For example, the Washington Redskins pokes fun at almost all tribes. There fore all Indians should be happy that they are being remembered. I think it is honorable for their name to be used. I understand that to the members of the tribe, all of their culture and rituals are in honor of their name. But they need to be happy that they are being remembered.
How The Confederate Flag Debate Could Boost The Fight To Change The ‘Redskins’ Name
“If you're a NFL fan who isn't cool with state capitols proudly hoisting a banner synonymous with slavery, segregation, lynchings and hate, you shouldn't be cool with Washington's racist nickname."

As the debate over whether or not it’s appropriate to wave Confederate flag continues to rage in various parts of the country, a bevy of sports fans and Native American advocates are claiming deja vu, arguing that opposition to the rebel banner is directly connected to the push to change the team name of the Washington “Redskins” football team.

CALL TO ACTION: to reach out to Neshaminy School District Board about retiring its “R*dskins” mascot. via Not Your Mascots

“Changing the name and mascot doesn’t hurt anyone. Keeping it continues to HARM OUR YOUTH.” ‪#‎ENDPridePrejudice‬ ‪#‎ChangeTheName‬ ‪#‎Neshaminy‬‪ #‎NotYourMascot‬

Not Your Mascots

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Twitter: @NotYourMascots

Not Your Mascots, a 501©3 organization, is dedicated to addressing the misappropriation of Indigenous identity and imagery through education, advocacy, and media outreach efforts to provide comprehensive solutions that will end the use of harmful native mascots and stereotypes.  Not Your Mascots recognizes the need for cooperation and unity between educational institutions, the media, and the general public in the creation of a future in which society will be free of the harms of Native objectification.

Not Your Mascots is addressing a “Call to Action,” to reach out to Neshaminy School Board about retiring its mascot, email addresses for the board members are below:

Mr. Scott E. Congdon, Region 1 - President

Ms. Irene M. Boyle, Region 3 - Vice President

Mr. John V. Allen, Region 2

Mrs. Susan Cummings, Region 1

Mr. Mike Morris, Region 2

Mr. Stephen Pirritano, Region 1

Mr. Ron Rudy, Region 3

Mr. Mark Shubin, Region 3

Mr. Anthony Sposato, Region 2

The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission has also been suggested as a place to send your comment:

Ms. Joyce Jordan-Brown


Is D.C.’s Mayor Saying ‘Redskins’ Again To Lure The Team Back To Washington?

Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) is among the legion of politicians who has taken a stand against the name of Washington’s NFL franchise because it is offensive to Native Americans. She has previously committed to not saying the name, and in 2012 she was a member of the city council that unanimously approved a resolution condemning its continued use.

Federal Judge Confirms Cacellation of Trademark

In July, a federal judge has ordered the Patent and Trademark Office to cancel registration of the Washington Redskins’ trademark, ruling that the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans. The judge said the organization could keep its name.

Follow this link to find a video and analysis calling out the racist misappropriation of using “Redskins” as a mascot