redone this lol

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prt 1Dinah didn't go to Morocco with her own money lol.. REDone label pays for those expenses, EPIC makes money lending 5h out to these labels(they pay no costs) 5h sales are way down other than WFH. 727 only sold 125K in US less than reflection. Both AIMH and TMG did NOT sell 400k (combined). I want the girls to be successful so I'm encouraging to BUY the music cause making an album costs epic alot and if 1rst single doesn't do well they might not want to spend that money to put out album

it’s funny seeing label arguments lol. but also, i think everyone here has gotten the message to buy + stream. i mean we’ve been saying it forever now and we all want them to do well so we can consider that understood. i’m just hoping their team promotes them properly so it’s not up to fans alone.