Norrtelje City in double original by Marie Westerbom

Win $100 & Free Film

Prizes! The incredibly wonderful people of love redscale film so much they want to give away five 5 rolls of it and a voucher for $100 towards film processing. 

How To Enter

Submit your legit redscale film photos here by midnight 3/15 EST time. Poppers & filmdevelop will pick one lucky winner. You can submit as many times as you like but please only submit your best work.

Void where prohibited. 

Please don’t cheat. 

Please share with your friends. 

What is #BIFscale16? #BIFscale16 stands for #BelieveInFilm Redscale celebration 2016! An invitation to experiment each February. 

What is redscale film? Redscale film is film loaded into a film cartridge backwards so the red layer of the film is exposed first. The resulting images look very red but in a very unique way. No, you can’t do the same with a red filter. 

Where should I post my photos? This tumblr, Instagram, twitter or any place where fine hashtags are used. Photos must be posted with the hashtag #BIFscale16 and must be posted by March 15 to win the big prize.

BIFscale16 Themes

Some suggested ways to explore the awesomeness of redscale film.

This Is Tomorrow!

Imagine a rosey future or a nuclear sunset. Midcentury modernism or the joys of brutalism. 


Awful, right? Maybe not. This is the challenge of our time.


Redscale loves water, skies and all things blue. Maybe sad things too.