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January 9, 1990
In their first year of eligibility, Jim Palmer (three-time AL Cy Young Winner) and Joe Morgan (two-time NL MVP) are elected to the Hall of Fame. The Orioles’ right-hander compiled a 268-152 (.638) record while spending his entire 19-year career in Baltimore, and Morgan, best known for his years with the Big Red Machine, finished his 22-year tenure in the big leagues with a batting average of .271 playing with five different teams.


Dean on the Hall of Fame Red Carpet

Watching Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with my dad and sister
  • *Green Day performing "Basket Case"*
  • Sister: Is Billie Joe's guitar strap red?
  • Me: yep.
  • Sister: isn't your guitar strap red?
  • Me: yes...
  • Sister: *looks at dad*
  • Sister: she's emulating him! She wears too much eyeliner, and both have a red guitar strap!
  • Dad: so what?
  • Me: no I'm not, besides my favorite color is red!
  • Sister: You're turning into a 40 year old punker!
  • Dad: *bursts out laughing*

Hall Of Fame 2016 Red Carpet Dean Ambrose Interview