Let a group of POCs explain to you very thoroughly why it is obnoxious and terrible to throw theme parties in the name of cultural appropriation. 

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Follow this link to find a short clip and analysis of controversy surrounding the use of the #Redskins slur as the name of an #NFL team name

“Change the name ‘Redskin.’ We are not your mascot.”

Members of the Navajo Nation in Monument Valley, Utah, organized a protest against the Washington football team’s name. #NotYourMascot #ChangetheName

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Native American Group Raises $20,000 To Fund Super Bowl Ad Against ‘Redskins’ Name

Native Americans opposed to the continued use of “Redskins” as the name of Washington’s NFL team gained widespread attention before last year’s Super Bowl with a web video protesting the name. For this year’s Super Bowl, the nation’s largest Native American group wants to do it again.

The National Congress of American Indians launched a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign in December with the goal of raising $20,000 to produce the ad. As of press time, the campaign had reached its goal with more than two days to spare, with 300 backers pledging $20,136 to make the ad happen.

According to the web site, the ad will “create a commercial ad campaign that sends a clear and powerful message to NFL fans prior to and during this year’s Super Bowl.”

“We’ll digitally remove the offensive logos from an exciting Washington highlight video and show the world what it will look like when the name is gone,” the description of the campaign says. “No R-word, no mascots, no racism. But the amazing football play and players remain. In this way, we’ll remind Washington fans that their memories and tradition will remain when the mascot changes.”

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A New Logo for the Washington Redskins by Hari Kondabolu & Upworthy.

If the NFL’s Washington Football team won’t change their name, then perhaps they would change their logo… to a severely sunburned white person?

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