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So in the tags of the Rhode island pic you reblogged you said a new nurseydex fic is coming 👀👀👀👀 what can you tell us about that and are there already chapters up or is it a singular chaptered fic like I'm so sorry but I'm also so thirsty 👅 for nurseydex feels man I'd literally cry over a crack fic in bullet point format so pls spill the secrets sweet sweet human 💕👌

omg sorry to disappoint BUT I already published the fic where Nursey and Dex go to Beaver Tail last summer! It’s called Love Is (Him) and it features some stereotypical poem writing, a terrible poem i wrote myself, and Dex’s grandma!

i also probably won’t have anything new for a little while, since I’m getting married in like a month and a half so my ability to focus is like nonexistent (unless i get really inspired or something idk)


  • more Castle AU?? like, there needs to be a prequel to what I wrote already about Dex and Nursey meeting for the first time, and all the back story, PLUS they need to eventually get together??? and there’s also some Holsom and Charmer side story lines I need to pursue there as well??????
  • i have plans for this fic where Nursey is a well known writer who’s car breaks down in backwoods Massachusetts AND his phone dies at the same time. 
    • along comes Dex in his jacked up truck, proceeds to be appalled that Nursey has never changed the oil in his fancy foreign car, and calls his cousin who owns the only tow shop/mechanic shop/equipment repair shop in a twenty mile radius
    • Nursey is… annoyed that he is even SLIGHTLY attracted to this god damn ginger redneck with a farmer’s tan and a giant truck that’s probably compensating for something
    • it’s going to take Dex’s cousin (Darryl? I feel like his name should be darryl lmao) like a few days to get the Fancy Parts for Nursey’s car, and another one of Dex’s family members (they are like ½ of the towns population) invited Nursey to stay with Dex on the family farm (because there’s no hotel in this town, obviously)
    • now we get to see Derek Nurse helping with farm chores, making friends with tiny roosters, and probably stepping in various kinds of manure
    • Poindexter gets to learn about you know, LIFE outside of the town he’s never left, and maybe probably definitely falls in love with his favorite author (though he will never admit that he’s read all of Nursey’s books, and he probably frantically hid them under his bed before letting Nursey enter his house)
    • Nursey ends up staying on the farm for much longer than necessary, because he’s ~inspired~ for that new book he promised his editor
    • But of course eventually he leaves and there’s ANgst and SHIT
    • And then they live happily ever after
  • The Bet from Sienfield AU - basically four friends make a bet about who can abstain from masturbating the longest, each of them putting in $100 (except elaine had to put in $150 bc she’s a woman, which, wtf honestly). ANYWAYS Chowder + Farmer + Dex + Nursey do this, and part of the terms of the bet are that you can’t get yourself off. Which means that Dex + Nursey make Chowder and Farmer put double in the pot, because they’re dating and that’s not fair. But like… do you see where this is going for D/N… do… you… see…..