people complaining about halloween
people going on about how other people are mad at them because theyre going to youmacon

brb going to mt silver for the rest of my life

Children on the loose

So I only work a few hours today since I was just covering part of my coworkers shift. But it in those few hours I had a mother with two kids come in who were just screaming and whining and banging on things. So what does she do? Buys them ice cream. So logical!! A++ parenting right there. But the best part was when I told the kids to not bang on the glass, she gave me a dirty look as if to say “How dare you point out that my kids are misbehaving! Now I HAVE to scold them so I don’t look like a shitty mom!”

To which I just smiled and told her to have a great day :)))


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man this is actually a hard question because i didnt even know that fandoms were actually a thing until just a few years ago. like i would get really into things and maybe my friends would too or maybe it would be just me so id have like my one person fandom going on hardcore and that would be that. so in that sense it would actually probably be the marvin redpost series or the magic tree house series in books or the land before time series in movies because damn was i into all of those. 

as for like actual internet fandoms it would probably be harry potter because harry potter was kind of the first thing i discovered fanfic for and was like. woah. its not just me. its all these people and all these things online are geared towards it and dang theres stuff i never even knew existed and it was wonderful and good and happy and just a really nice thing. so yeah first fandom!

Marvin Redpost Alone in his Teacher's House by Louis Sachar – review

Marvin Redpost Alone in his Teacher’s House by Louis Sachar – review

By Ginola 23 ‘The book is about a teacher who can’t look after her dog Waldo for a bit’ The book is about a teacher who can’t look after her dog Waldo for a bit. She picks Marvin from her class to look after Waldo. Miss North tells him all the things he needs to know to keep Waldo happy. Marvin looked for Waldo to give him his bowl. He’s been looking for ages until he finds him under the bed…

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Weirdos everywhere

So many weirdos out for gelato today!

One girl just stared at the board Tina Belcher style and groaned while she decided.

Then I had a guy who was overly touchy when exchanging money with me. “Sir.. You do not need to hold my had. Just place the money and go.”

Then I had a mom and daughter come in and this girl just mumbled the whole time and I wanted to shout “SPEAK THE DUCK UP WHEN YOU ORDER.” But I did the polite thing and sighed instead.

I just don’t know where these people are coming from @-@

Slow days

I should of started this blog in the Summer when there were more assholes but ALAS.

It is getting quite cold so there aren’t a lot of dumb customers around lately so there won’t be as many posts from me. But hopefully Harley will come up with some good retail horrors as the Christmas season comes rolling in. Good luck, my love! <3

But I am sure as Turkey Day comes chugging along, I will get an order by some fuck and be able to tell you all about that.

Til then.. BAI

Children on the loose 2 and A miserable woman

So we had a group of kids come in today and order gelato, nothing unusual. Until one boy decided his friend HAD to try the coffee ice cream he had ordered. Now I am in the mind set that no child should have coffee, and we have a pint of espresso in our coffee gelato. So the kid tries it and doesn’t seem impressed and goes with vanilla instead. Now not even five minutes later he is asking his mom to try the coffee gelato again. His mom said no, thankfully, but this did not go well with the child. He began protesting that he HAD to try it again because he didn’t remember the taste, that he WANTED to have the coffee one now even though he already had the vanilla. The mother kept saying no but the more she said no, the louder he got. He got to the point where he was yelling “GIMME THE COFFEE ONE! I WANT THE COFFEE! I’LL THROW OUT THIS ONE AND THEN YOU HAVE TO GET ME THE COFFEE ONE”.

It was awful. I don’t know how the mom didn’t just smack him. I would of taken the gelato and thrown it on the ground and yelled “NOW YOU GET NOTHING!!” Which kinda hints as to what kind of mother I will be later on…

So that was that story. The next is less frustrating and more of a slight irritation that shows the kind of town I live in.

Gelato is served 10-15 degrees warmer than regular ice cream so its softer. Now this woman came in and ordered pistachio. As I was scooping it she commented that she wished it was harder. So I informed her that gelato is served at a warmer temperature than normal ice cream and she looked so distraught at this news. “But I like my ice cream to be firm.”
And I told her that it was gelato, not ice cream. She left with her gelato, sad and miserable, and all I wanted to do was shout “PUT IN THE FREEZER.”

But I am a lady and kept my thoughts to myself.

What a day. Tequila shots, anyone?

No difference

I had a customer come in once to order some ice cream, nothing too crazy. He ordered a small and a large ice cream to go. As I scooped them, he stared at the two cups of ice cream and asked “what’s the difference in sizes?” and I explained that the large is 3 scoops and the small is two (we use kids, small, large as our sizes). His face dawned an annoyed expression as he began to protest. “Those look exactly the same! Why am I paying a dollar more for the same sizes!!” I again explained the difference to him as I rung him up and as he grabbed the bags from my hand and stormed out he muttered not so quietly “There is no difference! What a rip off!”

Now you would think that after such a fuss, surely I would never see him again. Obviously he was so upset that he wouldn’t want to “waste” his money again. But lo and behold, this customer has been back at least twice a month since but now he orders two larges. Since, ya know, there isn’t a difference.



So, it started as a way to combat the hopelessness and memory-fog of depression. We would record all kinds of things we accomplished or survived or wanted to remember– good or bad, big or hilariously small. These things were each written on little papers that we folded into stars and added to our star jar throughout the year.

Then, after the year was over, we’d dump them out and painstakingly open them all up, diving back into a big pile of memories.

This is still one of the smartest and most important little things I’ve ever done for my own sanity.

And it’s also fuckin cute.