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Nickname(s): TimTim, Timber
Birthday: September 25th
Star Sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Favorite Color: Tiffany Blue/ Pink
Time right now: 1:42
Average Hours of Sleep: 9-10
Last thing I Googled: Subs for 2012 Scion Tc 😂
Words That Come To Mind: Tired, hungry, Will 😍
My Happy Place: Dauphin Island or South Carolina
Favorite Books: American Sniper, Girls In Trucks
Favorite Bands/Artists: BRANTLEY GILBERT, Eric Church, Aaron Lewis, Crossfade, ect.
Last Movie I Saw: The DUFF
Dream Trip: Ireland
Dream Job: Be a psychologist for the state and work with children that have been taken away/ abused/ ect.

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