idk whenever people mention an Asian ethnicity doing something sexual it’s like. Why is their ethnicity relevant.
It’s like are you trying to invoke the image of the “sexually deviant Japanese girl”.
“Japanese” as an adjective implies that there is some way that Japanese people look specifically, and there isn’t.

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ads are based off your internet browsing history

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would it not be google ads? like they’re determined by the viewer not the blog?

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lol they’re sketchy bc this anon has been looking at sketchy things

Ya got busted, anon.

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YESSS like a youtuber i really liked that stopped doing youtube talked about how they didn’t like the culture and how it just seemed like everyone was egotistical and trash-talked their fans when there weren’t cameras and ugghhhh

like i used to think of youtube as this cool creative collective and you could find other people to inspire and create with and i wanted to be a part of it but now it’s just this disgusting breeding ground for egos and sexual predators

yes ikr and I really still want to believe that it can be this really cool and innovative place for artists because there is literally so much potential but noooooo it had to be full of creeps who don’t give a crap. i’m literally tearing up about this. like throughout middle school youtube was one of the only things I looked forward to watching and I would spend hours on it. and I would spend all this time thinking about how much fun it would be to be a youtuber and to have all these friends and do all of this cool stuff. that was like my dream for four years. and i’m pretty sure that it’s over.

i did not sign up for this much heartache over a website. i’m going back to deviantart where the most drama that happened was someone traced someone else’s artwork without telling them.

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Is it possible for white people outside of the Western World to experience racism? I don't actually know and like I'm not really sure how to go about finding out?

From how I understand racism, there has to have been previous oppression by that culture/people to that white person’s original society/country.

Say I got rude remarks about my skin or something in China: that still wouldn’t be racism because the West has a history of bullying/colonising Chinese territories and therefore still hold the historical advantage. It’d just be dickbag behaviour, not racism.

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like someone else pointed out that kind of behavior contributes to the ‘nice guy’ mentality of entitlement for being a decent human being

oh god ohg od it definitely could,

i can see it now.

A girl gets in an argument with the same guy who tucked her in when she was drunk one night.

They are yelling and the guy lashes out, “HEY! You should be thankful that I tucked you in when you were wasted that one night! Any other jerk would have taken advantage of you, but I was nice enough to do the decent thing”

I’m so disgusted by that thought.