redraw screencaps


“This is my fuckin’ post roll bro.”

Screencap redraws are a lot of fun but honestly I put this off longer than I should have.
I apologize for it’s… lazy appearance. Low motivation, yknow how it goes.
Video ::


since everyone loves the beauty and the beast au so much i redraw these screencaps i saved a while ago???????? john needs to stop fighting wolves and yelling at alex for tryin to help (dw alex but him in his place by bein like “listen bitch im trying to help u”)


Captain America - Civil War - Screencaps redraw (2016)

I wanted to draw 10, including Tony holding Rhodey in his arms after his accident and scenes from the airport fight with Scott, Wanda, Sam, Clint, etc..but I really don’t have the time. I’m far too busy at the moment T__T I did these redraws in the first place as a practice to simplify my style and practice gradients and cel-shading.


i loved this scene in the manga and i’m so, so glad they kept it in the anime adaptation and that they did it the way they did….. although i guess i made a few modifications here in my redraws lol…. i love these two sm 😭🙏💥