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81 RaeX?

“Wanna runaway?”

Raven blinked, picking her head up from Jason’s lap as he continued to tease the edge of her hair. It was a familiar touch, one they were still both becoming accustomed to – that soft, curious exploration of the delicate balance of their relationship. Jason was easing into it nicely, but Raven found herself still struggling with understanding the many facets of their emotions. She sat up and looked at him, her eyes dark.

“You can’t possibly mean that.” Her smile tugged at one edge and she cocked her head to the side, expecting his little laugh that meant he was simply joking. But he stayed surprisingly stoic. “And where would we run to?”

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Number 89 raex please?? Hope you're feeling better!!


Raven jerked to see his hand outstretched towards her own, and she felt like the whole bar was staring at her. Her heart leapt into her throat and she looked around, hoping that maybe she could find an excuse to keep her from dying of embarrassment. “There’s no room on the dance floor.”

He scoffed and wiggled his fingers, his smile curling up at the edge and telling her all kinds of secrets she wasn’t sure if she was allowed to hear. Jason inched forward just a bit, resting his forehead against her own. “Please? It’s my favorite song.”

“It’s Billy Joel.”

“You may be right.”

Raven pressed her lips into a thin line and she glared at him. “Do not, Jason.”

“I may be crazy.” He threaded his fingers through hers and pulled her onto the dance floor, laughing with every step.

“I am warning you.”

“But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for.” He pulled her closer, hovering over her form. His hands rested on her hips and he pressed his forehead to her own, something bright and excited radiating from every inch of himself.

“You can’t dance to Billy Joel.”

“Turn out the lights.”

Raven couldn’t stop her own chuckles from escaping between her breaths. Her heart turned over, twisting and swelling with so much emotion she didn’t know how she was still pieced together. Every part of her felt like she glowing, and she couldn’t help but feel that Jason’s smiles and teasing was infectious.

“Don’t try to save me.”

“You may be wrong. But for all I know, you may be right.”

He nudged her nose with his and Raven found her feet moving along with the beat, completely helpless to him.

Chapter One - Keep Up (Circus)

*If it’s in italics and someone is speaking, they’re speaking a different language.*

April 18, 1912 - Weehawken, New Jersey

It was strange being there during the day without all the hustle and bustle of the joyous crowd and the twinkling of lights, matching up perfectly with the sound and playful folly of the music with all the wondrous bells and whistles and the barker’s voice. The smell of popcorn and roasted peanuts and cotton candy filling her nose as she walked along the beaten dirt path and the red and white and yellow big tops. Everything seeming effortless and magical against the starry night backdrop.

The sun was up now, and what was once a body and face of a circus was now a quickly disintegrating skeleton with what seemed to be 50 people pick at the remains and packing them away. The smell of cotton candy sweetness replaced with the smell of animals and sweat and hay. The music gone. Just the sound of the train’s  engine hissing and men yelling orders at each other to take its place.

The curtain was pulled back. The magic of it all was gone. Only tricks and tricksters left, and she was vying to be one of them.

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For RaeX weekend. I hope you like it!


Raven knew she wasn’t much of a prize. She was the dark creepygirl in the corner whom everyone stayed away from. She wasn’t Starfire, brimming with life, and so sweet standing near her was likely to give you a tooth ache. Starfire was beautiful;  a precious gem under a glass case taunting one with its brilliance. Raven thought she was nothing more than a plain Jane. So why the heck was she being kidnapped right now?

“Are you comfortable little bird?” Red-X asked.

Raven rolled her eyes. Here she was in the back of Red-X motorcycle fastened to his waist as she rode backwards behind him. How she wanted to kill him. She could think all the very unpleasant dimensions to send him. One with no air, lava dimensions, places where young stupid thieves where a delicacy. Yet her darn mouth and chakra had a familiar sticky adhesive x.

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Welcome Aboard the Good Ship RaeX!

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“Who do you hate?” The clown asked the wounded bird with the devil hidden in his voice himself, his arms crossed behind his back with a devilish smile of his that gives you nightmares.

He gulped deeply, hands tied together as his arms hung above his head, shaking in fear and terror as the Dark knight and the dark bird watching the horror play again. “Batman.” He said softly and shaky from the pain that waved in and out of his body as he looked down at the ground.

The expression on the dark Knights face deepened into a sorrow, guilt look as the dark birds eyes began to water, the scar of the J began to sizzle on her cheek, burning her skin as she hold it in her hand.

“And who do you love?” Joker asked him another question, his gloved hand tangled in his hair as he forced his head up, his bleeding, bruised face looked at the camera, a tear streaming down his cheek as it made the pain worsen in him.

He bit his lip, shaking in fear he might go after and hurt her as he gulped deeply, but finally realized. She’s safe and she’ll avenged her lover… avenged him for his end.

“Raven.” He said shaky, his eyes flooded with small tears as he whispered softly to the camera for her and the clown to hear.

“I love you, Raven. Please… kill him.”

RedRae Office AU

As I promised, here is the Raven and Jason Office AU (that bleedingwriter and I have been writing) in chronological order so far:

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I don’t think I’ve ever done Raven x Red X before, but it seems like a really interesting couple. Hope this comes out good for all those shippers.

It wasn’t often Raven was caught by surprise, but it had happened. The Titans had scattered to find Red X after he’d sprint away from a crime scene, despite the knowledge that they never seemed to find him once he started running and the fact that they had never once managed to stop him even while they were all working together. She had flown into an alley, and Red X had appeared as if he had stepped out of the walls and hit her twice quick succession, one X strapping her to the wall and the other clamping over her mouth - which was unexpected, she would admit, but not surprising.

He leaned against the wall next to her. “Nice night, Little Bird.”

She glared.

“I’m having a good time, thanks for asking,” he drawled. “I got my hands on some chemicals that’ll sell nice on the black market, so I’ve got that going for me. What about you? Is the crime fighting going well?”

Raven growled underneath the gag.

“Yeah, I’ve had those days. Well, actually, I haven’t, but I can imagine what it’s like to have those days. Let me make it a little better.” He straightened, his hand slowly reaching for her. Raven flinched, moving away what little she could. Thankfully, he didn’t grab at her, but her utility belt. He laughed, removing her communicator. “Calm down, beautiful. I’m sending the distress signal. Wouldn’t want you to be stuck here for too long. You might catch a cold.”

She rolled her eyes, but the anger had passed, and she watched as he delicately clipped the communicator back onto her belt. Unable to speak, Raven did her best to look curious despite the dim lighting and the X strapped across her face.

“I’m not that kind of criminal,” he explained. Despite the voice changer, she could hear the smile in his voice. “The worst I’ll do to a girl is steal your heart.”

Raven snorted.

“Don’t laugh, you might be next on the list.” He walked away slowly, his suit making him disappear into the darkness of the alley.

Which was ridiculous, of course. Raven wasn’t planning on dating, and the idea of dating a criminal simply because he was good at flirting was a stupid, ridiculous, entirely un-Raven thing to do. Red X was dangerous, and just because he hadn’t done anything when he had her alone then didn’t mean he wouldn’t try to in the future.

So it was quite the surprise when the next time they were hunting Red X down, she was the one suggesting they should scatter.


“So… what’s the verdict?”

Jason dropped the bag of supplies he managed to scavenge from their downed plane onto the floor with a huff, dusting the snow out of his hair. His cheeks were flushed pink from the hike, and little flakes of snow and ice clung to his eyelashes. Raven pulled her legs up to her chest, ignoring the slice of pain that snapped down her back from her still-healing wound. Jason had managed to patch her up well enough that the pain seemed nominal (although, she had to admit that could have been the vodka helping as well), but every now and again it burned and itched like hell.

“Good news, I managed to get the radio up and working…” He peeled off his uniform and dropped the wet pieces onto in front of the small fire to dry quickly. “Bad news, I was only able to talk to someone for about three minutes…” He pulled his undershirt off over his head and sighed, wringing water from it. “Worse news… it was Mas and Menos.”

Raven groaned and dropped her head to her knees. Well, this really couldn’t have gotten any worse.

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Don’t Mess This Up

The night wore on, talks of business and politics between glasses of booze and fake smiles and laughs as they smiled for the cameras, oohing and aweing at the magnificence of a Wayne Manor party.

Even the tensions between Jason and his family eased as the party went on. Only a few piercing glares were shared between the two rivaling brothers and they received a few snarky comments from Babs when they asked for her cover-up (“You couldn’t wait until after the party? Really? Just co-workers, my ass.”).

And no one was the wiser of the personal party the two shared, save for Clark, Babs, and Alfred. But overall, it turned out to be a pleasant evening.

Soon midnight rolled around and the guests began to filter out of the manor, all of them returning to their homes. Jason was anxious to join them, and to get Raven alone again.

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