Baby Hawk

  • Length : 20 “
  • ABA : 1
  • Clutch : 1 - 5
  • Nest : Tree
  • IUCN : Least Concern
  • Food : Small animals
  • Habitat: Open Woodlands
  • Behaviour: Soaring
  • Seen : Year Round

The images you see here are of a Red-Tailed Hawk, Buteo jamaicensis. As one of the most common hawks of North America, you can easily view the Red-Tailed Hawk along major roadways, highways, and soaring above open fields as well. They are conservative fliers, using little energy as possible and choose to soar more often.

The easiest way to tell it’s a Red-Tailed Hawk is of its bright, brick-red tail and loud, piercing screech. If you have ever watched a movie that shows a Bald Eagle screeching, that it not the Bald Eagles sound you are hearing, but the Red-Tailed Hawks. It’s not just Bald Eagles too! The call of the Red-Tail is used a general raptor sounds in most media forms.

As for food, Red-Tailed Hawks are generalists, meaning they will eat just about anything equally. They are also carnivores and will eat mammals such as rodents, other birds reptiles and larger mammals. Red-Tailed Hawks are also monogamous in mating, staying with the same individual, where the female can lay between one and three eggs in a clutch.

Map of the Red-Tailed Hawk’s habitat and migration

They are also one of the more common birds used for falconry, along side the Harris Hawk, since it is so wide-spread across the continent. There are very few falconers in North America, some half dozen thousands or so, so this practice of using birds of prey will not have major significance on wild populations. Another common use for Red-Tailed Hawks in regards to humans is that their feathers are considered sacred to some Native American populations, akin to feathers of Bald and Golden Eagles. It is mostly their tail feathers that are used in ceremonies and along with the other two types of species, they fall under the Eagle Feather Law, which regulates the possession of feathers and other parts of these birds.

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We’re in our winter hours now at the wildlife center where I volunteer, which means that there’s only one shift each day. It’s nice because we get to care for all of the intake now instead of just whatever is scheduled for our shift time. This redtailed hawk has been with us for a couple weeks. She, unlike the others, has no qualms about eating in front of me. She pounces on her food the minute I toss it into her flight pen, and rips it to shreds. She’s not only beautiful; she’s fierce.

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