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peter parker / spidey icons! ✨

a lovely lil nonnie & the wonderful @taserwebs requested yellow & pink homecoming peter parker icons so!! here they r!! 💖💖💖 (i also included some other colors, him in his suit, & some cacw peter bc i’m garbage oOPS) but thank u both sm for requesting!!!!! hope u guys enjoy!!! ✨💖

  • 25 icons total! 
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KNK SCENARIO - Partners with Youjin

REQUESTED: Yes by a very kind anon 💕

Okay let’s set the stage. You are in a honors writing class. This class has always been a drag for you. As much as you are smart enough to handle the material the curriculum is repetitive. Always asking whats the meaning of this book or poem. You always felt that every line in a book didn’t need to have meaning. Not every step you made in life had meaning. 

One day something was different in your class. There was packets on everyone’s desk and an objective on the board. Everyone sat down and started reading their packets intently. When your teacher came into the class she decided that it was time for a project. You could hear the muffled groans and sighs around you but you were just glad it was something different. The project was simple; you and a partner had to find a book that had special relevance to you and explain why to one another then present to the class together. 

Now she did not let you pick your partner, as if it mattered to you. She spent most of the class explaining the rating system then paired everyone off. You didn’t have any friends in that particular class. The friends you had were in a standard english class. She paired everyone off leaving you for last which didn’t really make sense cause normal she goes by row and you were in the front of the class. She paired you off with this boy  named Youjin Kim who you didn’t think anyone in this class really knew. Since you were the last two it got a bit embarrassing. He was a very quiet, studious boy so he didn’t say much to anyone except the teacher but now both of you were in the spotlight of everyone’s gaze. 

Everyone moves to place near their partner but neither of us had to move since he was in the desk behind you. You weren’t very good at striking up conversations so you decided to just get on with the work. You ask him what his favorite book is and he tells you it’s a book called Ready Player One without making eye contact with you. You shudder a bit and you feel somehow inadequate in comparison since he already started his essay. You tell you’re suppose to work together as confidently as you can. That’s when he finally looks up at you. He looked really embarrassed but you couldn’t imagine why he would be. 

He said “Sorry I’m not good at talking.” He seemed sincere and almost scared of you. You tell him it’s okay that he just needs to explain the book to him and that you would do the same. He starts to explain first that it’s technically about video games. You fight the attempt to roll your eyes but as he explained the premise of the book you realized it was more about growing up and finding purpose than video games. You begin to be intrigued by this book told in a video game format that you forgot you had a project to do. After his long explanation the bell rang and you both decide to meet up at lunch and after school to work on your project together. 

As the day passed you really wanted to see him again and felt excited the closer lunch got. When lunch finally arrived you scoured the lunch room and you couldn’t seem to find him. Your heart sank a little but you decide to get your lunch and sit down in hopes he’d come and find you. After a couple minutes sitting he came and sat next to you with a book in hand. 

“Sorry for being late, you seemed really interested in the book so I went to grab it from my locker to give it to you.” You were surprised he would give you the book even though you don’t know each other very well. You tentatively grab the book unsure if he was really letting you borrow it. He nodded is head and explained, “ It might help with the project since we have to compare our two books meanings to each other.” You had forgotten that you were together for a project. You just nod back in agreement in order to save face. It got oddly silent between you two at lunch even though the lunch room was so loud. 

Lunch passed quickly and you decided to bolt out of the lunch room with the book. You couldn’t understand why you were so embarrassed. You had one more chance to see him after school. Maybe it would be best to get your favorite book to have him read for the project or is that too forward? You started get anxious as each period passed. When the final bell rang you rushed to your locker to grab your things and headed to the public library across the street from the school. It was a small building and quiet so it was perfect for getting work done. 

You looked around and he was already there waving at you. You couldn’t help the giant goofy smile on your face as you waved back. You sat down next to him and pulled out a notebook and the packet of information for the project from your bag. You discussed the best way to present and wrote down a Venn diagram to chart similarities in your books. You laughed at all the silly parts in your book and his messy handwriting. For some reason being alone with him felt comfortable. 

Then there was a moment when both of your hands touched trying to grab for pencil. You looked up and his eyes were fixed on you. You realize he was never trying to grab for the pencil but for your hand. You can feel your face get hot and you don’t really know what to do. You looked down and away from him but you didn’t let go of his hand. You didn’t want to let go but you always didn’t know him very well to reach this step so quickly. You looked up at him again and he looked like he was trying to say something. After a couple moments of silence he finally said something. 

“Listen I know it seems weird for me to be doing this but, I’ve liked you for quite a long time now. I think the teacher picked up on that and paired us together.” You couldn’t but think he was right. She saved you two for last and announced it as loudly as possible. “I was really scared of messing up with you from the start. I wasn’t sure if my crush was just because you were beautiful or if I was astounded by your intellect,” He proclaimed. He seemed so flustered but so sure of himself. 

“Well I can’t say I don’t like you too,” you decide to tell him. “Ever since you passionately explained you favorite book to me, I could see how sincere and sweet you are.” He looked so happy to hear you say you liked him back that he couldn’t help himself. He kissed you so ardently that it felt like he was trying to make the moment last forever. You could feel both of your hearts racing but you didn’t pull away. This felt right. 

[Mekakucity Actors act 6] Animation Comparisons - TV ver. (top) vs DVD/BD ver. (bottom)

Ciao everyone! So alot of you have been asking how you can look like me, so I thought I’d make a makeup tutorial using the mun! Hope you enjoy and hope this helps!

[2/11]   “I do have that other one in the high rise hotel, doing it against the window.”