opposites Attract

Rosie x Mavis: Gals Being Pals/Gothic Pastels/Rose Oil

Duck x Diesel: Past Mistakes/Bad Romance/Oil Spill

Stepney x Spencer: Private Heritage/Silver Bells/The Prince and The Pauper

Duke x Smudger: From the Ashes/Lessons Learned/Passage of Time

Sir Handel x Peter Sam: Funnels and Wheels/Comedy and Tragedy/Impudent Scallawags

Duncan x Rusty: Soft Rock/Rusted Cans/Not So Grumpy Afterall

Thomas x Diesel: Cat and Mouse/Snakeoil Love

Marion x Edward: Clouded Vision

Whiff x Emily: Glasgow Garbage/Sterling Smarts

Rosie x Diesel: Beauty and the Beast/Light in the Darkness/Freckles and Sneers

Arthur x Salty: Dockside Romance/Saltwater Taffy/Fishsticks

Duck x Gator: Bogwater Beaus/Natural Order/Down the River

Thomas x Paxton: Easily Distracted/Found Your Puff

James x Rosie: Red Roses/Pomegranates

Phillip x Kevin: Eager Beavers/Puppy Love

Charlie x Duck: Quacking Up

Timothy x Arthur: Written in Oil/Perfect Record

Thomas x Neville: Misunderstood/Helpful Hearts/Not So Different

Porter x Hank: Across the Pond/Railroading USA/Fourth of July

Diesel x Paxton: Unwitting Pawn/Stuck in the Middle/Can’t Please Everyone

Neville x Murdoch: Thomas and Gordon 2.0/Enjoy the Silence/Odd But Happy

Lady x James: All That Glitters/Red Magic

Oliver x Duck: Great Western Pride/Greensleeves

Lady x Stanley: Gold and Silver

Charlie x Lady: And the Lady Will Smile

Hiro x Gordon: Whirlwind Romance/Hire a Samurai/Connecting Islands

Arthur x Eagle: Fish Filet/Perfect Hunter/Redtailed Hawk

Neville x Emily: Black Sterling

James x Diesel: Ego Stroking/Toxic Love

James x Toby: Dirty Objects/Come On You/Brash and Modest

Terence x Thomas: Your Caterpillars Are Lovely/Adaptable/Snow Better Friends

Rosie x Whiff: Perfume/Rose-Colored Glasses/One Person’s Trash

BoCo x James: Buzz Buzz

Proteus x Hiro: Railway Myths

Lady x Proteus: Shining Time

Spencer x Caitlin: Silver Lining

Harold x Cranky: Cloud Nine/Eyes In the Sky/Grumble Mumble Cheerio

Edward x BoCo: You Mean They Aren’t Canon?/Damage Control/Beekeepers

Duck x Bill: Quack Buzz/Bee-Eater/Punny Couple

Porter x Timothy: Burning at Both Ends

This is Maxine (Max) she’s a 3lb Redtail Hawk and is a sweetheart despite her size, she literally dwarfs Lady and her claws are so frickin’ cool, I get all weird and Jurassic park brained when I see raptor claws and she’s no exception! You can see she’s sporting a nice little raptor Mohawk because she’s still got a little moulting to do.

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So anyways about my OCs, I might as well talk about the main three like,,,really loosely bc I wanna have pictures for explanation but I’m only texting

So Idra is my main girl she’s a biggy, she’s my main baby and anyone who has followed this blog knows what she looks like.
She’s 7 feet tall!!! Turns out that’s small for her species, she’s short, she should be 7'5-7'7 But No that never happened, she loves peaches as a snack and she tried theater back in highschool but,,,,she couldn’t make a career out of it a d her dad suggested she go into medical and get a degree for x-Ray technician in college, Eli tried to follow her on but was taken out of classes by his parents, wow that never worked out either and had to forcefully quit two years in.

ELI, oh boy Eli, so, he’s the feather head, he’s a redtailed Hawk, and ssssSSHSHSSHSHHHHHH SHHHH IF YOU LOOK AT THE OLD FULL BODY PICTURES OF HIM YES YES HE HAS A PROSTETIC LEG BUT WOW WOW BIG SPOILER ON HOW HE GOT IT, HE GETS IT LATER NOT THE TIME I’M TALKING ABOUT. SO ELI, he’s 6'7 and very skinny, he has like,,,,no body fat,,,,and wishes Idra would take him out for dinner, his last name is EXTREMLY German and means mountain hawk, what a boy. HE’S SMART, but the thing is his parents kinda pushed him to be even better than the best and wouldent wouldn’t let him go to community college with his bestie who is a big nerd who eats peaches for breakfast, lunch and dinner and demands for more cute clothes to be turned on at the thrift store bc really cute shit is expensive as fuck

AHHHH ELI ANDD IDRA ARE CLOSE FRIENDS, THEY HAVE BEEN FRIENDS SINCE HER SCALEY ASS MOVED INTO THE CITY WITH HER SINGLE DAD YES AND THEY MET AT A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT BALLPIT. Did you know meeting at a ballpit wheen you’re like,,,7 means you’ll die for each other? Because the dying thing leads to FLEGRA!!! SWEET STAR MAN. FLEGRA IS THE PHYSICAL EMBODIMENT OF THE BRIGHTEST, MOST CONSTANT STAR IN THE SKY, he’s not evil not at all he just woke up one day after fucking Queen Arthur came in and somehow froze his human form under a cave. He’s alarmed and not knowing whate going on not one bit, so you know what you do? Start blasting shit with high, fast beams of radiation to the point where EVRRYONE OFF OF AU AUSTRALIA WE HAVE TO EVACUATE, stupid Flegra, you stranded 100,000 people including our protagonist with the power of friendship and lots of vampiric slime, have an old lady kick your ass and realize maybe sensational politics was the real enemy two years later.
And the story begins with an act of rebellion

Ho’kay. I finally buckled down and started reading the books in order. For a while, I was picking and choosing books that I remembered liking (all of the Cassie, Marco, and Ax books, along with anything about the Crayak or Ellimist). I was also choosing books I remember not liking so much, but they sure are fun podcast content (horse book, starfish book, cow book, oatmeal book, Atlantis shenanigans which I had COMPLETELY forgotten about and LOVED).

I am still fighting with my co-host about Helmacrons and the David Arc. Don’t want to touch it. Might have to be super drunk to do it. Might have to take time off work to recover. 


We changed the format of the podcast, thus the way I read these books changed. I am, officially, 10 books in. (confetti)

One trend I find myself consistently tickled by; the early books usually begin with an act of silly teenage rebellion. As serious as these kids are about their jobs, they are still kids and this is expected and healthy behavior. Mischief is a vehicle for learning life skills. 

So anyway. Nobody will talk with me about this adorable trend, so I will cover it here.

BOOK 1 : Innocent enough. Kids cut through an abandoned construction site. We all know how that goes.

BOOK 2 :  Rachel turns into a bald eagle and snatches away some redneck’s gun.

BOOK 3 : Tobias works through feelings by freeing a redtail hawk that was kept as a used car dealership mascot. Rachel shows up to help out, elephant style. This happens on live television.

BOOK 4 : Cassie turns into a squirrel for funsies, and is almost eaten by Tobias.

BOOK 5 : Marco turns into a gorilla and saves a dude from being mugged. The dude SHOOTS HIM.

BOOK 6 : Nada. Bless you, Jake. Bless you, Dad Friend.

BOOK 7 : Cassie and Rachel are at the circus. They notice a trainer abusing one of the elephants, smacking it around with a cattle prod. So they decide to fuck up circus town. Rachel morphs into an elephant, snatches up the abusive trainer, and telepathically berates him about his animal abusing ways. And then throws him on top of a tent.

BOOK 8 : Ax literally steals candy from children.

BOOK 9 : Cassie turns into a rat to get a good grade on her science project. She (and Rachel - who seems to just live for these moments) then attack some errant classmates.

BOOK 10 : Jake and Marco turn into cute dogs, sneak into an outdoor concert, and let girls pet them.

In my heart, I know these shenanigans are quickly coming to an end. But for now, they give me life.


Tyr’s first free flight today! He did absolutely perfectly! Came to the glove whenever I called (sometimes when I didn’t) and followed like a champ. I couldn’t be more happy. <3

Here are a couple of links to youtube videos of him free flying. Warning: The first one contains mild swear words. I couldn’t censor myself in my panic/euphoria.