I Forgot the Best One!


Honestly though, this is one of my all time favorite pictures. In our grand tradition of bothering Wil Wheaton with our rabbit every Emerald City Comic-con, this is the pinnacle. People actually stopped us to say that they had seen our picture on the pick-up table and it had made them bust a gut.

I would love to take this moment to thank Wil Wheaton, who despite being, I’m sure, exhausted after a really long and particularly chaotic con, pulled out all the stops for this pictures, including fixing our little Sparks Mcgee’s sweater, to make sure he looked his best for the photo. Cheers Mr. Wheaton! You always take time for all us crazy fans and really go out of your way to make your part of the con totally wonderful. It really counts.

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[I do wish Voyager more frequently showed the named characters reacting to redshirt deaths. That said, when they got to do it, they did it right: Kate Mulgrew’s portrayal of Janeway’s white-hot rage after the deaths of her crewmen in eps like “Basics” and “Scientific Method” forms some of the most powerful moments of the series.]


Mine and Wil’s T-Shirt site, Sharksplode, is involved in the Reddit T-Shirt Exchange this year, and to get these started we’re launching a brand new shirt.

The Reddit Redshirt… shirt! 


UPDATE: Based on your feedback, Wil and I have added the extra “D” to the design. You’re Right. It should have been there all along.