hey kiriloid !
told you i’d do it ;)
galacticbent!kanaya for you freaks. kiri and sa petite amie have a really radical AU going with some absolutely gorgeous designs! i just had to have at them with her consent.

Homestuck © Hussie
galacticbent and designs © kiriloid and her lovely girlfriend
art © keara elizabeth dooley 2012 

awwww shit man, i forgot the scarf..

As per anon’s request, I present to you Marceline of Adventure Time. This was really fun to do, I gotta say! It’s really interesting how you can find colour palettes almost anywhere.. I used this one from just some picture I took on my phone (due to my liking of the colours, obviously), and here it is, looking quite nice all together. It’s eye-opening, having to search for more wonderful combos.
Anyways, me and my relentless babbling. Enjoy the picture! I hope you like it, anon!

Marceline © Adventure Time/Cartoon Network (I’d assume?)
Art © Me, Keara Dooley 2012

“The poison stole your babies
The judges took your rights
You can have your children
or the night!”

For some reason, the concept of Gamz + bar fights is really awesome in my head; It could also have a lot to do with the Dropkick Murphys I’ve been jamming to for the past hour.. But anyways -
Have some art yes.
I hope the anatomy is okay.. I’m usually pretty bad with male bodies; It took me forever to get it to look like this.

Homestuck © Hussie
Art © Keara Dooley 2012

Guess who’s a cutie?
Yasmeen, that’s who!
Last time we hung out, we had a derp party and did each others’ makeup, which is where I snagged this little scene and decided to switch it up a bit for the occasion. I originally promised her a valentine that would make her uncomfortable, but I just ended up devolving into cutie cuteness and stuff. Which could also make her uncomfortable.

It’s like 3AM and I need to go to sleep.

Art © Keara Dooley 2012

i had to go home in the middle of drawing a picture today
i really really can’t stand it
i usually like to post more than one picture a night if I can, but today was kind of busy.
other than that, i am very happy with how this one came out.
this is Ro. he is the character who dominates the children’s book which i am just beginning to illustrate.
i’ll probably be posting more on him and other stuff and concepts and yadda yadda.

ro and art © keara elizabeth dooley 2012

oh yeah! and the lyrics are from New Order’s song Temptation.
i love New Order a lot a lot a lot. 

Hey look art woahhh ! Finally I had some time to myself. I take my first AP test for US history on friday, then the AP english one sometime next week. These past couple weeks have been poop as poop can be ! Hopefully a lot more drawing will happen when these tests pass.
Until then, have this little trollself picture.

Those of you going to FANIME in 17 days, I hope to see you there. If I get a good cosplay going, I’ll certainly post pictures. :)

Homestuck © Hussie
Art © Keara Dooley 2012