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6. Your best experience going to the movies?

I’ve had some good ones, but I’d probably have to go with Inception, if only because the audience reaction to the end (including mine) was priceless.

11. A movie you watched mainly for the actor?

I first watched The Departed mostly for Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio (I guess I also knew it had won the Oscar for Best Picture, but that was back when I didn’t really care about those things). It ended up being one of my favorite movies ever.

17. A movie that you know it’s bad but you can’t help but love it?

Does the Fright Night remake count? It’s so cheesy but some of the most fun I’ve ever had watching a movie.

19. Favorite quote from a movie?

That’s a terrible question. -.-

But fiiiiiiine I’ll choose one. I’ll go with “They should have sent a poet” from Contact.

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Talk about it to me! What panels did you go to? What did you see and get? Any especially good cosplays?

I saw Community(which ive seen before, and was just as great, panels where the cast really like eachother are the best) and Hannibal which Bryan Fuller was fun to see and so was Raul Esparza, and you could tell that they really appreciate their fans.
Did gravity falls which was fun, especially since Jason Ritter was on the panel and ive had a crush on him since middle school when i would watch him on Joan of Arcadia, and that panel gave out a lot of free swag. And then we did Hall H on Saturday where the highlights were the hobbit panel, Robert Rodriguez (just cause i like him) and the Women who kick ass panel was awesome, except for the asshole guys behind us who wouldn’t stop mocking it until some guy told them to shut the fuck up. And of course the Marvel Panel was awesome, and so was the Avengers cast and the footage they showed.
Also saw the Flash and Gotham Pilot (kinda dozed of during Gotham,just because i was so excited, but what i saw looked great) but they both look great and on completely opposite ends of the spectrum, like Flash is a lot more light hearted and Gotham is super intense, and looks like its going to be a lot more about the back stories of villains than batman, which is cool. But i think i might go and catch up on Arrow because i think im gonna watch Flash and they seem like they are gonna do a lot of crossover with the two, which i think will be really awesome.

And i dont know if i have just gotten use to incredible cosplays over the last couple of years or what but there wasnt really one that made me like stop dead in my tracks in amazement, although i did really like this creepy woody.

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Yes, yes, and yes.  That’s why I’ve come to hate going to games, having to listen to people like that and not being able to punch them in the face (and I’m not usually that violent).  These same guys were talking shit about Suzuki later in the game.  Something about how we traded for him and it was a bad deal because Ramos is a better hitter.  Like really?  I mean I love Ramos and he is a better hitter, but we would’ve been so lost without Suzuki when Ramos was down.

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Omg, I can’t wait!!!

Seriously friend, I don’t want to overhype it or anything but I haven’t had such an enjoyable and ridiculous movie-going experience in so long, I am very happy right now :>

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Guessing you saw Fury Road? Jealous…


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rad purchases! Also your face is really pretty.

you stop being so sweet this instant!! <3