Scandal - Olivia Who?
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Warning:  contains harsh, offensive language and unpopular opinions.

@eaudrey35 said:  fans wanna root for Olivia.  fans wanna rejoice in her accomplishments, and hurt when she feels pain.  enjoy her as she embraces love.  fans are tired of this Olivia who is flawed, but mean and hateful and stuck on stupid.  fans are tired of being manipulated, used and abused – written as a sex toy for Jake.  fans would rather walk away than to watch Shonda Rhimes never write Olivia Pope dealing with her pain.  thoughts?
scandal:  why Jake seek power

@letspurpleme​ sent me an awesome theory:  maybe Jake is seeking power to make himself more worthy of Olivia.   i love this theory.   it makes perfect sense.   after all, Olivia chose Fitz over Jake.

and now that Olivia is single, Jake conspires with Rowan to make himself more attractive to Olivia by securing the NSA position.   of course, Jake murdered a man to achieve that position, but Olivia was never supposed to know.

for now, i’m gonna subscribe to this theory.   it makes sense.   plus, i know for a fact that guys do stupid shit just to impress women.    -redorkulous

Scandal - The Big Comeback
  • Scandal - The Big Comeback
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@teawaldo said:  We see the terrible ratings and panic.  So my question is this: when do the Olitzers come back?  When TG directs?  When we get an Olitz flashback?  When Olivia gets right?  Never?  I feel like turning out in droves at certain points would show them an audience still exists…  but is it too late?

black woman, white man

Warning:  contains unpopular opinions.

as we all know, the premise of the “Olivia Pope” character is that she’s a Single Black Female who thinks and operates like a Single White Male.

that’s what makes her so intriguing.   that’s also why it’ll never work between Olivia and Fitz.   because right now, Olivia wants more power.   Fitz wants quiet retirement.   and Olivia tried the “housewife” bit when she briefly lived with Fitz at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the shit didn’t work.

and sidenote, the title “Black Woman, White Man” does not refer to Olitz.   both descriptions only refer to Olivia Pope.   because she’s a Black woman who thinks and acts like a single White man – and there’s nothing wrong with that.   it’s just not conducive to a healthy relationship.

and i want Olitz to be together – but not if it’s gonna make Fitz miserable.   and unless Olivia changes her priorities, it’s not gonna work.    -redork

anonymous asked:

Hi Redorkulous, with the ratings dropping do you think they will scramble and put Olitz back to together ASAP.

will they scramble and put Olitz back to together ASAP?    nope.   they couldn’t even if they wanted to.   my understanding is that they’ve already filmed the next 6 eps.   besides, Olitz being together or apart won’t fix anything.   they need to start by fixing Olivia.   that’s the anchor for the series.

plus, all of my major gripes are about the “Olivia Pope” character.   i don’t like her anymore – and i used to revere her.   but now, she’s annoying to me.   in short, i think she’s a bitch – and not in a good way.    -redork

Scandal - The People Have Spoken
  • Scandal - The People Have Spoken
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Anonymous said:  My friend mentioned something interesting.  Ageism works both ways sometimes.  Tony is getting on, that’s why they’re pushing for the younger one as lead.  Sucks for them, it’s not working because people love Tony, he’s fine and sexy for his age and Scott Foley is one of the most mediocre actors I have ever seen.  Pushing him everywhere is a repellant.  Now, I see Fitz shaking hands with Jake in front of cameras.  What?  Did Fitz name a statue after him?  Dear, Lawd!

scandal, s05e10: plot breakdown

time slot:  Thursday, 9PM, ET
broadcast date:   February 11, 2016

ratings results:  unknown
review written by:  redorkulous

review:   Olivia opens this episode having dinner with dear ol’ Dad.   according to Olivia, she left the White House because Fitz tried to “cage” her – Olivia’s words, not mine.   Olivia thinks Fitz wanted a First Lady instead of a loving relationship.   wow.   what relationship was Olivia in?   Fitz never forced her to do shit.   she delivered snickerdoodle cookies because she wanted to rehabilitate her image.   and why didn’t Olivia mention her secret abortion?   hey, Olivia!   if you’re gonna tell it – tell it all.

then, immediately following dinner, Olivia goes home and rage-fux Jake.   and plot-twist, Jake is Rowan’s new roomy?!   huh?   that must’ve been one helluva a Christmas dinner.

later, the Chief of the NSA calls Olivia about the theft of Project Mercury.   hmmm, this sounds like a recycled storyline.   remember “Project Thorngate” from Season 2, Episode 3?   Mercury and Thorngate are basically the same damn thing – a computer program that allows the U.S. to spy on its allies.   the existence of this program was leaked to the press – but by who?   Fitz hires Jake ((becuz that’s a man he can trust – BWA-HA-HA!)) to investigate the case.   at the same time, Fitz makes late night calls to Abby about his schedule.   poor Fitz.   old habits die hard.   my advice: no more late calls.   not to Abby.   not to Olivia.   not to anybody.   but that’s JMO.

now, back to Project Mercury…  it appears the Chief of the NSA trusted the wrong guy.   looks like her new B/F downloaded the files from her home computer.   and should the 1st female Chief of the NSA get fired for trusting the wrong guy, she’ll ruin it for all women for many decades to come.

of course, if all arrows point to the B/F, then he’s obviously a red herring.   but if the B/F didn’t do it, then who did?   Jacob Hamilton Ballard.   smdh.   now, i’m torn.   on the one hand, i’m just glad that Jake finally got a job.   on the other hand, this is what happens when two former Commands of B13 spend Christmas together.   they plot against the government to recover their power.   to quote Papa Pope, “once you’ve had a taste of blood…”   maybe now Olivia can stop shag’n that shifty-shady bastard?   ((but i doubt it))

and for the cliffhanger, Olivia joins forces with Mellie.   why?   she needs to get back into power to overthrow Rowan and Jake because Fitz is no longer taking her calls.   meh.   for me, it’s another bullshit episode becuz we’ve seen it all before.   true, the names and power positions keep changing, but it’s the same damn story…  over, and over, and over, and over again.   JMO.

An Open Letter to Episode 9

Congratulations!   you did it.   you were sooooo terrible that Scandal returned with 6.88 million viewers.   wow.  the numbers haven’t been that low since the show first started back in Season 2.

and after last night’s fiasco with Olivia on her knees, i predict the numbers to drop even lower.   way to go Episode 9.   the abortion.   the Olitz break-up.   you’re the first official nail in the coffin.


Scandal - Mellivia Is a Bad Idea
  • Scandal - Mellivia Is a Bad Idea
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@eaudrey35 reblogged:  Olivia should never ever b working with r for Mellie.  This would never happen n real life.  What blk wm u know gone work for a white wm after said white wm has called u a whore, slut, prostitute, none I know.  Yet, Shonda Rhimes stupid thinking thinks this is showing some kind of girl power when it’s just degrading Olivia Pope again.  Mellivia is so toxic on every level.