Alright let’s do this, red-shouldered hawk round two!. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a female, even though this was the smaller of the two young. She was 640g off the trap with hood, 630g an hour later after several hefty slices. Quickest trapping I’ve ever done. I used a sparrow and mouse as bait and had barely made it to the car before she was on the trap and caught. She’s a city bird raised by a lake with a dog park, frisbee golf course, and common hiking trails, so she has grown up watching dogs, cars, peoples, etc. I’m excited to see how that affects her manning process. I used concealed approach so she hasn’t seen my face yet and will hopefully have no negative experiences with me. She’s much bigger than my last redshoulder, Littlefoot, and her feet are WAY thicker too. I’m surprised at how big she is overall. 

I’ve been watching her parents around this lake for years and have observed them eating doves, squirrel-sized rodents, and snakes. And I’ve seen the RS that lives in the neighboring territory catch and kill a crow. So I’m excited to see what she’s made of. I’m hoping to get her on feather, especially quail and doves, but will also be trying cottontail with her. Most people say that these birds aren’t good for anything except catching snakes, so I’m naming her Tiki, after Rikki Tikki Tavi, the snake hunter haha. I like the humor :)