Beaded Kisses
Beaded Kisses

Damn lady
I know I compliment you all the time
But I want to put these words into action
Let my passion for you ooze from my finger tips
Allow it to drip from lips unfiltered
Start with a massage
With warm coconut oil to be exact
The aroma alone sets the mood
Relax as one caresses your curves and grooves
Consent your angelic body to my will
I’ll begin with your delicate dainty hands
All manicured, what’s that ruby red
Move up ya arms, add slight pressure on your shoulder blades
Soft kisses to your neck simultaneously
Lay it down for me mama
Let me drip this oil down ya back slowly
Don’t hold your mons back
I need to know it feels good to you
It’s so hard
Can’t let you feel it though
Deliberately I skip them cakes
I’m digging into those thick thighs
I can feel you relaxing for me
Next them pretty toes and feet
Last pit stop before I get to your delicious cheeks
They been calling to me
My hands damn near melt into them
The subtle moan lets me know you been waiting
Firmly I grip my lil mama’s ass
Spreading the ever so slightly
That light smacking of ya pussy lips are testing all of my patience
She is leaking
I’m not blinking
You are art
I push up from the crease at your thighs
Just watch that thang ripple, jiggle, then settle
Get up on all fours baby
Show me that beautiful arch
I grab my lil garnish
Delicately I string you in pearls

I know you are confused
But as my good girl you abide by my rules
I step back dick in hand and admire you
Damn you the truth
Starting at the top of your back slow licks followed by kisses
I make my way to your southern regions
I can only imagine how my tongue got you on tingle
Bet you anticipating your lips and my tongue to mingle
I feel you sink the deeper I travel between left and right
I reach the spider web lips of ya pussy
My mouth is on waterfall as if you needed any more juice
Upon first stroke you quench my thirst
Satisfying me as though I spent a month in a desert
Got my taste buds jumping like you are dessert
I had to put in this work
Give you beaded kisses to convey your worth