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Dating Daryl Dixon would include

Specially for @igotanaddixon :)

- Him liking you for your kindness and careness to other peoples but denying it

- His feelings for you grow every day so he tries to push you away from him

- Him thinking you don’t deserve a rude redneck

- You still like him and tries to find out what his problem is

- Rick talking to Daryl because he thinks you two need each other

- Daryl giving you a Cherokee-Rose and asking you blushed for forgivness

- You accepting it and smiling at him

- Him stuttering to ask you if you want to go out with him

- You agreeing and soon you two are going to a lake

- Him extra shaving and cutting his hair for you and getting cleaned

- Him always watching you from his side and when you turn around, him quickly looking away with a bright blush on his cheeks

- You and him chatting, mostly about you but him slowly open up for you

- Him always paying so much attention for what you say and vers versa

- Him shyly striking carefully your cheeks, which turns to red

- You saying him not to stop

- Him slowly getting more confident and pulls with his index finger your chin in his direction

- Him looking you deeply in your eyes and pulling a soft, but also passionate kiss on your lips and after you two stop kissing, he asks you to be his girl

“I know ya don’t deserve a rude redneck like me, y/n … But I love ya and want to protect ya … So ya ‘wanna be my girl, sunshine?”

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Daryl x Reader - One in a million


Fic based on Twice’s One in a million (you can listen to it here)

Daryl and Reader are married since before the apocalypse (however, reader is younger then Daryl)


When you keep getting annoyed

Look for me

“What’s with that face?” I asked Daryl, he seems annoyed by something

“Sheriff’s wife always has something for me to do,  thinks I’m a damn porter or somethin’”

I can’t help but laughing: “Come here babe”

Daryl enters the tent and crawls toward me, leaning his head in the crook of my neck.

“You can’t  always get angry, your face will stuck with that expression forever” I jokingly say.

I could feel him smile into my neck: “leave me alone”
“If you wanted to be alone, why did you come here?”
“Because you calm me down” he say, living a soft kiss on my neck.

Even on days filled with happiness
Come to me

 “C’mon can I open them now?”

“(Y/n) calm down we’re almost there”
Daryl was behind me,  his hands onto my eyes, saying he has a surprise for me

“But I’m too curious now, pretty please!”
“I didn’t know I was married with a child”
Laughing I pinch his right hand, however he didn’t take them away
“ouch! (Y/n) What the fuck?”
“You said I’m a child, I acted like one”

Suddenly he stops
“Ok, are you ready sunshine?”
“I’m more than ready”

 Once he moves his hands away from my eyes I finally see it: It’s a bike!

I start jumping up and down: “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God!”
“Yeah, actually it’s a surprise for both of us, Aaron let me take it, I had to work on it, it was a piece of junk, but I fix it.  I remember you saying you missed our road trip…I know that with the apocalypse  our trip will not be the same but…”
I interrupt him by jumping on him, he grabs mi thighs while I put my arms behind his neck:

“Thank you, it’s perfect”.

He put me down and then he kisses me slowly.

The kiss last for some minutes before we separate and he lean his forehead against mine:

“Nah…you’re perfect”.

All the things that bother you
All the things that hurt you and make you tired
Bring them to me
Trust them with me

“He’s gone…I had to put him out of his misery”

“I know babe, I’m sorry”

Daryl was crying,  I’ve never saw him crying, and it break my heart seeing him like this.

Early today he had to kill his brother, turned into a walker.

Merle was an asshole, but I had good memories of him from before the apocalypse, when me and Daryl were just friends.

Actually it was him who set us up, knowing that we liked each other but were too shy to admit it.

Thinking about him and that now he’s gone almost makes me cry but I have to be clear headed and think about Daryl.

I hug him tightly and kiss away his tears

“He was an asshole but still my brother, now I’m all alone”

“You’re not alone Daryl, you have me”.

One in a million
Believe that you are special
One in a million
You’re the only one in the world
You’re a masterpiece
You’re perfect the way you are
One in a million
I believe that you’re special

I’m sitting on one of Alexandria’s houses’ porch deep in my thoughts.

We could really start a new life here? Are we really safe?

“Hey there”
My thoughts are interrupted by a young man.

I get up and stare at him “Hi!” I answer politely

“My name’s Aiden Monroe, my mum’s Deanna, the leader of Alexandria”

He extends his hand at me
“Nice to meet you, I’m (Y/n) Dixon”
“Dixon? Like that redneck?” Aiden asked with an hint of disgust into his voice
I was taken aback by that: “….yeah…I’m his wife”
Aiden laughed at that “A girl like you with that old redneck? Really?”
Anger start to rise in me “What did you just said?”
Grinning at me he circle my hips with his arms: “Why don’t you come at my place and I show you why I’m better than that old man?”
Before I could punch him, Aiden was throw into the ground by Daryl: 

“Stay away from my wife, you son of a bitch”

Aiden got up from the ground and run away, that coward!
Smiling at Daryl’s possessiveness: “My hero!” I joke, kissing him on his cheek.

However my smile disappeared shortly after, Daryl is looking at me with a sad expression
“What is it babe?”
“It’s just…you know he’s right, you’re too good for an old redneck like me…I really wonder why you married me in the first place”.

Taking his hands I stare at him: “You’re perfect for me Daryl Dixon, don’t let anyone let you think the opposite”

We smile at each other before he pull me against his body, hugging me and kissing my temple.

You gotta know
that you’re one in a million


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“When you finally came back to me.”

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After escaping from the saviors, Daryl and you finally meet again to stay together this time.

Request by prince-of-edolas: Daryl x Reader are married but Negan has Daryl with him at the sanctuary but Daryl escapes and succeeds. So after Spencer dies, Rick and the group return to the Hilltop thus reuniting with Daryl and the reader and Daryl have a romantic moment with each other.

I think this is like the second part of my last story, so you can read it if you want to “The moment I get back to you.”

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • Words: 2.020
  • Warning: None.

(Thanks to my best friend who helped me with some cute words. And Sorry if you see any grammar mistakes. I will try to fix it.)

“We’ll find a way to get you back…Okay?” He heard your voice in his mind. “Just be strong, please. The only thing they can not take away from you is your humanity. You just have to be strong.”

With the light steps of a professional hunter, Daryl walked in silence through the halls, in the middle of those cold and gray walls. The small chance of escaping from that place was shaped like a key, and he hid it in the pocket of the trousers he stole from Dwight’s room, not without first destroying his carved figurines on the table. He was agile to avoid the saviors, silent as he took that pipe, and ran down the aisles turning in the right corners to leave the place, hiding his face under a cap.

Finally, Daryl opened the door to get out of the building and ran to the first bike on the line.

“What the hell…” Fat Joey looked at Daryl who looked at him back, holding a calm, but completely threatening look. “Wow. Wow…” Joey dropped the half of his sandwich and raised his hands in the air to show he was harmless. “It’s cool. I swear…” Daryl approached him, slowly, his gaze fixed on the frightened prey in front of him. “Buddy, you can walk down that back gate there and I won’t say anything to anybody. I’m supposed to be there now, but… listen… I… I’m just trying to get by, just like you… Please…”

But Daryl lifted the pipe and smashed it into Joey’s head. Again and again in the midst of the fury he held all that time. He remembered the brutality with which he was treated, the fear, and the anger that exploded inside him right there.

Jesus ran to him from behind some trucks, stopping at the bloody commotion.

“Daryl…” Jesus said, but Daryl didn’t stop while the blood splashed on his clothes and part of his face. “Daryl…”

He stopped, looking at what was left of Joey.

“He was just walkin’ by here…” Daryl breathed out and dropped the pipe. Rick’s gun was hanging from Joey’s waist and Daryl took it, straightening up himself to look at Jesus as Daryl breathed hardly. “Ya know anythin’ about ma wife?”

Jesus looked at Joey quickly before looking at Daryl, still surprised by what had happened.

“Carl said she’s fine so don’t worry. You will be with her again very soon.”

Daryl nodded absently thinking of you and walked again to the bike as Jesus bent to take a walkie-talkie.

“I got the key. Let’s go.”

As the others entered the Hilltop through the tall wood gates, your owl brooch slipped from your shaky hands in the middle of your way there. You were so nervous, and you stopped yourself to pick it up. The brooch was two silver owls sitting on a branch, and it might have been cheesy if you had received it in the world you used to live, and although Daryl said that too when he gave it to you, the gift was a reminder of him and a reminder that you all were going to fight to set him free.

You walked through the gates, stopping yourself again as you held the brooch a little harder when you saw Daryl pulling away from Rick’s hug when Daryl looked at you. Rick smiled at you two before patting his back so that Daryl would come to you, walking without stopping looking at you. You felt the tingling in your chest, something moving inside you, like the flapping of thousands of butterflies. And you understood the meaning of the expression “I’ve got butterflies”. He picked you up from the ground, taking you in a warm embrace as you wrapped your legs around his waist, with his strong arms around your back that held you tight. Still holding the brooch, you hid your face in the crook of his neck as you felt a total relief to see him safe.

“I made it, darlin’” He said breathless and pulled apart a little to look into your eyes. “I made it thanks to ya.”

But shook your head saying no, and you pushed his hair away from his eyes.

“You made it because you’re strong.”

He kissed you quickly before putting you on the ground again: because it was time to talk to Gregory.

After the failed attempt to convince Gregory to fight against Negan, you all went to see King Ezekiel looking for help, but it didn’t work either. Despite the good intentions of King Ezekiel in wanting to give Asylum to Daryl, he rejected it believing that the lack of strength from the king against the saviors wasn’t going to help you all beat Negan and his people. It was a waste of time for Daryl, so with all of you standing in the middle of the street in the Kingdom, he put his hand on your back to make you turn and Daryl walked with you out of there.

One by one, the group walked to the exit too.

“Hey. Open it up.” Daryl said to the man in charge of the gate. “We’re gone.”

The gates made a metallic sound and it opened for the group who walked out of there.

“You’re not.” Rick said to Daryl.

In the middle of Daryl’s confusion, he took your hand to stop you.

“I ain’t staying here.” He said looking at Rick.

“You have to. It’s the smartest play. You know it is. Try to talk to Ezekiel. Whatever it takes. We’ll be back soon.” Rick walked out of the kingdom and looked at you both before the doors closed. “We’ll come back for you two.”

Later that day, as you and Daryl were lying down on a bed in the kingdom, you had part of the view of the outside through the curtain of the window: the sunlight coming in, the green garden of the outside, people’s voice that seemed to be safe in there thinking they would be safe forever. Even if Daryl didn’t want to stay there he had to. It was necessary for him to stay in the kingdom to be safe from the saviors. However, he seemed to be enjoying your hand massaging his hair. His eyes were closed, growling softly once in a while every time you touched a good place. Everything seemed to be okay when the world was as quiet as it was right now, nor the grunting of the walkers, nor Negan’s voice that had no mercy.

“Stop thinkin’ about it, darlin’” Daryl said softly opening his eyes. He looked at you kindly, taking your hand away from his hair to hold it in his. He watched the ring in your finger, the place where it should be and where it belonged to. “We’re gonna be okay. I promise.”

You two were lying facing each other, and you got lost in his blue eyes. There was a time when you thought your heart couldn’t keep beating, but he made it work again. There was a time when he thought he was giving his last breath, but you made him breathe again. That’s what love was about: helping each other, living for each other. Your love for the other was like the roots of a tree, growing inside you two, clinging to you both forever.

“I’m sure you won’t believe this but I would love you the same no matter which world we are live in. in this one or in the last one. I know you think I wouldn’t have stayed with you if the world hadn’t become what it is now. But I’m sure that you wouldn’t have looked at me either.”

Because of that, Daryl snorted.

“Ya kidding? I would have followed ya everywhere with ma eyes. I know a redneck like me couldn’t have offered ya much in that world, I can’t offer ya much in this one either, but I promised I would protect ya from everything and I’m gonna keep ma word. I’m sorry I didn’t do much when Negan went to Alexandria. But no more games now, no more fear. We’re gonna fight against Negan and we’re gonna win.”

“I do believe we can find a way to beat Negan, Daryl. We are smarter than him, we are stronger than him. And I really believe we are the ones destined to win. That’s why Rick asked you to convince Ezekiel. He knows you can do it.”

“Yeah, right. ‘Cause I’m so charming.” He mocked.

“You are to me.” You said as simple as that, making him blush, and he looked away from you.

You were not surprised how shy he could be sometimes. Being so far away from people had made him a lonely person, but in the end, he managed to become what he always was: a good man with a good heart, with a desire to help and protect the others. And on that path of self-healing, you found each other to grow together.

“Do you know why I married you?” You asked to attract his attention. He didn’t look at you directly, dropping his gaze as he usually did when he was insecure, shy of what you were going to say. “There is so much in yourself I would like you to be able to see, Daryl. Your way of helping, even if that puts you in danger. You don’t talk much, but your silence says it all sometimes. Your present give me confidence just like it does to our people. You just need to see… that you are important in their lives, in my live.”

Daryl looked at you ring, and then he finally looked at you. Without shyness this time, exposing himself completely to you, as he did every time you were alone, because it was easy for him to be who he was with you. It was not perfect but it was real. He wasn’t perfect but you loved him sincerely. Your love it was the kind of love he never thought he would get, but there you were: loving him like no one else did.  

“I wish I could have found ya in a better world.” He said. “It would not be perfect but I would have worked hard to give ya all the things ya deserved, I would have done everythin’ to make ya the happiest woman in the world.”

You smiled at him. This was one of those times when he could be completely honest with his feelings.

“I’m already the happiest woman… in this apocalyptic world.” You chucked a little, just to not give so much importance to the world in which you two lived now. “I am, Daryl, I really am. I promise you couldn’t make me any happier than I am now. I’m happy just because you’re with me. While you’re here, I don’t need anything else.”

Daryl didn’t know how to take so much love from you. You two didn’t have to have a deep conversation to prove your love for each other, but from time to time, it was nice to hear those words. They made him feel more alive. They made you feel you could live and not just survive.

He got close to you, so close you felt his nose brushing yours. Daryl stroked your cheek softly, and you closed your eyes to just feel him as he did it too. The eyes were easy to fool, but you two felt the true of your love in each other’s touch. It was truth, it was sincere, and it was impossible to break.

“I love ya, Mrs. Dixon. Yer the only one for me and it’ll be like that for the rest of my life.”

After saying that, Daryl pressed his lips against yours. It melted you like honey, so sweet like his love for you. He came back to you to stay for real this time. And you two would fight to keep it that way. You two would against Negan. Against any enemy who tried to pull you two apart.

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I am so lonely

My anon friend, I feel you. I don’t know your individual feelings, because you are unique and no one else knows exactly what it’s like to be you, and I’m not going to patronize you by pretending like I do. But I do know what loneliness feels like. I have a spouse and a family and internet friends, and I often feel intensely, painfully alone. Depression is the soft voice that whispers in our ears: “It doesn’t matter”. We might be surrounded by dozens of people or zero people, but it doesn’t matter. No one really cares about us. It doesn’t matter. We have no one. We are alone.

But I am not alone, anon, and neither are you. Maybe you don’t have a family, or a partner, or meat-space friends & acquaintances. Maybe you do, but they’re not helping you. Maybe they’re great, but depression is telling you it doesn’t matter. I don’t know your situation. But I do know that you have us. There are folks like you on this hell realm called the internet – folks who know that your loneliness is real, and who know that relentless soft voice, and who can help you tell it to fuck off. We can be your family. We can let you know that you’re not the only one. Even if you are alone in the 3-D world, you are not alone here. You matter.

And if the darkness is too thick to see your way out, please talk to someone who knows more than my dim redneck ass. If you’re like me and you can’t bear to talk on the phone, try a text service like You got this, anon. We got you. 💛

Cabin Love - Daryl Dixon 🔥💙

You and Daryl stepped into the cabin out of the rain. You were both drenched. You barricaded the door as best you could and Daryl started to build a fire in the middle of the room. You covered the windows with old blankets and sighed exhausted. You’d been on a run for days now, and hadn’t found anything decent. You opened your bag to find some food for you both to eat. You found some tins, unlabeled and some old cereal bars. You groaned and huffed to yourself at the meager meal in front of you. You didn’t notice Daryl cross the room towards you. You felt his warm sharp breath in your ear. His wet hair against your neck, and his rough lips against your collarbone. He wrapped his strong arms around you, and pulled you back into him as he trailed his hands over the exposed skin of your waist. You arched back into him. “Daryl, aren’t you hungry?” You asked him, as you nuzzled into him. Neither of you had eaten much in days. “I’m hungry but for something better than any food darlin’” He growls into your ear with his husky southern drawl. His hand trails down your front and slides down into your pants, and you moan out at his touch. He unbuttons your pants and slides them down your thighs. Daryl rubs your panties and slides them aside with his fingers as he attacks your neck with kisses. You bit your lip as his fingers rub against your clit, and you wrap your arm around his neck and push him further into your neck. He spins you around and pushes you against the table. He yanks down your panties and looks at you with dark luster. You push his wet hair from his face, as he takes your lips in his. Daryl grinds himself against you. His clothes cock so hard against your throbbing center. He pulls away and slowly undoes his belt, and removes it. You bite your lip and moan out as he does this, earning a smirk from him. He undoes his fly and slides down his pants and boxers. You pull him to you with his vest and kiss him hard. You pull open his shirt poppers to reveal his chest and run your hands over it humming into the kiss. He fists your hair and pulls you close, he bucks his hips into yours and lines himself up as he pumps himself in front of you. Before you can do anything he is thrusting inside of you, burying himself deep within your walls. “So tight and ready darlin” Daryl grunts out as he bucks into you. He hold you by the waist and attacks your neck, devouring you inch by inch and moaning out. “Oh Daryl…” You whimper out breathlessly as he makes love to your pussy and your neck with his mouth. “Ya like that darlin’? Marking ya as mine. Ya mine forever girl” Daryl says with a lust filled grunt as he pumps hard into you. You can feel the fire, the warmth and pleasure building tightening in your stomach. You know you were so close to coming undone. You moan and groan as he pulls out and flips you over. Daryl bends you over the table and enters you from behind. His dick hitting your clit with every thrust. He ran his hands down your back and palmed your arse grabbing at it as you began to tighten around him. “Come with me girl, I love making you mine” Daryl breathed into your ear. You arched back as his hands dug into your body, no doubt leaving marks, his mark. You knew your neck was covered in his marks already, but you loved it. It told everyone you were his. You had told him so many times how that turned you on. He fucked you harder, his pace getting more needy and desperate. His hand moves over your breasts, tweeting your nipples and glides down to your centre. He rubs your clit harshly and you can take it no longer. You feel yourself explode around him, falling over the edge. The pleasure takes you over and you feel yourself riding your high his hand over your mouth, you must be loud. He soon ends up soaring to his own high, twitching and jerking inside of your hot walks. Grunting your name, he spills everything he has inside of you. You feel every inch of him inside of you throbbing as he bucks his hips a few more times, your body taking everything he has to give you. The noises he makes so animalistic and primal it turns you on even more, as you find yourself cumming once again. This makes me smirk as he pulls your hair back and nips at your neck, helping you ride out your second high. He collapses against you, staying inside you as he holds you close. You both come down together panting and breathless. “I love ya so much darlin’” Daryl says with his deep husky voice against you. “I love you too Mr Dixon” You breathe out. He pulls out of you and spins you round. You’re flustered, and panting still. He looks down at your naked body. You squeeze your thighs together as his eyes wander. You can feel both of your juices start to run down them. You grab his red handkerchief. “Nah darlin, I like the thought ya walking round with ma cum between ya thighs.” He smirks as he pulls it from your hands. He adjusts himself and dresses, walking over to the fire. You blush as you dress yourself, pulling the cans of food from the bag and walking to him. He pulls you down on his lap and smiles a small smile at you, as his hands run down your back. “Ya so beautiful, I’m so lucky. how’d a dirty old redneck like me end up with a pretty little thing like ya?” You don’t answer but take his lips in yours in a soft loving kiss. You were the lucky one. @sarahlikeslove@bigbaldheadfangirl@pathetically-inlove@starkeeper41@officergrimes-daddydixon@kingdixonreedus@derpypenguin@abnormal-angel@youandyourstupidrope@shinydixon@leeann72@jodiereedus22@purpleswan@bonnie-gates@addiction-survivor25@betty-rage527

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Pregnancy (Daryl x Reader)

Fandom : the Walking Dead 

Once again, I also posted it on my Wattpad account; LisyDixon066 

Imagine being Daryl’s girlfriend after you met him at your uncle’s farm. When the farm fell, your group finds the prison and everything seemed to settle down until you find out that you are pregnant.


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You were pacing into your cell, your hands clenching into fists and cold sweat running down your spine. You couldn’t believe what you had found out this morning. It was simply impossible. It had to be.

Waves of mixed feelings made your heart flutter then hurt, you weren’t even sure why.

In other circumstances you would have been ecstatic. You had always wanted to be a mother and having the chance to have found your soulmate in the middle of the apocalypse was actually a miracle. Unfortunately, you couldn’t tell how Daryl would react to such a huge news.

Daryl and you were together for a while now. You could remember the first time you had laid your eyes upon him at your uncle’s farm. Hershell had helped a young boy and his dad after Otis had shot him accidentally. Nevertheless, the man hadn’t be alone with his kid. Back at the highway was an entire group of survivors that your uncle had welcomed on his land. Indeed, there had been some misunderstandings and fights at first but Rick’s group was now your family. You remember the first time Daryl’s baby blue eyes locked on yours. The nervousness in your heart as you held out your hands for him to shake. The shivers that ran down your back as his huge, strong and calloused hand engulfed your smaller one into a careful hold. The way his warmth kissed your skin as you stood next to him during Otis’ funeral.

You also remembered the first time you had kissed after Dale’s death. Daryl had tried to comfort you and it resulted in you expressing your feelings towards him. You remembered how his lips never left your skin and your lips that night. You remembered the taste of his lips and the intense feeling of his love.

You were happy for the first time since your life had crumbled down.

At some point, unfortunately, the farm fell and you lost Patricia, Jimmy and Andrea. Daryl had kept you safe the entire winter you had spent on the road, you couldn’t deny the love you felt for this man or the feeling of safety you had while being in his arms. You remembered the nights you had spent under the stars, sharing your love and your warmth but not once had you thought about the possibility of being pregnant.

Yes, maybe it was stupid but the love you had for the gruff hunter needed to be consumed.

You were now pacing in your cell at the prison, not knowing what to do. It has been a while since the governor attacked and ran away, you had welcomed the people of Woodbury into your walls and everything seemed fine but you couldn’t help but fear Daryl’s reaction. What if he didn’t want a child of his own? What if he thought that you had tricked him? What if he left you alone, not wanting to be a part of this?

You sighed and a single tear ran down your ivory cheek. You sat down on your bed and hid your face into your hands. You’ll have to wait until he comes back from his run with Michonne, Glenn and Zac to tell him and it was terrifying.


You jolted awake as the loud sound of the cellblock’s door being open resonated into the huge hall. Your heartbeats quickened and you shot up to check on who it was. You stepped out of your room and leaned over the railings to look down. Your eyes adjusted to the light coming from Beth’s cell and you saw your boyfriend, leaning against the doorframe of the teenager’s cell.

You only had to look at his face for a second and you knew… Someone was dead.

You listened silently as Daryl told Beth about Zac’s death, you watched as Beth hugged Daryl. The young girl didn’t seem that shaken up by the news but you knew that she was only trying to hide her true feelings.

“I’m tired of loosing people.”

Daryl had said, his words piercing your heart as you also were tired of loosing people you cared for. Beth let go of Daryl and she gave him a weak smile before he turned around to walk up the metal stairs that lead to the second floor of cells. You turned around but staid in place, crossing your arms over your chest and looked down at your feet. You wanted to cry as Daryl’s footsteps approached you quickly. You felt his presence before you, his warmth made you sighed and his calloused hands gripped your elbows to hold you close. His feet came into your vision and you looked up at him with glassy eyes.


He said softly and just above a whisper. You sniffled once and Daryl brought one of his hands up to cup your cheek. You leaned into his touch, fire running through your veins as he caressed your flesh in slow and loving motions.


You answered back, your voice breaking. Daryl sighed and bent his head down to capture your lips into a powerful kiss. His emotions transpired through the kiss as he held you close. You kissed back instantly, wanting to stay like this forever but he pulled away slowly to analyze your face.

“Ya okay, sweetheart?”

He asked just above a whisper. You stared at him, wondering if it was the right time to tell him about the baby. You saw the dark circles under his eyes, the tired expression that twisted his features and the sadness into his eyes. Seeing him like that made you even more anxious and you decided to only nod your head.

“Yes, don’t worry I’m just tired and I was worried about you. You didn’t come back before dark and… I started to freak out.”

You felt bad for not telling him the truth but it was also true that you had been worried about Daryl all day long. Daryl looked into your eyes and kissed your forehead before dragging you into your cell.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). A herd came down on us… Literally. They were on the roof… I didn’t see it comin’ and now Zac is dead…”

“That’s not your fault, Daryl.”

You tried to comfort him as you sat next to him on your shared bed. Daryl sighed and put his head into his hand as if the weight of Zac’s death was too hard to carry. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and left butterflies kisses on the side of his face and on his neck, cuddling him lovingly into your arms.

“No one is blaming you for what happened, Daryl. It’s not your fault.”

You repeated as Daryl looked up at you and you smiled, attempting to cheer him up but God knows how hard it was to cheer someone up after he had to watch a friend die. Daryl wrapped his arms around your smaller frame and laid down on his back with you on top of him. He cradled you into his chest and kissed the top of your head before softly whispering into your ear.

“I will never let anything happen to ya. I’ll protect ya with ma life if I have to.”

You closed your eyes and tighten your grip around him, you knew that you should tell him now but you were too afraid of loosing him.

“I have faith in you, Daryl. I know that you will protect me and I will always have your back.”

You answered before you dozed off and fell asleep on Daryl’s strong and warm chest.


You woke up the next day feeling suddenly cold. You groaned and noticed that Daryl wasn’t next to you. You turned around in the bed and your eyes widen as you saw him sat on the corner of the bed with something in his hands.


You tried to explain yourself as you sat up, feeling wide awake in a matter of seconds.

“Don’t… Don’t even try (Y/N).”

Your heart started to beat faster as you feared what was coming. Daryl shot up and so did you.

“When were ya going to tell me! Huh! When the baby was coming?!”

Daryl screamed, his voice laced with anger and not even caring about the other members of your family that were probably still asleep.

“Daryl… I tried, I…”

“Nah! Ya were too ashamed to tell me, weren’t ya! Ya didn’t wanted a baby with a redneck piece of shit like me so ya hid it from me!”

Your mouth dropped at his words. How could he think that way! You tried to reach for him but he snapped your hand away, making you jump.

“I’m not ashamed! How can you say that! I was scared of your reaction and now I guess that I was right to be afraid! Why are you overreacting?”

You shouted and pointed a finger into his chest. You were mad because he assumed things about you that he shouldn’t even think about.

“Overrating?! Are ya crazy? I’m not overreacting, (Y/N). This is a huge thing that kept for yarself!”

“I wanted to tell you yesterday but you were grieving! This wasn’t the right time!”

“It was! Ya should have tell me directly! Now I know what ya really think about me…”

Daryl suddenly calmed down and looked down, his shoulders shaking as if he was about to cry.

“Is the baby even mine?”

His question hit you like a punch in your stomach, it hurt too much to even breathe. You brought your hands over your belly, shaking like a leaf. His eyes looked up at you and they widen as he saw the tears fall down your cheeks.

“How can you say that?! How dare you?!”

You breathed out, your entire body was shaking with sadness and pain. Daryl tried to reach for you but you took a step away, too hurt by his reaction to even see him right now.

“Get out…”

You whispered and looked away, trying to stay composed.


Daryl tried again but you looked up at him in fury and screamed as loud as you could.

“I said, get out!”

Daryl jumped at your sudden outburst, his eyes wide open and his hand still hanging in the air as he tried to reach for you.

“If you think so lowly of myself and if you don’t want to be the father of this child you should go, Daryl.”

You said with a shaky voice then you turned away from him, not wanting to see his face. You heard him turned around as well but he stopped and you could feel his eyes on your back. You shivered as tears ran down your cheeks and rubbed your stomach slowly.

“Fuck it!”

You heard Daryl say before he walked away. When you couldn’t hear his footstep anymore, you collapsed hitting your knees on the hard floor of your cell. Sobs of pain and despair erupted from your mouth until you felt a soft hand onto your back. You turned around in a flash to be met with Carol’s soft eyes. You watched her for a couple of seconds before your lips start quivering and you broke down once again. The older woman hugged you close and rocked you back and forth slowly. ‘It’s going to be okay.’ She said. 'Daryl is just afraid, he doesn’t mean what he said.’

You wanted to trust her but it was hard to believe. You couldn’t help but feel lost and desperate as you thought about how you had lost the love of your life so easily. After a while, Carol convinced you to exit your cell and insisted that you ate something. As you entered the cafeteria, the entire group was there. Their eyes shifted from their food to you and your eyes started to water once again. This time, Maggie walked towards you and engulfed you into a warm and comforting hug. Even if you weren’t as happy about your pregnancy as you should or could be, everyone started to congratulate you. You thanked them sadly and reluctantly ate the small bowl of pasta Carol gave you.

Maggie was still by your side but you were in a daze, the sounds around you seemed muffled and your eyes looked more and more empty. Your heart felt cold as the feeling of rejection hit you.

Daryl didn’t want you or your baby… You were alone.

You closed your eyes but suddenly a conversation attracted your attention.

“Where is he?”

You heard Glenn whisper to Rick.

“I don’t know. I saw him ran away with one of our cars. He’s still out there…”

“God… That’s not good.”

You opened your eyes and listened more carefully as Rick answered.

“If he’s not back in an hour we’ll go search for him.”

“Maybe we should already head out.”

You looked behind your shoulder to watch the two men. They seemed worried, Rick ran the palm of his hand over his face as Glenn spoke again.

“Maybe we should tell her?”

“No, she’s already too worried with their fight. That wouldn’t be good for her or for the baby.”

You frowned and turned around in your seat to face them.

“What shouldn’t you tell me?”

Everyone looked at you, Rick and Glenn with wide eyes. Glenn looked at Rick, not knowing what to do.

“Rick… Tell me.”

You spoke again and Rick sighed as he took a few steps in your direction.

“(Y/N)… Daryl left an hour ago. He took a car, not his bike, and left in a hurry.”

Your face felt suddenly cold as your blood seemed to have left your body. Your eyes fluttered several times as you looked at Rick.


“Maybe he needed some fresh air.”

Carol said, trying to keep you calm but your heart started to beat faster against your chest and your breathing got laborious.

“I… It’s my fault. Daryl is gone. He’s… I told him to go and now he’s gone.”

You covered your face with your hands and started to cry once again. Rick reach towards you and hugged your sobbing form into his arms.

“He will comeback, (Y/N). I’m sure that he’s simply trying to figure everything out.”

The group looked at you sadly, hoping with all their heart that Rick was right.


It was almost dark outside and Daryl wasn’t home yet. You staid outside the prison the entire day, focused on the gates and on the road ahead. You still had hope for Daryl to show up even if the others told you to go to sleep.

Your hands rested on your belly as you sat on the cold steps that lead to your cell block. You hummed quietly to yourself as you watched Rick and Carl who were killing some walkers at the fences. Sasha was on watch with Bob and you smiled at the two of them. Maybe they will become more than friends one day, who knows. You were lost in your thoughts when you heard Sasha’s voice from the tower.

“He’s back!! Daryl is back!”

She screamed and you shot up, seeing Carl and Rick ran at the gates to let him in. The car drove up and stopped in the field, Rick and Carl stopped to look at the bed of the truck and you heard Carl laugh and utter a 'wow’ of amazement. You frowned as you saw Rick pat Daryl’s back then turn to help his son with whatever was in the bed of the truck.

Daryl turned around and you walked down the steps, holding into the small fence that protected the cell block entrance for support. Daryl saw you from his spot in the field and took off running. You walked rapidly to meet him halfway, sob shaking your body and tears running down your cheeks for the hundredth time today.

Daryl arrived in front of you and collided into you, his arms wrapped around your waist and hugged you tightly. You wrapped your arms around his neck and hid your face in the crook of his neck, inhaling his musky scent.

“(Y/N)… I’m so sorry.”

He said as he hugged you against his chest.

“I screwed up. I… I got scared. Scared of becoming a shitty father, of failing ya, of hurting our child…”

His voice was soft and laced with remorse. You hugged him tighter as you let him spoke his mind.

“I was scared of being like my father… I don’t want to fail this little baby. I don’t want to fail at protecting the both of ya. I’m not the man ya deserve, I know that. Ya deserve better than me but I promise ya that I will do my best to be the father this child deserves.”

You pulled away, your tears had now dried off and your eyes were puffy. You looked at the man before you, knowing that he hadn’t react the way he did because of you but because of his low self esteem, because of his past and because of how broken he was. You shook your head and stood on your tiptoes to kiss his lips.

“You’re all I ever wanted, Daryl. I don’t need anybody else in my life and I know that you will be an amazing father. I should have tell you about the baby sooner and trust me I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to make you feel insecure, I was afraid that you would leave me because of the baby.”

You looked down as you said the last sentence but Daryl brought your head up to look at you.

“Don’t ya think that ya can get rid of me that easily, my love.”

He said with a smirk, making you chuckle. Daryl kissed you again, this time with so much passion that it took your breath away.

“Even if ya didn’t wanted me in yar life anymore, I would still care about ya. I would still protect ya…”

Daryl cupped your cheeks and smiled softly at you.

“Ya and our baby are my world now.”

You beamed at him and blushed deeply.

“I have faith in you, Daryl.”

You whispered as you leaned your forehead against his. Daryl’s eyes widen at your words, as if you had given him the most beautiful gift in the world. The man sighed and held you close, feeling his strong arms around you made you feel safe and loved. You closed your eyes, glad to have him back.

“You guys are so cute… It’s killing me.”

You heard Rick’s voice from behind Daryl’s back. Daryl let go of you and you raised an eyebrow at the baby furniture that was in Rick’s arms.

“Where are all of these baby stuff from?”

You asked and Daryl blushed slightly as Carl, Sasha and Bob walked towards the prison with more baby furniture in their arms.

“Ask your man!”

Rick said as he joined the others and laughed. You turned to look at Daryl in surprise.

“That’s where I went when ya told me to go away. I thought that I would show ya that I could be a good dad for our child.”

He said, clearly embarrassed as he bit the skin of his thumb nervously. You covered your mouth with your hands as you saw him reach for a small teddy bear that was hanging loose from his belt. The bear looked so tiny in his huge hands that it made you smile. He played with it for a couple of seconds before handing it to you. You took it carefully into your hands and hugged it close to your chest. Daryl wrapped his arms around your waist and ran one of his hands over your belly.

“I’ll never let anything hurt our family. I’ll protect ya, (Y/N). I promise.”

You smiled as you listen to him. Your world was complete once again and you knew that you could trust Daryl Dixon.

He would protect you and your baby with his life if he had to.


I truly hope that you enjoyed it guys :) 

The problem

Hi babies 🤗 There’s a little drabble.. I’m at work, and I’m angsty about my boyfriend Norman having a girlfriend.. so.. here you go. I know it’s bad (sorry 🙈) 

,, As far as I remember, my world was a wreck. My father was a bully, mother too numb to even realize she set herself on fire.. and Merle.. well, he just wasn’t there… So, when I looked around, there was no one. I was alone…. Since…since you started to love me. “

 ,, Daryl…” , you tried to remain angry, hurt.. but with every word he said, your anger was melting, and your hurt was just a heartache for a broken man in front of you. You could accept his rejection, you can handle him being a dick toward you.. but this…He was in pain, and that was something you couldn’t bare.

 ,,No, please, Y/N, I need to say it.“, he said with tears. His voice trembling from emotions, but his grip on your shoulders still firm, pinning you to the wall to look at him. ,, After you told me you love me, I got scared. I couldn’t understand. You are so young and full of life.. and me..” he sighed ,,I thought it was the best for you to stop loving some old redneck like me.. I wasn’t good for you.. hell, I’m still bad news. So I did everything I could to chase you away.. “

 You couldn’t take it anymore. Your sob broke from your lungs.. you tried to push him off yourself, to run away. But he was stronger.. 

 ,, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.. I know all the shit I pulled.. I know it broke you. And Jenna.. she was .. mistake, my last try of denial. Shit! I’m so sorry… But, baby, the problem was that all that gave me nothin.. ”
 His finger lay on your cheek and traced toward your chin, and than he lifted your face.

 ,, Y/N.. please, look at me. “ Your vision was blurred from tears, your sobs still hard, but you could see how broken he is. He smiled a little, his tears falling down more and more.. ,, The problem was.. I couldn’t stop loving you.”

About the blogger

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1. Nicknames: Becca, sometimes Bec but only by my mom. My redneck uncle likes to call me Becky Sue to be annoying

2. Gender: girl

3. Star Sign: sagittarius

4. Height: 5′6"

5. Time: 12:59 am

6. Birthday: December 14th

7. Favorite Bands: f(x), red velvet, bts, exid, and twice are my current ones but I have a lot of nostalgia ones too that are like 1d + emo lol

8. Favorite Solo Artists: I like Stevie nicks and Kate bush…and people from my fav groups that have gone solo

9. Song stuck in my head: it’s a song from a commercial and idk what commercial it even is and I don’t know the words so….

10. Last Movie Watched: they look like people

11. Last Show Watched: buffy the vampire slayer

12. When did I Create my Blog: idr it feels like forever ago

13. What do I post: kpop and my dumb thoughts

14. Last Thing Googled: [redacted]

15. Do you have other blogs: no I hate having multiple blogs

16. Do you get asks: only if i reblog an ask game when the right ppl are online

17. Why did you choose your username: its cute ☺️

18. Following: like 140ish I don’t wanna draft this to check

19. Followers: 107

20. Favorite colors: pink yellow black

21. Average hours of sleep: I truly don’t know I just sleep and if I’m only awake for work then I’m only awake for work and if I barely sleep then that’s that. I can do like 12 hours one night and 5 the next

22. Lucky number: 7

23. Instruments: I played the clarinet in jr high and hs and have not touched it since. I was pretty good considering I didn’t practice and don’t know note names lmao

24. What am I wearing right now: light blue sweater with patterned leggings

25. How many blankets I sleep with: I have 4 rn I like to be cozy :o)

26. Dream Job: being Beautiful

27. Dream Trip: I’m open to like any place really I don’t have just one place I dream about I just love to have fun :-)

28. Favorite food: pad thai, taco bell tbh……, fried okra

29. Nationality: american

30. Favorite Song(s) Now: DDD and Likey

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'Cause I'm redneck woman I ain't no high class broad I'm just a product of my rasin' And I say "hey y'all" and "Yee Haw" And I keep my Christmas lights on my front porch all year long And I know all the words to every Charlie Daniels song So here's to all my sisters out there keeping it country Let me give a big "Hell Yea" from the redneck girls like me Hell yeah Hell yeah

get your american propaganda out of my inbox

Last night I went to the wrap party for the show I was working on at ShadowMachine and everyone cheered for the short I worked on, which was so awesome! People were coming up and telling me it was the best looking short this season…. Anyway I’m proud of all that, but what I’m NOT proud of is having 8 drinks and waking up this morning still a little bit drunk, stumbling into the kitchen and grabbing a bollilo bread roll and taking it back to bed with me, hugging it and periodically waking up to eat it.

Andrew Lincoln [45/?]

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how did Obi Wan and Anakin meet in the Midwest AU ?

Anakin Skywalker, rawboned and angry and first-generation to get out, dragging coal country and addiction and debt with him when he walks into the University of Louisville, meets Ben Kenobi his first day of classes—course assistant and PhD candidate under Professor Jinn. They butt heads almost immediately, mostly because Ben thinks Anakin is more trouble than he’s worth, and Ben’s educated sophistication makes Anakin feel inferior, and lash out.

It doesn’t help that Professor Jinn takes a particular interest in Anakin, and starts mentoring him through the class—although it means that they’re the only two people who understand one another when Jinn dies, in a sudden car wreck that leaves them both reeling.

Anakin’s busing tables that night (no shifts off for ‘the guy who believed a redneck coalsucker like me could actually make it’) when Ben walks in, still dressed for the funeral.

He drinks a lot of beer in a very short amount of time, until his tie is loose and his chin is balanced on his forearms on the bar. He stares blearily at Anakin when Anakin tries to move the pint away from his elbow. “He was a withholding, cryptic asshole too, you know,” he finally says. “It’s not like—just because he saw potential in you, it didn’t…that’s easy. Anyone could see potential in you, you’ve got it—leaking out your ears. Chosen one.

“Last call,” Anakin says, gritting his teeth against something angrier, the urge to box Ben’s ears or shove him off the stool.

(Ben falls asleep like that, propped up on his arms. Anakin lets the bartender deal with him.)

It takes Anakin a while after that to realize that newly-titled Professor Kenobi keeps pulling him into his office and leaving long, detailed notes on his papers because he’s taken an interest—Anakin means to tell him to stop, cut it out, he doesn’t need some bastard choking on a silver-spoon to mentor him, and not this one, who seems to be doing it more out of obligation than any actual interest—

He really does mean to say something. At some point.

(He doesn’t.)