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I cant find olivia and there's blood all over her room.

A few things here.

1) You shouldn’t be going into our temple or our rooms.

2) That’s redstone. Olivia is a closet slob. 

As to where she is? Who knows, she likes to pop off to Redstonia and play assistant for Ellegaard. 


     The Historical Redstone Test Stand was built by Wernher von Braun in 1953, to perform static testing on the Redstone family of rockets. The stand was used until 1961, and performed 362 static test firings. A control room is situated inside bunker constructed of three railroad tanker cars. Testing was viewed through cannibalized tank periscopes. The second test stand, shown in the final photo, is the cold calibration unit, used to configure the rocket cooling systems.

     The site is peaceful now, sitting among the beautiful foliage of Huntsville. Though, as I walked around the quiet grounds of the test site, I was almost expecting the Redstone IRBM, perched atop the stand, to roar to life, piercing the tranquil silence, just as so many historic rockets had before. In previous firings, this stand was used to test the Jupiter C rocket used to carry Explorer 1, America’s first satellite, into orbit. As well as the Mercury-Redstone rocket (MR7), which boosted Alan Shepherd into the history books as the first American in space. Countless advancements in the field of rocketry can be traced directly to this very location, nestled in the heart of the south.


     Rocket Park at the the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama was once called “the finest rocket collection in the world” by astronaut John Glenn. It contains all of the Redstone family of rockets, including the Redstone IRBM, Mercury-Redstone, Jupiter C, Jupiter IRBM and Juno II. Also on display are the Mercury-Atlas, V-1, and Saturn I rockets. 

     Close by, stands the Davidson Center for Space Exploration, which houses the prototype Saturn V rocket, which I covered in a previous post (click to view). A full sized Saturn V mock-up stands vertically on the property, which also warranted a whole separate post (click to view).