redrawn scene

And here it is everybody! I feel this more as a practice sketch than a portrait to be honest, like… No redrawn scenes from the cartoon, just Linc and the many faces he use in his everyday wacky life… Oh just look at this loot now!

Next one is a surprise, a concept i’m working on about something that happened in the episode Space Invader and left me thinking, what could had happen if Lucy saw that? Or even, if that remained that way …Seeya folks! 


always wanted to do a screencap redraw so i tried w/ hallow and probably the only episode in which we see lenalee bwargh

Attack on Titan TV-series vs Blu-ray Comparison PART 3

In this august I watched anime on Blu-ray for the first time. On this week I decided to rewatch episodes and it was TV version. Well I have found funny differences and made a comparison. Enjoy!



                                 First screen TV-series l Second screen Blu-ray

Episode 22

Shut up!

Episode 23

Omg this scene has redrawn completely. You should see it!

more details

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have some Osomatsu Sans (of corse there is a mashup with my favorite two thing in the world) (*´︶`*)

so according to the anime, these are my favorite OT3 (yass!)
some favorite scenes redrawn … i think there are more to come ੧| ‾́︶ ‾́ |੭

Osomatsu Sans belongs to @itslittlejac3 

Undertale sans: Toby Fox
UnderFell sans: to his owner
Science Sans: to his owner
Aftertale Sans: @loverofpiggies
Asylumtale Sans: @furgemancs
UnderSwap sans @popcornpr1nce


Iris, shouldn’t you know better than that as a future Dragon master? (Maybe she already knew something about Mega Charizard X the others didn’t, though ;))

Also, I adored this episode. The Kanto festival with Oak, Tracey, the Magikarp guy and many other familiar things made me already feel warm and fuzzy, but I loved how accurately the episode showed Ash and Charizard’s journey (with redrawn scenes that looked really nice! And this episode didn’t deny the existence of Misty and Brock either *movie 20 I’m looking at u*) and also how Charizard and Dragonite immediately became rivals after meeting. And of course this scene. Definitely one of my fave BW episodes (so far)!


Genderbent Day ~ No. 6 Week


Redrew Chapter 8 Page 237 for Volume 2! 86%!

I decided to recolor and slightly redesign Rose’s outfit for the last two scenes of Chapter 8.  The Alien Abductee Anonymous sequence was written and produced during a really shitty time for me so it wasn’t really completed to my satisfaction.  I can’t actually remember drawing any of the original pages, which is unusual for me when it comes to TH.

The reason I mention all this, is there might be some fairly significant rewrites of dialogue and pacing that I haven’t done for other redrawn scenes.  It’ll still be the same general information but hopefully presented in a better way.  (Also the same number of pages ouo; )

The last scene of Chapter 8 (with watch salesman Phillis) will remain fairly untouched save for updated art.  I always liked that sequence.  She’s such a goofball. lol