for the anon who asked for a tutorial <3 good luck

I did this with PS7, however it can be done with all photoshops (I used other CS before, so I know its still available there) ^^

This is just my way of doing it, not the only way, so please feel free to play around with your photoshop :D

If you have any questions just direct it to my ask~ I’ll try and answer

Original blend found here:

PLEASE DO NOT REPOST ETC, just reblog. I took a lot of time to do this
i’m not sourcing this so you can access the full, large image 

ps if this helped you please leave me a note. I’d love to see your works ^^

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o.o i like early classes so i can end early haha i would like if i ended BY noon then i can spend the rest of my day going out or doing stuff lol

lmao we can’t afford to have an early class because we wake up and prepare late XD when we had 7:30am classes before we almost failed the class due to tardiness and absences o_O