redneck baby

Guhhh. My baby cousin is pregnant, due in a couple of weeks. She’s 17 and super irresponsible (with money, with her health, with school, with… everything, really) but she’s decided to keep it, so. Best of luck to her.

But that’s not the problem. Her asshole father threw her a baby shower this past weekend, but almost no one showed up, and those that did only gave her worn-out, broken things, or stuff from Goodwill that was missing parts. Even her own dad didn’t give her anything! Not even diapers! She has to buy her own cake!

I’m so pissed off. We’re throwing her another one after Halloween, and plan to spoil her rotten. But jfc, how could you you be so cruel to snub a teenage girl at her own baby shower, right when she needs the most support?!

She hasn’t liked me since she was little, but damn. You don’t fuck with my family, even if you ARE family.