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Pic 1: Left to Right, Manga: Right to Left (boy those faces… they’re horrifyingsomething.)

I promise I have original work to post (just not enough time to compile it. Oh boy).
This manga is great redraw fodder, which works great with my creatively exhausted brain. (Reminds me that I have a whole set of redraws I never posted… whoops) I’ll finish the whole page later, just really proud of these two panels.

kakashifan9  asked:

If you're down, please redraw your favorite Aizawa panel from the manga!! :D

I love this panel bc it’s one of the few times we see him smiling, and he’s smiling bc he’s happy that his son and daughter students figured out how to beat him in a fight and Momo got her confidence back. It’s Good


If there’s such a thing as peace, I will find it!

The Hero of Jiraiya’s Novel, Naruto 

Genoary, Day 17: FAVORITE PART OF AFTERTALE - Redraw your favorite part of Aftertale.

Now, I love Aftertale, so picking just ONE PART from the series was p tough, but I just absolutely ADORE this page (I’d say LOVE, but…ya know). Because, in the face of his slightly less sane self showing him the absolute worst of the worst, Sans gets all sassy and makes a flippin’ pun.

I know it doesn’t directly have Geno, but I couldn’t help it.
And then I went to town with the colorful shading.
Because I was trying to keep it as close to the original as possible.

Had a lot of fun with this one.

Genoary challenge by @shinydiamondblog
Original page by: @loverofpiggies
Original page

Also random thing that occurred because I accidentally didn’t switch to the hand tool:

Or smth…