@afterhoursanimationschool Inktober Prompt 18: The Villain’s Henchmen

The Color is ruled over by the Primary Colors, and their loyal second-in-commands are the Secondary Colors. Secondaries mediators who help their two Primaries compromise when they disagree. Orange works for both Yellow and Red, Violet works for both Blue and Red, Green works for both Yellow and Blue.

But as I mentioned in the Primary post, Green has grown envious of Yellow’s position as a Primary color….and started a political movement to replace the RYB monarchy (based on the primary colors of paint) with the “rightful” RGB monarchy (based on the primary colors of light.) 

(So we’ve seen the Rainbow Colors’ Primary and Secondary colors, but where is Indigo….? Indigo’s place in the Rainbow Monarchy is precarious. They’re often left out of official art and lists of colors. There are whispers that Indigo will be removed from the rainbow entirely. And then the Realm of Indigo will be merged with the Realm of Blue– so that Blue will rule over all of Indigo’s former lands. But the Rainbow colors need to be careful about how much they snub and forget Indigo; the color of the night sky is a dangerous enemy to make…)

Inktober #18: Cooking

Harry done with Dudley’s shit, year 1. Book purists will point out that the number of presents in the book is different but I can only think of the perfection that is the delivery of that line in the movie.