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Look at my fish, guys
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the blacklist appreciation week → day seven

hopes for season 5 | I’m really excited to see how things will unfold this season, mostly between Red and Liz. Also I’d like to see them team up more and take down Blacklisters together. And I want to see more strong and badass Lizzie, going undercover and being awesome.

Also, please, more scenes with Red wearing a tux and being cute with dogs.

anonymous asked:

When did cal make that device?? Also how did it detain her ?

Supposedly he designed it during Red Queen (at least according to Maven he did (discussed in Kings Cage)). It detained her by turning her lighting against her, at least that’s how it was described in Glass Sword. I think it works sort of like a scrambler, where it changes frequencies or something, according to Cal in Glass Sword, they use something very similar against the Lakelander boats in the war. I believer it was meant to be used to kind of bring Mare to a halt, and to stop her from being able to use her lightning. Which is smart on the Silvers part to develop something like that in case she tries to kill all of them. 


Rose by Dragan Todorović


04.10.17 // hello!1!! first day back from spring break and it’s been pretty gud tbh. these are some pictures of a mind map i did for history and to help prep for a test :))