one of my coworkers used to work at hollister and she was telling me abt their dress code the other day and it simultaneously sounds made up but isn’t surprising

some highlights:

  • you have to be tan but you can’t be TOO tan
  • your hair has to look presentable but it can’t look like you put time or effort into doing it
  • no noticeable makeup even tho the store is dark as hell
  • you have to order all your work clothes out of this catalogue and there are specific details abt how you have to wear them (flannels had to be paired with certain shirts, jeans had to be rolled twice and the size of the pant roll thing had to be the width of two fingers)
  • you could wear flip flops but only Their flip flops, not any inferior brand of flip flops
  • you couldn’t paint your nails. you could paint your toenails but they had to be red
  • periodically, some lady would come around the store and quiz them on the dress code
  • basically they were trying to go for an effortless west coast beach vibe but they couldn’t have possibly put more effort into achieving it