*lol*  i’m in a Sugar Rush kinda mood! 

Redribbonrobot shamelessly took advantage of this and requested i Sugar Rush her up as well!  she fancies donuts, berry pies, reese’s peanut butter cups, n ice cream (think i forgot that one ^^; )  NO IDEA if these colors actually go well together but it makes me happy, so it passes XD 

i originally wanted to add in a helmet, but also wanted to show off her AWESOME new hair cut.  plus, the helmet was so HUGE to fit her HUGE HEAD that it just.  it just was too much.  their heads are so large how do they even dress themselves their shirts must be made of space age spandex

anonymous asked:

Can you suggest any artist tumblrs please?

i am going to be blunt: i don’t generally use tumblr to follow artists/art. i try to avoid following artists here unless i’m friends with them from another venue (so i can appreciate them as companions and their art). i have a really low opinion of the art and artists that circulate around here (mine especially, mine included). it gets too shrill and overbearing when artists mistake a targeted set of fans for substantial clout or influence. i like artists who prefer to let their art do the talking, who maintain this boundary between what they do and who they are, and who are never delusional about what popularity means. i’m a huge privacy/restraint kind of person (although this tumblr is the antithesis of it) - “only break the silence if your words are more beautiful.

roy lichtenstein’s pragmatic front of “i don’t have big anxieties. i wish i did. i’d be much more interesting” is the kind of artist i find tolerable.

okay, there are a few exceptions. i follow these artists and adore them as people. so here we go, i guess:

  • redribbonrobot
  • devcrap

ok that is it lmfao. i’m a fucking hypocrite and pretty please would you crucify me is basically what i’m trying to say.