Scandal: The Mess & Mediocrity

Ok so here goes round two of my attempt to post this. As most of us who are on tumblr regularly and follow most of the prime-time tv shows, knows the trouble that Scandal has been in for the last few seasons, and as someone who was once an avid fan of the show I thought I would throw my two cents in.

1. There can be no argument that the first season of Scandal was great, we finally got to see a black woman be not only the lead of a prime-time drama series, but she wasn’t a cliched, stereotyped character and the icing on the cake Liv was based on an actual person. Olivia was strong, assertive, knew what she wanted and was a great friend, who had the respect of most people she came into contact with. I was a fan of Kerry Washington from her independent film days and more so , from her first mainstream movie outing in Save the Last Dance, where she delivered one of my favourite movie lines ever “keep it up and I will law all your s***t bare, don’t act like you ish don’t stink”, classic and applies to so much, and is very ironic, but I will get to that later.

2.Season one was filled with political intrigue, interesting back stories, great main and guest characters, and the acting was awesome. But then, but then, we got into season two and we see the adulterous relationship between Liv and Fitz start to ease into the forefront of the story, eventually it becomes clear that Liv’s relationship with Fitz affects all aspects of her life. Liv starts to ask Fitz for more and more presidential favours, somethings that to this day still peeves me, because she has no issue asking him to betray his position in office, the people who elected him there (oh wait they didn’t) and to break almost all federal laws. 

3. Season 3 comes around and I begin to see the wheels start to lift completely off the tracks. In almost every scene that Liv has the is delivering some of the most overbearing, contrite, sanctimonious monologues I have ever heard. KW starts to rely on this one expression that irks my soul, trembling lips like she is about to hit the highest note in a Whitney song, with eyes wide open like she is high as a kite. Every scene with Liv and Fitz turns into an argument, she berating him for not being man enough and standing his ground while asking him to compromise his ethics, and him walking in circles, stressing that his love for her knows no bounds, and therefore he will stand his ground and give in to her demands.

4. Season 4 and the train has flown off the tracks heading straight for tv-ville populated by the true fans of Scandal known as Gladiators. S4 the worst thing that could have happened to this show happened, Jake and BS13 became a things, instead of being just a little side story, BS13 and Joe Morton over took Scandal, we see that Liv has some clear family issues, and is inexplicably attracted to Jake (shudders), it becomes clear that Jake was a plant from JM and is only using Liv for some nefarious means. It was when we finally got to see Mama Pope come onto the scene and she is played the the truly fantastic and underrated actress Kandy Alexander, and what do we get, a woman who takes a huge chunk out of her own wrist like she was auditioning for the part of a Walker on The Walking Dead, like ‘what da heck?’ (I honestly thought I was watching the wrong show for a few seconds), stupseee.

5. Season 5 was the beginning of the end for me, we see Live comeback from sitting in the sun with Jake from State Farm, and it is clear that he is her poor substitute for Fitz, whom she hates to love and loves to hate, oy vey these three tire me to my very t.v. bones, the back and forth is ridiculous and I was barely hanging on by my fingertips in hope the show was going to improve, but then one of the biggest slap in the face to fans and the armed forces happened. Liv gets kidnapped for reasons that I am still not fully clear on, besides as a petty swipe at Fitz. We finally see Liv sporting her natural hair and its when she is being held hostage, is looking all kinds of disheveled, and spouting more stupid and ineffective monologues to her captors who essentially laugh in her face.

The thing that killed me was that the only way the writers could see a way out for Liv was her to have her offer to have herself sold on the black market because she is such a hot commodity. I mean really it was 2015 and here we see a black woman put herself up on the fricking auction block during Black History Month (and correct me if I’m wrong but I also think MLKs birthday was around the time of the airing of the ep also), AND we also at this time have a black man sitting the in the actual White House as President, I mean really Shonda, really? I was so disgusted by this, and while all this tom foolery was going on, Fitz sent soldiers into another country to start a war, costing lives and families all for the sake of his side piece, and somehow we were supposed to buy this as some grand romantic gesture and not the war crime it actually was. This episode was the last one I watched in its entirety because I was just so fed up with the shoddy, predictable, trashy and mediocre writing of this show. I was so fed up with the over dramatic acting, needless drama and angst from teenagers posing as adults, and I was just fed up with the mess this once great and important show has become.

I apologise for the extremely long post, but this is something that I have wanted to get off my chest for a while, and after chatting with Redorkulous (check out his tumblr), I felt even more compelled to make this post, but there will be a second post where I speak more to the character traits and schenanigans of the individuals in the show, because trust that I have a lot to say about Live, Jake and Fitz.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Douglas Marland: How Not To Wreck A Show

After watching parts of or all of several soaps today, I can’t think of a better time to re-post “The Marland Rules.” I just hope a head writer, producer or someone with with any power or influence reads and takes heed.

The late Douglas Marland is considered one of the greatest soap opera writers of all-time. At various points in his career he was the head writer of As the World Turns, Guiding Light ,General Hospital, The Doctors and Loving. He also wrote for Another World (on Harding Lemay’s team) and co-created Loving and A New Day in Eden.

The rules on “How Not To Wreck A Show” were published in the April 27, 1993, issue of Soap Opera Digest about six weeks after his death. They seem like common sense but are any of these being followed today? By anyone?

How Not To Wreck A Show

* Watch the show.

* Learn the history of the show. You would be surprised at the ideas that you can get from the back story of your characters.

* Read the fan mail. The very characters that are not thrilling to you may be the audience’s favorites.

* Be objective. When I came in to ATWT, the first thing I said was, what is pleasing the audience? You have to put your own personal likes and dislikes aside and develop the characters that the audience wants to see.

* Talk to everyone; writers and actors especially. There may be something in a character’s history that will work beautifully for you, and who would know better than the actor who has been playing the role?

* Don’t change a core character. You can certainly give them edges they didn’t have before, or give them a logical reason to change their behavior. But when the audience says, “He would never do that,” then you have failed.

* Build new characters slowly. Everyone knows that it takes six months to a year for an audience to care about a new character. Tie them in to existing characters. Don’t shove them down the viewers’ throats.

* If you feel staff changes are in order, look within the organization first. P&G [Procter & Gamble] does a lot of promoting from within. Almost all of our producers worked their way up from staff positions, and that means they know the show.

* Don’t fire anyone for six months. I feel very deeply that you should look at the show’s canvas before you do anything.

* Good soap opera is good storytelling. It’s very simple.Roger Newcomb (We Love Soaps)

This was a tweet to @julesillini

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kerrygoldwyn  asked:

Hey which scandal blogs do you think I should follow?

Hi kg, well thats a tough question cuz as u knw this olitz fandom is divided so u hav the:

1. olivia stans: magicinhermadness olitzterry cindersinrags katrinapavela bytesthedust

2. Fitz stans: wereworldsurvivor candi4olitz redorkulous loveniaimani tonyssidechick fitzisgold-win

3. General olitz: eaudrey35 aliasvaughn simplyjazzie21 sues52 iamascandallover thebatgirlposts sunsetonmain scandamonium scandalousnurse scandalbayoubeauty scandalbitchinheels maryb03 mayson2013 mfjune1973 tony-kerry-goldwyn trumpetnista torisoulphoenix baronessvondengler hoosyourdaddy99 daragoldfitz daniellescandal earthmother29 englandisbae fedeccino gladi8rs goddesscru beliskner blackstaraura uberscandalous ctron164

There’s alot more bt these r the one’s I remember off the top of my head. I actually like the entire fandom whether I agree or nt with their opinion bcuz it brings more theories to the discussions. So u can add all lolsss bt chk out their blogs and see for yourself. I dnt get bogged into any “stans” im an olitzer in general meaning I look out for both fitz and olivia. These r cool ppl.
I hope I was helpful and im honored that you asked me :)


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