She [Lady Gaga] is the type of artist you always want to work with and that’s why we always have something to give the world. She’s a generous woman and the realest artist out there. On her album notes, you’ll usually see two or three writers but she’s the only one. I’ll give you an example. This is so true. I’ll explain her generosity. Her huge hit ‘Bad Romance’ lists her and I as writers. Do you know what I wrote? Nothing. I gave one suggestion. Do you know what that is? I told her to add the “oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” into the lyrics. That’s it. I didn’t want songwriter royalties for that. I don’t deserve it. She said to me, “You contributed to this song, Nadir. It’d be slightly different without you. You’re a part of the writing process.” Many producers, that means myself especially, don’t even touch the lyrics and she’ll still credit them just because producer royalties are nowhere near as much as the songwriter ones. It’s no lie whenever someone says that Gaga goes out of her way to guarantee everyone around is treated right. Fans, family, employees, friends, yes, even a waitress at some restaurant is treated like gold. That’s why I love her. I’ve produced so many artists from Nicki Minaj to Justin Bieber and none of them were as generous, kind, or caring as her. I consider us friends above all else so working with her never feels like a job.