Day 6 of Fakiru Week-Parody

Guess who overachieved for literally no reason?? I decided that I was really set on the idea that Fakir and Ahiru would totally be great in pride and prejudice (2005) so i did a redraw of them from this scene in the movie which took a long time.. Then I made the background myself cause I thought people would judge me if I didn’t and that took even more time! This is like the most intense fanart I’ve ever made and idk if I’ll ever top this soo yeah… Fakiru does crazy things to me apparently! I thought it was just gray ghost..

Here’s some art of mine I wouldn’t mind getting a critique on, if you’re taking them. ^-^
It’s a screenshot redraw of, “Mindless Education”, an episode I adore but haunts me because badshithappenedwhenIfirstwatcheditsoitalwaysremindsmeofthen.


Steven universe redraw: This is pretty good! The only problems are the hands, which look really claw-like, and the feet, which look a little broken. I would not post this as bad art.

-Mod Mola